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Trip 279 -  June 5, 2023 (Monday)

Victoria BC Downtown Visit


Victoria BC Location: Southern Vancouver Island, 3-4 hours travel time from Vancouver via a ferry (Tsawwassen Ferry Terminal in Delta BC).

Liked: Numerous interesting buildings, Victoria harbour, fairly clean streets, Government Street pedestrian area, exotic Chinatown gate.

Of Note: Pay parking in effect throughout the downtown, substantial presence of homeless and/or drug addicted people.


The city of Victoria is a capital of British Columbia and, as such, hosts BC's Legislative Assembly in an impressive set of Parliament Buildings, located next to an equally impressive Empress Hotel. Nearby is a 6-7 blocks-long pedestrian zone of Government Street, Royal BC Museum, as well as Victoria Harbour, where one can find a seaplane base and several boat tour companies, including whale watching tours.

Named after the British queen Victoria, the city of Victoria does have a bit of a European feel with many European-style buildings. Moreover, its downtown seems to have more personality than downtown Vancouver, which is overrun by enormous glass towers. Victoria also does not appear nearly as crowded, owing to a much smaller population than Metro Vancouver.

On the downside, downtown Victoria, just like its Vancouver counterpart, has its share of destitute homeless and/or drug addicted people. It sure was a sad sight to see a fairly young man passed out on a sidewalk in the middle of the day.

1. Here is a Google Maps location of downtown Victoria, BC.


2. We start with St. Andrew's Catholic Cathedral located on the corner of Blanshard Street and View Street.

St. Andrew's Cathedral Victoria BC Canada

3. It's a fine-looking cathedral indeed.

St. Andrew's Cathedral - Victoria British Columbia

4. Ten Commandments on display by the cathedral.

Ten Commandments

5. Memorial stones for prominent people buried at this location.

Tombstones at Victoria's St. Andrew's Cathedral

6. An interesting mural on Fisgard Street just off Blanshard Street.

Victoria BC Mural

7. Now on Douglas Street, approaching Chatham Street.

Douglas Street at Chatham Street Victoria BC Canada

8. Reflections. Douglas Street at Herald Street in downtown Victoria, BC.

Building in Victoria BC

9. Douglas Street at Fisgard Street.

Victoria BC Douglas Street at Fisgard Street

10. Victoria has numerous double-decker transit buses.

Double-decker Transit Bus Victoria BC Canada

11. Still on Douglas Street, between Pandora Street and Johnson Street.

Victoria BC Douglas Street between Pandora Street and Johnson Street

12. We then proceeded to the most interesting area of downtown Victoria (by the harbour) and found this dolphin on the corner of Government Street and Humboldt Street.

Government Street at Humboldt Street Victoria British Columbia

13. The Empress Hotel to the right of the dolphin, and across from Victoria Harbour.

Victoria's Empress Hotel

14. We are now across from The Empress, with Victoria Visitor Centre's tower straight ahead, and the harbour to our left. The dolphin is in the far right corner somewhere (that general direction).

Victoria BC Canada

15. Looking more to the left is Victoria Harbour, with its vast parking lot, and seaplane airport in the middle.

Victoria BC Harbour

16. Near the Visitor Centre, just down Wharf Street, is this "The Homecoming" statue celebrating 100th anniversary of the Canadian Navy.

The Homecoming Statue Victoria BC Canada

17. And just to the right of the Visitor's Centre and to the left of the dolphin is the pedestrian-only part of Government Street, which runs for 6-7 blocks, and is full of shops and eateries. Cars still cross the pedestrian-only part, so beware of vehicles.

Pedestrian Street Victoria BC - Government Street

18. At the beginning (which is an intersection of Government and Humboldt Streets) is this fine-looking building.

Victoria British Columbia - Government Street at Humboldt Street

19. Downtown Victoria's Government Street between Broughton and Fort Streets.

Government Street Victoria BC Canada

20. Government Street at Fort Street - Downtown Victoria BC pedestrian-only area.

Government Street at Fort Street - Victoria British Columbia Canada

21. Hudson's Bay building on the corner of Government and Fort.

Victoria BC - Hudson's Bay Building - corner of Government Street and Fort Street

22. One block later, at View Street, looking left at first, where Bastion Square is located.

Bastion Square Government Street Victoria BC Canada

23. Now looking right.

View Street Victoria British Columbia

24. Victoria Chinatown gate is located on Fisgard Street, just before Government Street.

Victoria BC Chinatown Gate

25. And this fine piece is near the corner of Government and Pandora Streets, next to Victoria City Hall.

Victoria - British Columbia - Canada

26. We have returned to Bastion Square on the corner of Government and View.

Victoria Bastion Square - British Columbia Canada

27. After that, proceeded down Bastion Square for several hundred meters to Victoria Harbour.

Victoria Harbour Parking Lot

28. A fine-looking wall by the harbour parking lot.

Victoria BC

29. Then, headed back towards the Visitor Centre / The Empress Hotel along the harbour, and found this interesting pink building.

Victoria British Columbia Canada

30-31. Looking right, this is Victoria Harbour Airport, with maintenance being conducted on one of the planes.

Victoria Harbour Airport

Harbour Air Seaplane in Victoria BC

32. Immediately to the left is the airport building.

Victoria Harbour Airport Building

33. Moving further along the harbour, here is The Empress again.

The Empress Hotel Victoria BC

34. A fine water reflection.

Victoria BC - The Empress Hotel

35. The last but not the least, the place where we send our provincial MLAs to take care of business, British Columbia Parliament Buildings complex.

British Columbia Parliament Buildings Complex

Here is our video of the views from this general area:

And here is our video of driving around downtown Victoria BC:

More ihikebc videos are on our YouTube Channel.

Aside from the unfortunate reality of the homelessness and/or drug addiction on display, downtown Victoria BC is a very fine place to visit. Highly recommended.

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