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Trip 184 - May 19, 2020 (Tuesday)

Jones Lake Forest Service Road

To Jones (Wahleach) Lake

Near Hope BC Canada

Distance to FSR From Vancouver: Approximately 130 kilometers via Highway 1 East. Take Exit 153 (Laidlaw Rd / Jones Lake), then drive for 1.1 kilometer to the start of the FSR.

Liked: Jones Lake views, mountain views, several goods views from the FSR, small roadside waterfall, camping spots by the lake, no bugs.

Of Note: A very rough and badly potholed road - 40 km/h speed limit is hardly attainable. High clearance 4x4 vehicle recommended. 2WD vehicles with regular clearance may be fine until the washout at the 11.6 km mark – ATVs and short wheelbase high-clearance 4x4s would likely make it through. The road is popular. Logging truck traffic is possible. Some garbage left behind by the lake.

Vancouver, Coast & Mountains BC Backroad Mapbook (2nd edition) FSR Coordinates: Page 5 (Chilliwack Lake) B1-C2-C3.

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Jones Lake Forest Service Road is located close to the town of Hope, and leads to a picturesque Jones (Wahleach) Lake. There are two BC Hydro campgrounds by the lake (closed due to coronavirus COVID-19 during our visit), as well as several non-regulated camping spots right by the lake. The road is very rough, with numerous deep potholes. It is also fairly steep for the first 6.5 kilometers. It’s a good thing, in a way - otherwise, this place, so close to the Lower Mainland, would be simply overrun with people, while now only those brave enough to tackle this road can make it to the lake.

Aside from the BC Hydro campgrounds, there are also some residences near the lake. It takes 7.5 km to get to the first campground, and just over one kilometer more to get to the second one. After that, starting at about the 10 km mark, there are several good unregulated lake access points, with fine, if rocky, camping areas. Mountain views are all around. Some garbage may be present to taint an otherwise idyllic camping environment.

A washout at the 11.6 km mark of Jones Lake FSR is only passable in ATVs and short wheelbase high-clearance 4x4 vehicles, but more erosion is inevitable due to the active water flow.

Zero your odometer at the Jones Lake FSR sign seen in photo #5, if you want to follow the table of the points of interest. There are good mileage markers too, but they are off by 200-400 meters (too late).

KM Feature Side
0.7 FSR L
1.5 Gated Road R
2.4 Small waterfall (photo #10 below) L
2.6 T-Junction: Lorenzeta FSR (L), Jones Lake FSR (R) S
3.7 FSR L
4.0 Small bridge S
5.9 FSR L
6.3 Small waterfall (mostly obstructed by vegetation) L
6.6 FSR L
7.5 Jones Lake West FSR & BC Hydro Recreation Area #1 R
8.6 FSR L
8.9 BC Hydro Recreation Area #2 R
9.0 Bridge S
9.1 Jones Lake East FSR (gated) L
10.0 Several unregulated lake access points begin R
10.6 FSR L
11.6 Washout S

1. We are Eastbound on TransCanada Highway 1, approximately 130 kilometers East of Vancouver, and are approaching Exit 153 (Laidlaw Rd / Jones Lake). The town of Hope (major stores, gas, hospital) is about 16 kilometers further East.

TransCanada Highway 1 East near Exit 153 Laidlaw Rd/Jones Lake

2. Now taking Exit 153. Make a right turn onto Laidlaw Road after the exit, as indicated by the sign on the right side in the photo below.

Exit 153 Jones Lake/Laidlaw Road near Hope BC

3. About 800 meters after making the right turn, make another right turn onto the gravel road after crossing the bridge seen below.

Laidlaw Road near Hope British Columbia

4. Here is that gravel road.

Laidlaw Road British Columbia

5. Having made the right turn onto the gravel road, you reach the start of Jones Lake FSR, 1.1 km after exiting Highway 1. Coordinates: N 49⁰18.772’ W 121⁰37.476’. Elevation: 21 meters. The road climbs to about 650 meters above the sea level, prior to levelling, more or less. Zero your odometer at the FSR sign, if you want to follow the table of points of interest above.

Jones Lake FSR Start

6. The first two kilometers of Jones Creek Forest Service Road are especially steep and rough, with several switchbacks.

Jones Lake Forest Service Road

7. And the first good view arrives at the 1.2 km mark.

View from Jones Lake FSR near Laidlaw BC

8. Here is Jones Lake FSR at the 1.9 km mark, closer to the end of the initial quite steep and rough stretch. The rest of the road is by no means an autobahn, but a bit better, nonetheless.

Jones Lake FSR near Hope BC Canada

9. There are several logged areas along Jones Lake FSR, and logging truck traffic should be expected. Logging trucks have a priority on all FSRs.

Logged Area by Jones Lake Forest Service Road

10. A small but fairly picturesque waterfall is on the left side at the 2.4 km mark, about 100 meters past the logged area seen above.

Jones Lake FSR Waterfall

Here is our video of the Jones Lake FSR waterfall.

11. Jones Lake Forest Service Road after the waterfall.

Jones Lake FSR

12. There is a T-junction at the 2.6 km mark. Lorenzeta FSR is to the left, and Jones Lake FSR continues to the right.

Jones Lake FSR / Lorenzeta FSR Split

13. Jones Lake FSR after the T-junction.

Jones Lake Forest Service Road near Hope British Columbia Canada

14. A good view at the 3.9 km mark.

View from Jones Lake FSR near Laidlaw BC Canada

15. View of a creek from the bridge at the 4.0 km mark.

Creek across Jones Lake FSR

16. Now at 4.1 km of Jones Creek Forest Service Road near Hope BC.

Jones Lake Forest Service Road

17. Approaching BC Hydro Recreation Area at the 7.5 km mark of Jones Lake FSR.

Jones Lake FSR near Hope BC

18. Here it is, on the right side. Closed today due to coronavirus COVID-19. Jones Lake West FSR starts here too.

Jones Lake-West FSR Start and BC Hydro Jones Lake Recreation Area Entrance

19. We carried on, and here is a view from a small bridge at the 9.0 km mark.

View from Jones Lake FSR near Hope BC

20. There is a note (seen at the bottom left corner) at the 9.7 km mark, advising of active logging Monday-Friday, and requesting not to park vehicles from 9 to 12 km. We have not observed any logging trucks (there was an excavator heading to Jones Lake East FSR, though), and some folks did park their vehicles between 9 and 12 km. Perhaps, an old note? But, still, heads up.

Jones Lake Forest Service Road

21. Despite closed BC Hydro recreation areas, there are several unregulated camping spots by Jones Lake, with access starting at about 10 km mark of the FSR. Here is one.

Jones Lake seen from Jones Lake FSR

22-24. Jones Lake is quite pretty. Looking left to right from the spot accessed as seen above.

Jones Lake

Jones Lake British Columbia

Jones Lake near Hope BC Canada

Here is our video of Jones Lake.

More ihikebc videos are on our YouTube Channel.

25. Apparently, this is Foley Glacier. Zoomed view.

Foley Glacier above Jones Lake

26. Camping by Jones Lake.

Jones Lake Camping near Hope BC Canada

27. A very large camping area, suitable for dozens of vehicles, is at the 10.3 km of Jones Lake FSR.

Jones Lake FSR at Jones Lake near Hope BC

28. Looking right.

Jones Lake Camping Area

29. There is this tricky spot at the 10.5 km mark - be careful due to roadway dropping off substantially on both sides before and after the pipe.

Jones Lake FSR Rough Spot

30. And here are the vehicles which parked between the 9 and 12 km of the FSR, at the 11.5 km mark.

Jones Lake Forest Service Road British Columbia Canada

31. Chances are, there are no logging trucks running here - just look at this washout 100 meters later.

Jones Lake FSR Washout

32. This photograph can't reflect the actual depth, but there is a quite a drop there - definitely only for ATVs and high-clearance short wheelbase 4x4s. This is obviously going to only get worse, with this creek flowing here.

Jones Lake Forest Service Road Washout

33. Mayhem.

Washout at Jones Lake FSR

35. And this is how we saw Jones Lake from above during our Mt. Cheam hike.

Jones Lake seen from Mount Cheam

Jones Lake Forest Service Road near Hope is very rough, but leads to a neat lake. Recommended.

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