Trip 179 - September 4, 2019 (Wednesday)

The Hoodoos Trail Hike

Near Fairmont Hot Springs BC Canada

Location: Southeastern British Columbia, off Highway 93/95, about 2 km South of the town of Fairmont Hot Springs.

Liked: Mountain, hoodoos, and valley views. Short and easy trail. No bugs. The upper part of the trail is a loop.

Of Note: Steep unbarricaded drop-offs at viewpoints. The trail is popular. Some uneven ground. Hiking poles and boots are recommended.

Kootenay Rockies BC Backroad Mapbook (7th Edition) Trailhead Coordinates: Page 31 (Fairmont Hot Springs) B7.

Dutch Creek Hoodoos is an impressive natural landmark, standing right by the side of BC Highway 93/95, several kilometers South of Fairmont Hot Springs. Today, we hiked a short trail to the top of the hoodoos, which also leads to fine views of the mountains and the Columbia River valley.

1. The Hoodoos in their entirety are best seen from BC Highway 93/95 Northbound, about 1.3 km South of Westside Rd, which leads to the trail to the top of the hoodoos. There are small pullouts on both sides of the highway. Coordinates: N 5018647 W 11554000. Elevation: 841 meters.

2. A bit closer to the bridge.

The Hoodoos near Fairmont Hot Springs BC Canada

3. A close-up of the hoodoos on the left side.

4. Going further North on Highway 93/95.

5. About 1.3 kilometers from the hoodoos viewpoint, make a left turn onto Westside Road. Coordinates: N 5018790 W 11552960. Elevation: 819 meters.

6. Westside Road after the turn from Highway 93/95.

7. Make a left turn onto the trailhead access road, 1.1 km after turning from BC Highway 93/95.

8. The trailhead access road is very short.

9. About 200 meters after turning from Westside Road, you are at a large parking lot for The Hoodoos trail. Coordinates: N 5019357 W 11553160. Elevation: 845 meters.

10. The Hoodoos trail begins.

11. The Hoodoos trail is very short, and great views arrive in almost no time. Slight zoom used.

12. Now with lots of zoom.

13. One more.

14. The Hoodoos trail continues. There is a gentle elevation gain, and no complicated stretches.

The Hoodoos Trail near Fairmont Hot Springs British Columbia

15. The Hoodoos trail is located in a conservation area.

16. Information plaque.

17. The upper part of the trail is a loop, and it begins 1.3 km after the start of The Hoodoos trail.

18-20. Very shortly, fine mountain and valley views appear in full panoramic glory. Left to right.

Here is our video of the views from this location.

More videos are on our YouTube Channel.

21. Another viewpoint is just around the corner. Just watch out for the unbarricaded drop-offs.

22-24. This time you are right on top of the hoodoos. Left to right.

The Hoodoos trail is short, easy, and leads to great views. Highly Recommended.

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