Trip 225 - July 15, 2021 (Thursday)

Cold Creek Falls Trail Hike

Port Alberni, British Columbia, Canada

Trailhead Location: In the city of Port Alberni on Central Vancouver Island. Several trailheads around the town.

Liked: The waterfall, a fairly short and easy trail, shade in the forest, no bugs.

Of Note: Numerous intersecting trails, only one trail sign (by the bridge), a few moderately challenging sections, uneven ground, rocks and roots, hiking poles and boots are recommended.

Vancouver Island Backroad Mapbook (9th edition) Trailhead Coordinates: Page 17 (Port Alberni) B1.

Cold Creek Falls Trail is located in a small city of Port Alberni, on Central Vancouver Island. There are several trailheads at various parts of the city, but they all eventually lead to a small bridge, where a side trail leads to the waterfall. Cold Creek Falls is a small waterfall, but quite pleasant to look at. Also, the trail itself is through a fine forest. There are a few small hills here and there, but it's an easy trail, all things considered. We hiked from the Milligan Road trailhead today, and it appears to be the shortest way (under 1 km) to get to the waterfall. Another trailhead that we know of is located at the intersection of Maebelle Road and Mozart Road.

1. We are in Port Alberni, Westbound on Johnston Road (Highway 4), approaching Cherry Creek Road.

2. Making a right turn from Highway 4 (Johnston Road) onto Cherry Creek Road. Zero your odometer here.

3. Cherry Creek Road 900 meters from Johnston Road.

4. At 2.1 km, make a right turn onto Milligan Road.

5. Just 200 meters later, make a left turn to stay on Milligan Road (Margot Road would be to the right).

6. Continuing on Milligan Road.

7. 3.5 km after turning from Highway 4 (Johnston Rd) onto Cherry Creek Road, we arrived at the end of Milligan Road near Alberni Valley Cold Creek Motor Park. Plenty of space to leave your vehicle. Coordinates: N 4917.131' W 12446.217'. Elevation: 89 meters.

8. The trailhead for Cold Creek Falls is just to the left.

9. 90 meters later, a gate prevents all vehicular access. All distances are based on a GPS odometer and are approximate.

10. Cold Creek Falls Trail 150 meters from Milligan Road trailhead.

11. At 240 meters, a power line tower stands next to a split with four paths.

12. Take the path on the very right.

13. Now hiking in the forest, 350 meters from the trailhead.

14. At 450 meters, there is this bridge. Coordinates: N 4917.161' W 12446.032'. Elevation: 108 meters. The trail to the waterfall is on the left side before the bridge. There is also a sign there, but you don't see it when walking in this direction, so we went past it. There is a small hill right after the bridge. Once you climb the hill, the Motor Park is on the right, and the trail continues for much longer straight ahead en route to other Cold Creek Falls trailhead(s).

15. Looking left.

16. Here is that one and only sign.

17. The start of the path by the bridge. It's 360 meters from here to the waterfall.

18. At 640 meters from the trailhead.

19. 80 meters later, a small staircase helps with some elevation gain.

20. Now at 750 meters, approaching the waterfall.

21. And here it is, in the distance, 810 meters from the trailhead.

22. Cold Creek Falls. Coordinates: N 4917.254' W 12445.845'. Elevation: 100 meters.

23. A neat small waterfall.

Here is our video of Cold Creek Falls.

More videos are on our YouTube Channel.

A pleasant short path in a pleasant lush forest leads to a pleasant small waterfall. Highly recommended.

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