Trip 007 - October 7-8, 2009 (Wednesday - Thursday)

TransCanada Highway 1 East & BC Highway 99 South Trip

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Approximate Distances: Vancouver to Boston Bar - 250 km, Boston Bar to Hwy 1 / Hwy 99 junction - 80 km, Hwy 1 / Hwy 99 junction to Vancouver via Hwy 99 - 330 km.

Liked: Vancouver to Boston Bar: good road conditions (not much to see), Boston Bar to Hwy 99 Junction: many excellent views, Hwy 99 junction to Lillooet: great views of Fraser River, Seton Lake to Pemberton: mountain views.

Of note: Vancouver to Boston Bar: chains required for commercial vehicles East of Abbotsford from October 1 to April 30, Boston Bar to Hwy 99 Junction: several fairly steep grades, Hwy 1 Junction to Lillooet: narrow and winding highway with limited passing opportunities, Seton Lake to Pemberton: a very long and very steep stretch of the road North of Pemberton.

Related Website: DriveBC (road conditions).

This road trip covers 600+ kilometers, as we have taken a circular route from Vancouver: East on TransCanada Highway 1, and then South on Highway 99 back to Vancouver. Fantastic views await you on what could be a one day road trip. It took us two days, with a cold night sleep at a rest area high in the mountains.

1. We start our coverage with a photo of Highway 1 East in North Vancouver. As you are driving on Highway 1 through Metro Vancouver, the scenery does not get substantially better, except for the area near Horseshoe Bay, at the Western end of Highway 1.

Highway 1 East North Vancouver BC

2. An idyllic picture of Abbotsford BC, though the roaring Highway 1 is but a few feet to our left. This photo has been taken shortly before the rest area.

Abbotsford BC

3. It was a sunny day, though fairly chilly. The views start to become interesting closer to Hope, about another hour after Abbotsford. The traffic gets lighter after Abbotsford as well.

TransCanada Highway 1 photo

4. Past Hope there is a small township of Yale, where you would be driving through several tunnels.

Highway 1 East near Yale BC

5. A sign requests motorists to remove the sunglasses and turn the headlights on prior to entering the tunnel.

TransCanada Highway 1 tunnel near Yale BC

6. We drove for about 60 km past Boston Bar and reached this rest area near Lytton. It featured a fairly level surface, washrooms, and several picnic tables. Not a bad place to spend a night, though an occasional roaring semi can make it difficult to fall asleep.

7. Despite the light halo of an unknown origin on the horizon, it was quite dark, and countless stars were visible much better than in the light-polluted cities. Too bad my camera's longest exposure is only 30 seconds.

8. After a cold sleep, we are back on Highway 1 East.

9. A small waterfall on the side of the road.

10. Approaching a good view of Fraser River.

11. Fraser River.

12. Back on the road, enjoying the landscape which would not be out of place on some other planet.

13. Remove the power poles, the vegetation, the river, and does it not resemble Mars?

14. Beautiful rural highway.

15. Soon after turning onto Highway 99, the signs advise you of the distance (in kilometers) to the following locations: Lillooet - 73, Pemberton - 173, Whistler - 207, Squamish - 261, Vancouver - 328. Another sign warns that the highway is winding. An ICBC sign asks drivers to use their Roadsense.

16. The first part of Highway 99 South has nice views, but nothing spectacular.

17. You would pass by the Graymont Pavilion plant.

18. The three amigos by the road side.

19. As the skid marks likely show, this highway has many unexpected sharp turns.

20. We stopped at the Marble Canyon Provincial Park. The campground was closed for the season.

21. Pavilion Lake at the Marble Canyon park, just down the stairs from where we are in the photo above.

22. Back on the road.

23. Fraser River.

24. Drive a bit further and...

25. ...another impressive view of Fraser River is waiting for you.

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