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Trip 181 - September 6, 2019 (Friday)

Paget Lookout Trail Hike

Yoho National Park

Near Golden BC Canada

Location: Eastern British Columbia, off TransCanada Highway 1, in Yoho National Park, approximately 70 kilometers East of the town of Golden.

Liked: Mountain views, old fire lookout shack, fine-looking bench at the lookout, almost no bugs.

Of Note: Yoho National Park visitor fee payment is required (credit or debit only - no cash). The trail is popular. Parking could be an issue in busy season. Constant hum from Highway 1. The trail is moderately steep. Unbarricaded drop-offs at the lookout area. Hiking poles and boots are recommended.

Kootenay Rockies BC Backroad Mapbook (7th Edition) Trailhead Coordinates: Page 44 (Field) B3.

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Paget Lookout Trail shares its trailhead with Sherbrooke Lake Trail, and is located in magnificent Yoho National Park. While still inside the province of British Columbia, Yoho National Park is under the Canadian federal jurisdiction, so no such thing as free parking here, unlike in BC provincial parks. Plus, the fee is per visitor, not per vehicle. In addition, cash is not accepted (credit or debit only). The fee schedule is here - https://www.pc.gc.ca/en/pn-np/bc/yoho/visit/tarifs-fees. Our pass was good until 4 PM the next day. So, pay the fee, drive to the trailhead, and enjoy. Paget Lookout Trail leads to an old empty fire lookout shack - such buildings are no longer used to spot fires, thanks to satellites and other advanced technology. Still, it's very cool to visit these abandoned shacks, and imagine what it was like being alone for weeks on end, looking around to see if there any fires, and communicating with the outside world via a radio telephone or something like that.

Paget Lookout Trail splits with Sherbrooke Lake Trail at the 1.5 km mark. The trail then starts getting steep on and off, before reaching a very impressive lookout 2.1 km later. Sherbrooke Lake can be reached less than 2 km after the split via a very easy trail. There are few good views there, but a path along the lake leads into some impressive mountain terrain via Mount Niles route, which we may explore another day.

1-2. We are Westbound on TransCanada Highway 1, approaching Sherbrooke Lake / Paget Lookout trailhead turnoff. It's possible to get to the trailhead from Eastbound direction as well.

TransCanada Highway 1 West at Sherbrooke Lake Turnoff in Yoho National Park

3. The parking lot is about 50 meters from the highway. Coordinates for the highway turnoff: N 5126.388' W 11621.370'. Elevation: 1,590 meters. Parking could be an issue on a busy day, as the lot is rather small.

Sherbrooke Lake and Paget Lookout Trails Parking Lot Yoho National Park British Columbia Canada

4-5. A fine view from the parking lot. The larger mountain (on the left) is Mount Victoria.

Yoho National Park British Columbia

Mountain in Yoho National Park

6. The trail begins about 100 meters from the parking lot, just behind this fence.

7. Looking from the other side.

8. Off we go.

Hiking in Golden Area - Paget Lookout / Sherbrooke Lake Trail

9. A T-junction arrives 240 meters from the trailhead - to the right is a path to West Louise Lodge, and our trail to Paget Lookout / Sherbrooke Lake is to the left. All distances are based on a GPS odometer and are approximate.

Golden Hiking - Paget Lookout and Sherbrooke Lake Trail

10. The trail after the junction.

Golden Hike - Paget Lookout / Sherbrooke Lake Trail in Yoho National Park

11. One and a half kilometers into the hike, Sheridan Lake Trail is to the left, while Paget Lookout Trail is to the right.

Sherbrooke Lake Trail Split with Paget Lookout Trail - Hike in Golden BC Area

12. We went to Paget Lookout first. The trail gets substantially steeper after the split.

Paget Lookout Trail - Golden Trail

13. Passing through a small rock field.

Trail in Golden Area - Paget Lookout Trail in Yoho National Park near Golden

14. A neat view shortly before the lookout. This is actually the best view looking West, as the same view from the lookout is substantially obstructed by the trees.

View from Paget Lookout Trail near Golden BC Canada

15. Arriving to the lookout just under 4 km after starting the trail. Coordinates: N 5126.957' W 11622.094'. Elevation: 2,083 meters (493 meters elevation gain from the parking lot).

Paget Lookout Yoho National Park - British Columbia Hiking near Golden British Columbia Canada

16. A neat-looking shack.

Old Fire Lookout Shack in Yoho National Park British Columbia

17. Aside from a few benches and a table, it is empty inside, with lots of "(name) was here" messages.

Inside Old Fire Lookout Shack near Golden BC Canada

18. A bench with a view.

View from Paget Lookout - Golden Hiking

19. The bench itself is a piece of art.

Yoho National Park - Bench at Paget Lookout

20-23. Views from Paget Lookout. Left to right.

View from Paget Lookout - Hiking in Yoho National Park near Golden British Columbia

24-26. Now some zoomed views of the peaks.

Mountain Peaks Yoho National Park British Columbia Canada

Here is our video of the views from this location.

More ihikebc videos are on our YouTube Channel.

27. We then returned to the split seen in photo #11, and headed to Sherbrooke Lake along an easy path.

Sherbrooke Lake Trail - Golden Hiking

28. Less than 2 kilometers later, we were at a neat lake. The views were not as good as from Paget Lookout. However, going further along the lake leads to Mount Niles route, with some very promising views on the horizon.

Hiking in British Columbia - Sherbrooke Lake Trail in Yoho National Park near Golden BC

Paget Lookout Trail is fairly short, and not overly difficult. It leads to great mountain views, a cool-looking bench, and a piece of history fire lookout shack. Highly recommended.

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