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Trip 296 -  August 31, 2023 (Thursday)

Royal BC Museum Visit

Victoria, BC

Royal BC Museum Location: Downtown Victoria, British Columbia, Canada.

Liked: Displays of various stuffed wild animals (a mammoth, wolves, deer, bear, sea lions, etc), dinosaur skeletons / information.

Of Note: The place is very popular, likely to be packed on Summer weekends. Parking could be difficult in busy season. Parental advisory: a carving of a Welcome Figure inside the first floor indigenous display features a male organ of a substantial size.

Vancouver Island, Victoria & Gulf Islands Backroad Mapbook (9th edition) Coordinates: Page 5 (Victoria) B4.

Related Website: Royal BC Museum - Official Website.


Royal BC Museum is located in downtown Victoria, next to Victoria Harbour and across from BC Parliamentary Buildings complex, which we visited earlier in the day. There are several permanent and temporary exhibits in the museum, and it's a very popular Victoria attraction, so try to visit on a weekday to avoid battling the crowds.

Royal BC Museum will likely appeal to both adults and children alike, as there are dinosaur displays, a huge stuffed mammoth, and even a small fish tank, among a whole lot of other things.

If you are driving, there are several parking lots nearby, but they tend to get full rather quickly on busy days. Also, as a word of caution for parents, while carved welcome figures at the reception desk come with no genitals, there is a welcome figure with a very prominent male organ located inside a first floor display area.

1. Here is a Google Maps location of Royal BC Museum.


2. We are in downtown Victoria BC, with Victoria Harbour behind us, BC Parliamentary Buildings to the right, and Royal BC Museum straight ahead.

Victoria, British Columbia, Canada - Royal BC Museum

3. A neat-looking Centennial Carillon is located nearby.

Centennial Carillon Victoria BC Canada

4. This carillon is a gift from the Dutch people of BC to commemorate Canada's confederation centennial (1867-1967).

Victoria Centennial Carillon

5. Looking up. No way to get up, though.

Centennial Carillon Victoria British Columbia Canada

6-7. At the entrance to Royal BC Museum. IMAX is there as well.

Royal BC Museum Entrance

8. The map of Royal BC Museum and nearby buildings.

Map of Royal BC Museum

9. The reception area. To the left is the entrance to an indigenous display, and a welcoming figure inside that display has a very substantial male organ, if that's something you and/or your children rather not see. Two welcoming figures in the reception area feature no such thing.

Royal BC Museum Reception Area

10. A gift shop inside the museum.

Royal BC Museum Gift Shop

11. Let's head to the second floor.

Royal British Columbia Museum Victoria BC Canada

12. There are two displays on the second floor: Dinosaurs of BC and British Columbia's Natural History.

Royal BC Museum

13. Inside the Dinosaurs of BC display. Here you will find information on dinosaur discoveries in British Columbia.

Royal BC Museum - Dinosaurs of BC Museum

14. This is a ferrisaurus.


15. Now heading to the British Columbia's Natural History display.

BC Natural History display in Royal BC Museum

16. Neat wallpaper.

Royal British Columbia Museum exhibit

17. Visitors in a hallway.

Royal BC Museum visitors

18. A very fine mammoth display.

Royal BC Museum mammoth display

19. A bear display is quite good too.

Royal BC Museum bear exhibit

20. Hello, deer.

Deer exhibit - Royal British Columbia museum - Victoria BC

21. Sea lions.

Sea lions exhibit - Royal BC museum

22. Another hallway with a photo of a sturgeon on the wall.

Royal BC Museum - Victoria, British Columbia, Canada

23. Wetlands of BC display.

Royal BC Museum - Wetlands of BC exhibut

24. Ocean Station inside Royal BC Museum.

Ocean station inside Royal BC Museum

25. Crabs.

Crabs exhibit - Royal BC Museum

26-27. A small aquarium inside the Ocean Station.

Aquarium inside Royal BC Museum

28. We then went to the third and final floor.

Royal BC Museum escalator

29. This is where we found another dinosaur display.

30. Entering the exhibit.

Royal BC Museum dinosaur display

31. A triceratops skeleton.


32. T-rex Sue enjoying a meal.

T-Rex Sue in Royal BC Museum

33.  A T-rex skeleton.

T-Rex skeleton

34. T-rex info stand.

T-rex info stand

Royal BC Museum has many interesting exhibits, but is quite busy even on a weekday. Recommended.

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