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Trip 297 -  September 1, 2023 (Friday)

Butchart Gardens Visit

Near Victoria, BC

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Butchart Gardens Location: Vancouver Island, Saanich Peninsula, about 20 km North of the city of Victoria, and 20 km South of Swartz Bay Ferry Terminal.

Liked: Excellent landscaping, fantastic plants and flowers, the smell of “Perfume Factory” roses in Rose Garden, interesting sculptures and fountains, wonderful gift shop, free parking.

Of Note: Limited shade, the gardens are very popular – would likely be packed on Summer weekends.

Vancouver Island, Victoria & Gulf Islands Backroad Mapbook (9th edition) Coordinates: Page 4 (Sooke) F1.

Related Website: Butchart Gardens - Official Website.

A visit to a much smaller (and now closed) similar Gardens near Chilliwack: Trip 039 - Minter Gardens.


Butchart Gardens is a huge well-landscaped area full of wonderful flowers, trees, plants, and fountains. Plus, there is an impressive gift shop. And a carousel. And an occasional concert. And fireworks. It's a great place to walk around for about 1.5 hours (regular pace) and give your camera a good workout, as there are numerous photo opportunities all over. The fame of Butchart Gardens attracts hordes of visitors, so try to visit on a weekday to avoid the (over)crowded conditions. It also makes sense to come on a sunny day to truly appreciate the beauty of this place.

1. Here is a Google Maps location of Butchart Gardens.


2. We are approaching the vehicle entrance to Butchart Gardens.

Butchart Gardens Vehicle Entrance

3. The sign on the booth asks violent, foul mouthed, threatening, and abusive people to behave themselves.

Butchart Gardens inappropriate behaviour warning

4. A very large parking lot is next. Parking is free. You can also get to Butchart Gardens by taking a transit bus.

Butchart Gardens parking lot

5. An info stand at the end of the parking lot closest to the gardens.

Butchart Gardens information stand

6. A map of Butchart Gardens at the info stand.

Butchart Gardens map

7. The ticket booth follows.

Butchart Gardens ticket booth

8. You then go through a turnstile by the ticket booth and enter Butchart Gardens.

Butchart Gardens exhibit entrance

9. The usual way to explore the gardens is by doing a clockwise loop, which starts just past the sign seen in the photo above. So, as shown in the photo below, take a path to the left, and you would eventually come back via a path on the right.

Butchart Gardens near Victoria BC Canada

10. The first Butchart Gardens attraction is Sunken Garden. Here we are ready to make a left turn to head there.

Butchart Gardens near Victoria British Columbia Canada

11. Go through a tree-lined path...

Butchart Gardens

12... and check out a neat shack which overlooks the Sunken Garden.

Butchart Gardens Shack

13. A view from the shack.

Butchart Gardens Sunken Garden

14. The Sunken Garden info sign.

Sunken Garden Information Sign

15. A path to the bottom.

Butchart Gardens Vancouver Island British Columbia Canada

16. An info sign for the nearby Ross Fountain lookout.

Ross Fountain Lookout Information Sign

17-18. It's a neat fountain for sure. Plain and zoomed views.

Butchart Gardens Ross Fountain

19. Plants by the Ross Fountain lookout.

Butchart Gardens Flowers

20. The loop continues.

Sunken Garden in Butchart Gardens

21. The Sunken Garden.

The Sunken Garden

22. It was quite busy despite being a weekday and school back in session.

Butchart Gardens Province of British Columbia Canada

23. Could barely turn the camera off - one great view after another.

Visiting Butchart Gardens

24. A sunny day definitely makes Butchart Gardens visit that much more special.

Butchart Gardens visit

25. Neat.

Butchart Gardens flowers

26. Proceeding from the Sunken Garden towards a carousel building.

British Columbia Butchart Gardens

27. Upon coming to this split, turn left.

Canada Butchart Gardens

28. After that, one more left.

Butchart Gardens near Victoria BC Canada

29. Then, take a $2 carousel ride - looks fun!

Butchart Gardens carousel

30. Now heading towards the Rose Garden.

Butchart Gardens British Columbia Canada

31. Passing by a Monkey Puzzle tree. Must have puzzled quite a few monkeys to earn such a name.

Monkey Puzzle tree Butchart Gardens

32. Such fine landscaping.

Butchart Gardens landscaping

33. Entering Rose Garden.

Butchart Gardens Rose Garden entrance

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