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Trip 295 -  August 31, 2023 (Thursday)

British Columbia Parliament Buildings Visit

Victoria, BC

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Location: Downtown Victoria, British Columbia, Canada.

Liked: Buildings exterior (architectural design), 2nd floor highly ornamented rotunda, legislative chamber, ornamented windows and doors, photos of politicians past and present, free admission. The main grounds in front of the complex (across from the Victoria harbour) is very fine too.

Of Note: The place is very popular. Parking at the nearby lots could be difficult in busy season. Only public tours (no self-guided tours) on weekends. Appropriate attire is required (no political messages allowed either).

Vancouver Island, Victoria & Gulf Islands Backroad Mapbook (9th edition) Coordinates: Page 5 (Victoria) B4.

Related Website: BC Parliament Buildings Public Tours.


BC Parliament Buildings is a set of buildings where the business of governing the province of British Columbia takes place. The people we elect to represent us, called MLAs (Members of Legislative Assembly) come to Victoria and spend much time in this place making decisions affecting our lives in small and big ways. Be careful who you send down there!

The public is welcome to observe the MLAs in the legislative chamber from a balcony when the BC Parliament is in session. There are also daily self-guided and tour guide tours available inside the main building, which has a substantial visual appeal and numerous historical photos. Stained glass windows and ornamented interior doors are quite interesting to see. The second floor rotunda is a masterpiece. The legislative chamber also looks very fine, definitely worthy of our splendid province! As well, a walk around the entire Parliament Buildings complex is a worthwhile endeavour due to the very fine architectural design and numerous statues on top and the sides of the exterior of the buildings.

If you are driving, there are several pay parking lots nearby, and they get busy during busy season. Also, if your clothing or whatever you carry features anything resembling a political message, you would be turned around at the security checkpoint.

1. Here is a Google Maps location of BC Parliamentary Buildings complex.


2. Here is a view of British Columbia Parliamentary Buildings from Victoria harbour.

British Columbia Parliamentary Buildings

3. A bit closer.

BC Parliamentary Buildings in Victoria BC

4. The look in 1898, during the opening day. This photo is inside the building.

1898 photo of BC Parliamentary Buildings opening day

5. And that's how it looked in 1915. This photo is also inside the building.

1915 photo of British Columbia Parliamentary Buildings

6. Back to our times. A fountain on the lawn.

British Columbia Parliamentary Buildings grounds fountain

7-8. Queen Victoria's statue in front of the fountain, and right across from Victoria harbour.

Queen Victoria statue Victoria BC Canada

Victoria BC Queen Victoria statue

9. A couple on the lawn by the fountain.

East Indian couple in traditional dresses in Victoria BC Canada

10. Tour info board.

BC Parliamentary Buildings tour information board

11-12. Public entrance to BC Parliament.

Public entrance to BC Parliamentary Buildings complex

13-14. Go through a checkpoint (airport-style security) and start the tour. This is the first floor rotunda.

BC Parliamentary Buildings first floor rotunda

15-16. British Columbia Coat of Arms and motto - Splendor Sine Occasu (splendour without diminishment). The white flowers represent Pacific Dogwood, the official flower of British Columbia.

British Columbia Coat of Arms

17. A hall to the left of the first floor rotunda.

British Columbia Parliamentary Buildings interior

18. A public tour in progress.

Tour of BC Parliamentary Buildings

19. A first floor hallway.

British Columbia Parliamentary Buildings hallway

20. British Columbia's recent premiers.

British Columbia's recent Premiers

21. British Columbia's premiers from a long time ago.

British Columbia's past Premiers

22. A decorative door and window.

BC Parliamentary Buildings Decorative doors and windows

23. Let's go to the second floor. Only two floors are open to the public when BC Legislature is not in session. Otherwise, the third floor balcony access becomes available.

British Columbia Parliamentary Buildings stairwell

24. Another hallway, another set of cool photos.

Inside British Columbia Parliamentary Buildings

25. BC Attorneys General.

Photos of BC Attorneys General

26-29. The second floor also features more of these very fine stained glass windows.

Stained glass window in BC Parliamentary Buildings

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