Trip 069 - August 26, 2014 (Tuesday)

Chilliwack Foley Forest Service Road

Near Chilliwack, British Columbia, Canada

Distance From Vancouver (Grandview Hwy Entrance to Hwy 1 East):
About 128 km: 93.5 km from Grandview Hwy entrance to Hwy 1 East to Exit 123 (Prest Road) - turn right (South), then 5 km on Prest Rd and turn left on Bailey Rd, then 700 meters later at a split stay right on Elk View Road. Continue on Elk View Road until it ends ten kilometers later, and Chilliwack Bench Forest Service Road begins. Then, 18.7 kilometers later, Chilliwack Foley FSR appears ahead. On the right side would be a 2-km spur to Chilliwack Lake Road, so you can reach Chilliwack Foley FSR through Chilliwack Lake Road too.

Liked: The granite wall, the waterfall, several mountain views, Foley Lake.

Of note: Contrary to Chilliwack Bench FSR, Chilliwack Foley is a rough road, though still passable in a 2WD vehicle (in dry conditions, anyway) all the way to Foley Lake. There was too much garbage at Foley Lake, which is fairly popular.

Vancouver, Coast & Mountains Backroad Mapbook (2010 edition)
Coordinates to the Beginning of the FSR: Page 5 (Chilliwack Lake) C5.

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Chilliwack Foley Forest Service Road leads to Foley Lake, as well as Ling Lake trail. It has some nice views, but will slow you down to crawl in some places due to potholes and general rough state of the road.

If you zero your trip odometer at the 3-way intersection seen in photo #1, here are the approximate distances to various attractions along the way:

KM Feature Side
1.1 Granite Wall & Waterfall L
2.3 Foley Creek Crossing S
2.4 Small Camping Area L
2.5 Airplane Creek FSR - Baby Munday Trailhead L
3.9 Large parking Area R
4.1 Foley Lake begins L

1. This area is slightly complicated as far as which FSR is where. Chilliwack Bench, Chilliwack Foley, and Chilliwack Chipmunk Forest Service Roads all begin and end nearby. But, as far as we understood it, at this particular spot Chilliwack Chipmunk meets Chilliwack Foley. So, in the photo below we are at a 3-way intersection and are facing South. There is nothing but trees and shrubs behind us (North) - no road there of any kind. Straight ahead (South) is Chilliwack Foley FSR (2 km later it ends at Chilliwack Lake Road). To the left (East) is also Chilliwack Foley, and it is this particular stretch of the road that we cover in the trip report below. And to the right (West) is Chilliwack Chipmunk, which 1.9 km later meets with Chilliwack Bench, covered in our previous trip report. 

Chilliwack Foley FSR Intersection with Chilliwack Chipmunk FSR

2. Chilliwack Foley going East is quite rough, with lots of potholes. But, there are some good views too, such as this river view.

Creek by Chilliwack Foley Forest Service Road BC Canada

3. And, 1.1 kilometers after the 3-way intersection seen in photo #1, there is an ordinary left turn not promising much, until you walk for half a minute and see this large granite wall.

Granite Wall off Chilliwack Foley FSR BC Canada

4. The left side of the wall.

Photo of a Granite Wall Near Chilliwack Foley Forest Service Road BC Canada

5. To the right of the wall, behind some bushes, there is a neat waterfall.

Waterfall Near Chilliwack Foley FSR BC Canada

Here is our video of the waterfall and the granite wall:

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6. Chilliwack Foley is a rough road with many potholes, though it's still possible to make it to Foley Lake in a high clearance 2WD.

Chilliwack Foley FSR BC Canada

7. Going slow allows better appreciation of the mountain views along the road.

Mountain View Chilliwack Foley Forest Service Road BC Canada

8. Crossing Foley Creek.

Foley Creek Chilliwack Foley FSR BC Canada

9. A closer look.

Picture of Foley Creek Chilliwack Foley Forest Service Road BC Canada

10. The last steep stretch before the lake.

Chilliwack Foley FSR BC Canada

11. Foley Lake. Pretty. Popular. Lots of garbage on the shore.

Foley Lake BC Canada

12. Zooming in.

Photo of a Mountain by Foley Lake British Columbia Canada

13. Looking to the left.

Foley Lake British Columbia Canada

14. A log sticking out of the lake.

Log Sticking Out of Foley Lake BC Canada

15. Another log - resembles some animal.

Foley Lake Province of British Columbia Canada

16. Then, we continued on Chilliwack Foley FSR. Still near the lake there is a split where the main FSR is on the right (and a sign states "Ling Lake Trail"), while on the left side there is a spur road which goes for a bit longer. We will explore the "Ling Lake Trail" part in the next trip report. For the time being, we took the road on the left.

Chilliwack Foley FSR BC Canada

17. We didn't go too far, but went far enough to find a few cross-ditches. So, a 4WD can make it, but a 2WD better not go any further than the split seen in the photo above. This particular cross-ditch doesn't look too bad, but it does get worse further down the road.

Chilliwack Foley Forest Service Road BC Canada

18. Later on, you get to see this mountain.

Mountain View Chilliwack Foley FSR BC Canada

19. A closer look.

Mountain View off Chilliwack Foley Forest Service Road BC Canada

20. Then, we reached this bridge about fifteen minutes after the road split, and went back shortly thereafter. The road does continue for a bit longer, according to the Backroad Mapbook.

Chilliwack Foley FSR BC Canada

21. Another good view to wrap up our trip report.

View off Chilliwack Foley FSR British Columbia Canada

Chilliwack Foley Forest Service Road is rough, but leads to several good views and, also, to Foley Lake. We will continue further on this road in our next trip report, by taking the right turn en route to look for the elusive Ling Lake trail.

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