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Trip 238 - April 27, 2022 (Wednesday)

Town of Gibsons BC Visit

BC Sunshine Coast Near Langdale Ferry Terminal

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Town of Gibsons Location: BC Sunshine Coast, six kilometers from Langdale Ferry Terminal.

Liked: Excellent harbour views, street art.

Of Note: Unsightly graffiti here and there, limited services due to a small town size, some retail prices appear higher than in the Lower Mainland.

Vancouver, Coast & Mountains Backroad Mapbook (5th edition) Gibsons Coordinates: Page 10 (Gibsons) C6.

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The town of Gibsons with its 4,500+ residents is the first more-or-less "major" settlement (by Sunshine Coast standards) once you get off the ferry at Langdale Terminal. Six kilometers on Highway 101 (towards Sechelt, and, eventually, Powell River), and you are there. Several gas stations, a few grocery stores, a washer/dryer at the marina, and a shower at the Recreation Center is all an average traveller really needs, and Gibsons has it all. $1.50 for a washer and $1.50 for 20 minutes of using a dryer is quite generous, and $3 for a shower is not bad either. That said, gasoline appeared to be several cents per litre higher in Gibsons than in Vancouver, and some grocery store prices were quite high as well.

But we were in Gibsons for sightseeing, and that's a mighty impressive harbour that Gibson's got. On a sunny day like today the views were truly "picture-perfect", and the lack of crowds made the walk around Gibsons Landing, which is a tourist-oriented part of town, that much better.

1. Here is a Google Map of the Gibsons Landing area that we have explored.


2. We start on the corner of School Road and Marine Drive, where a George Gibson statue is located in Pioneer Park.

School Road at Marine Driver Gibsons BC Canada

3-4. George Gibson was a settler, who came to this area in 1886.

George Gibson Statue

George Gibson Biography Plaque

5. Directional signs in the Pioneer Park show what's where in Gibsons Landing area.

Gibsons Landing Directional Signs

6. First, we headed towards "Gov't dock" and "Seawalk", just at the foot of School Road.

Government Dock Gibsons British Columbia Canada

7. Looking left, a very impressive Gibsons Harbour.

Gibsons BC Harbour

8. Continuing going towards "Gov't dock", also known as Gibsons Public Wharf. All parking here is permit-based, but free parking is available on Gover Point Road and Gibsons Way near Pioneer Park.

Gibsons Dock British Columbia Canada

9-10. To our right, an impressive houseboat with many plants.

Houseboat at Gibsons Harbour

Houseboat with Flowers

11. And, to the left, this fantastic beauty.

Gibsons Harbour

12. At the bottom of the ramp seen in photo #8, there is this landing where, straight ahead, is a pedestrian promenade, and, to the right, is a harbour office with washrooms and two washers and dryers. The door lock has a punch code, but no code is required between 0730-1730 hrs.

Government Dock Gibsons BC Canada

13-14. The entrance to the above-mentioned amenities is on the right side of the building. There is a strong cell signal in Gibsons, but, if you need to use a public phone, it's there as well.

Washrooms and Laundromat Building at Gibsons BC Dock

Laundromat Gibsons Dock

15. Now we are entering the promenade, located just past the harbour office.

Gibsons Dock Promenade Entrance

16. These Chinese tourists were clearly enjoying their day.

Chinese Tourists at Gibsons Dock

17. A gazebo at the end of the promenade.

Gazebo at Gibsons British Columbia Government Dock

18. Looking back. The float in the middle-right of the photo is for seaplanes.

Gibsons BC Dock

19. Closer to the exit from the promenade, we can again see the harbour office, this time on the left side.

Gibsons BC Dock Promenade

Here is our video of Gibsons Public Wharf and Promenade.

More ihikebc videos are on our YouTube Channel.

20. We have now returned to the corner of School Road and Marine Drive, with Pioneer Park with George Gibson statue visible across the road from the stop sign.

Marine Drive at School Road Gibsons BC Canada

21. We have turned to the right at the above intersection, and here is Marine Drive.

Marine Drive Gibsons BC Canada

22. The next block features several stores and a Chinese eatery. As well as this neatly decorated house.

Gibsons BC Canada Marine Drive

23. A Black Bean cafe on the corner of Marine Drive and Jacks Lane.

Marine Drive at Jack Lane Gibsons British Columbia

28. After one block, it's all residential. Also, as Marine Drive parallels Seawalk covered further in this trip report, there is a path to the North end of Seawalk at the end of the shopping/eating area of Marine Drive.

Marine Drive Gibsons BC Canada

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