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Trip 009 - December 28-29, 2009 (Monday - Tuesday)

Village of Harrison Hot Springs Trip

British Columbia, Canada

Distance From Vancouver:
135-140 km via Highway 1 or 7 East, then Highway 9.

Liked: The scenery, several old artefacts, public pool.

Of note: It can be very cold by the lake in the winter. It's a popular place which is likely quite crowded during the tourist season.

Vancouver, Coast & Mountains Backroad Mapbook (2010 edition) Coordinates: Page 4 (Chilliwack) F1.

Related Website: Tourism Harrison Hot Springs.

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The village of Harrison Hot Springs is located along and near Harrison Lake, about 140 kilometers East of Vancouver, on BC Highway 9. It is possible to get to Highway 9 either via Highway 7 or TransCanada Highway 1. Harrison Hot Springs is a very popular resort destination, with several hotels and eateries on the waterfront. There is a public washroom (it was open 8 AM - 6 PM) in the Memorial Hall along the Harrison Lake promenade. There is also a public pool where one can swim in the warm water coming from a hot spring.

1. We start with a map of Harrison Hot Springs, found on the Tourist Information shack a few blocks before Harrison Lake. On the left side of the map, you can see Hot Springs Road (BC Highway 9), the route in and out of the village. The top right of the map shows Rockwell Drive, the road you need to take to get to Sasquatch Provincial Park, Bear Mountain hike, Harrison East FSR and Clear Creek FSR.

Harrison Hot Springs Map

2. The next map shows the Northern part of the village. Note the Harrison Hot Springs Info Centre location on the corner of Walnut Avenue and Hot Springs Road (BC Highway 9). This map is located at the Northern end of Hot Springs Road, at the Harrison Lake Plaza.

Map of Northern part of Harrison Hot Springs BC Canada

3. Our third and final map is also from Harrison Lake Plaza, and it shows the location of the path along Harrison Lake.

Harrison Lake Promenade Map

4. And this is the Northern end of Hot Springs Road, looking at the Harrison Lake Plaza.

Harrison Lake Plaza

5. Just behind and to the left, on the corner of Lillooet  Avenue and Hot Springs Road, there is a Husky gas station, and this store next to it.

Harrison Hot Springs BC Smoked Salmon store

6. Here is the view of Harrison Lake and the Lagoon.

Harrison Lake and lagoon - British Columbia Canada

7. Slightly to the left is a place to rent boats (when it's warm, one would imagine), as well as seaplane boarding area.

Harrison Lake British Columbia Canada

8. Upon reaching Harrison Lake Plaza, you can turn left or right to walk along the lake. If you turn left, you would see a small mall, then Harrison Beach Hotel, then Harrison Hot Springs Resort & Spa (a brown building at the back). There is a restaurant or two on this block as well. Plenty of free parking is available along the lake, as well as on the nearby streets. However, Harrison Hot Springs must be simply packed with tourists during the warm season, so plan accordingly.

Harrison Hot Springs lake strip

9. If you keep walking in this direction along the lake, in about 10 minutes you will find a hot spring. This spring is so hot that no access is allowed, and signs warn of severe skin burns to those unwise enough to ignore the warnings. The water from this spring is used in the public pool and at the spa hotel. At a lower temperature, of course.

Harrison Hot Springs hot spring source British Columbia Canada

10. The history of the spring discovery is posted on the building.

Hot spring source history - Harrison Hot Springs

11. Coming back from the spring source to the Harrison Lake Promenade.

Harrison Hot Springs British Columbia Canada

12. A  bit further East.

Harrison Lake BC Canada

13. Harrison Hot Springs is a very small village, yet a few interesting artefacts can be found there. First of all, plenty of old lamps along the path to the hot spring source. Like this lamp located at the entrance to a small trail behind Harrison Hot Springs Resort & Spa.

Harrison Hot Springs British Columbia Canada

14. Zooming in to see the details of another lamp.

Harrison Hot Springs Lamp

15. The trail behind Harrison Hot Springs Resort & Spa can be done in 5-10 minutes, and it actually has different lamps, some of which have moss hats on top.

Harrison Hot Springs mossy lamp - British Columbia Canada

16. This retired Harrison Hot Springs fire engine was chilling at the public works yard.

Harrison Hot Springs vintage fire engine

17. Art at Harrison Hot Springs Elementary School (across from the Info Centre).

Harrison Hot Springs Elementary School British Columbia Canada

18. Finally, a photo of Lillooet Avenue (one block South of Harrison Lake).

Lillooet Avenue Harrison Hot Springs British Columbia Canada

Harrison Hot Springs is a good place to visit by itself, or as a stopover en route to the nearby Sasquatch Provincial Park, FSRs or hiking trails.

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