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Trip 010 - January 26, 2010 (Tuesday)

Willband Creek Park

Abbotsford BC

Distance From Vancouver:
80-85 km via Highway 1 East and Highway 11.

Liked: Several fine views, meeting a heron, wide gravel path.

Of note: Constant noise from nearby Highway 11. Fairly small parking lot, which can run out of space even on a weekday.

Vancouver, Coast & Mountains Backroad Mapbook (2010 edition) Coordinates: Page 3 (Abbotsford) E6.

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Willband Creek Park is a combination of two small lakes, with paths around and between them. To get to this park, take Highway 11 (Abbotsford-Mission Highway) and turn onto Bateman Road. There are many water-dwelling birds in the park, including at least one heron. Make sure NOT to park on the soft shoulder on Bateman Road by the park, as our vehicle got stuck there and had to be rescued by a tow truck.

1. Willband Creek Park as seen from Bateman Road before the fog dissipated.

Willband Creek Park Abbotsford BC

2. The parking lot can accommodate about 30 vehicles.

Willband Creek Park parking lot

3. The information board shows the map of Willband Creek Park.

Willband Creek Park information stand Abbotsford British Columbia Canada

4. There are three loops you can take. North Loop is 1.6 km, South is 2.33 km, and the full loop is 2.62 km.

Willband Creek Park map

5. The trail begins. It appears to be very popular with joggers and dog walkers.

Willband Creek Park path Abbotsford BC Canada

6. The path is wide, gravel, and, mostly, quite flat.

Willband Creek Park Abbotsford British Columbia Canada

7. The lakes sometimes disappear from the view, and, sometimes, show themselves in all their glory.

Willband Creek Park lake Abbotsford BC

8. Grass, water, mountains, and sky.

Willband Creek Park Abbotsford British Columbia

9. And then we found a heron patiently sitting on the lakeshore.

Willband Creek Park heron Abbotsford BC

10. This particular heron proved to be camera-shy, so it took off.

Heron at Willband Creek Park Abbotsford BC Canada

11. See you later, then.

Willband Creek Park heron in flight

12. Birds of Willband Creek Park sure have a swell view from their home.

Willband Creek Park Abbotsford British Columbia Canada

13. And we keep going around the full loop.

Willband Creek Park - Abbotsford Outdoor Recreation

14. Closer to the end, there is a small bridge.

Willband Creek Park Abbotsford BC

15. Having crossed the bridge, the path runs parallel to Highway 11, and the ever-present traffic noise gets even more ever-present. Here we are looking left at the highway.

Highway 11 (Abbotsford to Mission) seeing from Willband Creek Park British Columbia Canada

16. The birds of Willband Creek Park. They are very shy and would take off seeing someone trying to approach from far away.

Willband Creek Park birds

17. One more look at the nature.

Willband Creek Park Abbotsford British Columbia Canada

If you don't mind the traffic noise, Willband Creek Park is a very picturesque place to visit in the city of Abbotsford.

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