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Trip 058 - August 17, 2011 (Wednesday)

Downtown Chilliwack BC Visit

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Distance From Vancouver: About 95 kilometers: 90.5 km from Vancouver (Grandview Hwy entrance to Hwy 1 East) to Exit 119 (Yale Rd / Vedder Rd) in Chilliwack. Then, a few more kilometers on Yale Road to Downtown Chilliwack.

Liked: Mountains all around in the distance, wide residential streets, downtown parking rates, countdown clock for pedestrian street crossings.

Of note: As Chilliwack is a rural town, associated farm odours could be present at various times. Chilliwack is a very spread out town, so downtown is by no means representative of the rest of Chilliwack BC.

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Today was our exploratory visit to downtown Chilliwack. At first, we checked out Chilliwack's City Hall on Young Road. Then, we drove to Hodgins Avenue, and from there our route was as follows: parked on Hodgins Avenue just past Mary Street, walked West on Hodgins, then North on Ashwell Road (houses on the right, some fields on the left, followed by a small cemetery), East on Wellington Avenue, North on Stanley Street, East on Reece Avenue, North on Corbould Street, East on Berkeley Avenue, South on Young Road, East on Reece again, South on Williams Street, West on 5th Avenue, North on Young Road, then checked out a pretty Salish Park near Young and 1st (library, pond, Coast Chilliwack Hotel), and then walked around Wellington Avenue and checked out the cleanup after a movie shoot. Overall, it was a pleasant walk, which took about 2.5 hours.

1. To get to downtown Chilliwack from Vancouver, to take Highway 1 East to Exit 119.

TransCanada Highway 1 Near Exit 119 Chilliwack BC Canada

2. Upon taking Exit 119, turn left (Yale Road) to get to downtown Chilliwack. Turning right onto Vedder Road would lead to Cottonwood Mall, and then to Cultus Lake, Chilliwack Lake Provincial Park, Chilliwack Lake FSR, and Greendrop Lake Trail.

Highway 1 Eastbound Vedder Road Exit Chilliwack BC Canada

3. Once you turn left onto Yale Road, this is what you see.

Yale Road Chilliwack BC Canada

4. A bit further, there are several gas stations. Chilliwack's gas prices are usually about 10 cents per litre better than those in Metro Vancouver.

Yale Rd Chilliwack British Columbia Canada

5. Our first stop is Chilliwack City Hall.

Chilliwack City Hall

6. Inside the Chilliwack City Hall the environment is modern.

Inside Chilliwack City Hall

7. And the message is that of conservation.

8. Here is the current Chilliwack City Council.

2011 Chilliwack City Council

9. Now we are back on Yale Road, heading towards Hodgins Avenue.

Chilliwack BC Canada - Yale Road

10. Getting ready to turn left onto Hodgins Avenue.

Yale Road by Hodgins Avenue Chilliwack BC Canada

11. And now we are on foot. This neat house is located across from Chilliwack Hospital.

45555 Hodgins Avenue Chilliwack BC Canada

12. A cheerful piece of art in front of the house.

Playing Children Statue Chilliwack BC

13. Same house, different art.

Chilliwack BC Playing Children Street Art

14. On the corner of Hodgins Avenue and Corbould Street, there is Chilliwack Landing Leisure Centre.

Hodgins Avenue at Corbould Street Chilliwack BC Canada

15. Outside play areas were full of children and their parents.

Outside of Chilliwack Landing Leisure Centre - Chilliwack British Columbia

16. Here is a brightly decorated front desk area of the leisure centre.

Chilliwack Landing Leisure Centre Reception Area

17. Prospera Centre is located further on Hodgins Avenue past Corbould Street. Yellow support beams provide good contrast with the nearby grass.

Prospera Centre Chilliwack BC

Our Downtown Chilliwack trip Continues on Page 2.

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