Trip 136 - July 3, 2018 (Tuesday)

Merritt BC City Center Visit

Distance From Vancouver
: approximately 270 kilometers via Highway 1 East and Highway 5 North.

Liked: Coldwater hotel exterior, Info Center exterior, numerous excellent murals and wall art.

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Merritt BC is a small town located on Highway 5, about halfway between Hope and Kamloops. In addition to (comparatively) humane gas prices, Merritt features several big box stores for a traveler in need, as well as a small but cozy city center, which we have visited today.

1. We are Eastbound on TransCanada Highway 1 in Fraser Valley.

2. Upon reaching Hope, follow signs to Highway 5. You can either bypass Hope, or take exit 170 to visit Hope first - the signs to Highway 5 are plentiful.

3. Now Northbound on Highway 5 (Coquihalla Highway).

4. Take Exit 286 to Merritt City Center / Kelowna.

5. Then follow signs to Merritt. Here is a Welcome to Merritt sign.

6. Merritt city center would be on your left within several minutes. We parked our vehicle and started a walking tour on Voght Street, which appeared to be the main artery of what is several blocks of downtown Merritt.

7. Merritt city center features some of the best wall art we have seen in British Columbia. Here is a City Furniture store on Voght Street between Coutlee Avenue and Quilchena Avenue.

8. Just down the street.

9. Coldwater Hotel on the corner of Voght Street and Quilchena Avenue has an impressive exterior.

10. An artsy area on the corner of Voght Street and Granite Avenue.

11. And here is a close-up of the map seen on the left side of the photo above.

12. More quality art.

13. Granite Avenue at Voght Street.

14. There also numerous stars dedicated to country music performers throughout Merritt city center. This star is dedicated to Tracy Prescott.

15. Fine Bonzai Bicycles wall art on Coutlee Avenue between Garcia Street and Voght Street.

16. Another Merritt map on the corner of Coutlee Avenue and Voght Street.

17. A picturesque church on the corner of Chapman Street and Quilchena Avenue.

18. This cenotaph is located by Merritt Civic Center, on Mamette Avenue by Chapman Street.

19-20. And just a bit further on Mamette Avenue (closer to Voght street) is Merritt City Hall, featuring this painting on the outside.

20-21. About a hundred meters later, colourful Merritt Info Center is located on the corner of Mamette Avenue and Voght Street.

22. The yard behind the info center.

Merritt city center can pass for an open air museum, thanks to the wonderful displays of murals and wall art.

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