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Trip 020 - April 28, 2010 (Wednesday)

Downtown Squamish BC


Distance From Vancouver (Lions Gate Bridge): 65 km via Highway 1 West and Highway 99 (Seat-to-Sky) North.

Liked: Clean streets, friendly people, beautiful natural setting, murals, password-free Wi-Fi Internet access at the local library.

Of note: An occasional train with loud whistles rolls through town. If you want to start living in Squamish, do note that Highway 99 usually gets closed for many hours a few times a year after serious accidents, and there is no way around these closures, aside from taking a six-hour-long detour via Highway 1.

Vancouver, Coast & Mountains Backroad Mapbook (2010 edition) Coordinates: Page 22 (Squamish) C7.

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The town of Squamish, British Columbia, is located on Highway 99 (Sea-to-Sky), about halfway between Vancouver and Whistler. Squamish is a rapidly developing area well-known for its natural beauty and many recreational opportunities. Quite a few people live in Squamish and commute to their workplaces in Vancouver (to the South) and Whistler (to the North), as those are substantially more expensive locations to buy a house or an apartment. Today, we have visited downtown Squamish, which is small enough to see it all in about an hour. Greater Squamish area is much bigger, though, and includes several large residential and industrial areas.

1. We start at the Squamish Adventure Centre just off Highway 99 (Cleveland Avenue / Loggers Lane intersection). Here you can get a free map of the area, as well as buy a map of nearby trails  ($9 for a regular map or $14 for a waterproof).

Squamish Adventure Centre - Squamish BC Canada

2. Here is a photo of the Squamish Downtown map. On the bottom right is where you exit from Highway 99 to go to the Squamish Adventure Centre (via Loggers Lane) or downtown Squamish (via Cleveland Avenue). On the left side of the map we have highlighted Squamish Library, which offers password-free Wi-Fi access. Squamish Library hours of operation are as follows: Monday - Thursday 12 PM - 8 PM, Friday - Sunday 10 AM - 4 PM. Downtown Squamish features a Save-on-Foods and Shoppers Drug Mart, while further North on Highway 99 you will find London Drugs, Canadian Tire and Wal-Mart. There is also a GM dealership in Squamish, and a self-service car wash at Industrial Way (if you are fast, you can wash your car for $2).

Downtown Squamish map

3. On the other side of the map, which we received at the Squamish Adventure Centre, is the map of the Greater Squamish area. In the middle of the map is Brennan Park Recreation Centre, where for $4.60 you can get access to a pool with shower facilities. To get to the Recreation Centre, get off Highway 99 onto Loggers Lane, drive past the Squamish Adventure Centre, and, in about five minutes, you would see the Recreation Centre on the left side.

Greater Squamish Map

4. Now it's time to go to downtown Squamish and check it out. Here we are on Loggers Lane, about to cross Highway 99 after which Loggers Lane becomes Cleveland Avenue. Downtown Squamish is straight ahead.

BC Highway 99 (Sea-to-sky) intersection with Cleveland Avenue in Squamish BC Canada

5. Cleveland Avenue, the main commercial street of downtown Squamish.

Cleveland Avenue Squamish British Columbia Canada

6. Chilling on Cleveland Avenue.

Squamish BC Canada

7. Downtown Squamish clock. After we took this photo, a friendly woman approached and advised that, when there are no clouds, one could see a glacier between the clock and the banners to the left.

Downtown Squamish clock photo

8. Bicycle art.

Bicycle art on Cleveland Avenue Squamish British Columbia Canada

9. And murals are there too.

Downtown Squamish BC murals

10. This mural, like the one above, is on the corner of Cleveland Avenue and Victoria Street.

Squamish BC dolphin mural

11. This saddle-like mountain is on the West side of downtown Squamish. We are looking down Main Street from its intersection with Cleveland Avenue.

Downtown Squamish British Columbia Canada

12. Downtown Squamish street signs. The message at the bottom of each sign reads: "Naturally inspired with small town heart."

Downtown Squamish BC street signs

13-15. Downtown Squamish has another set of beautiful murals. These ones are at the corner of Second Avenue and Winnipeg Street.

Downtown Squamish BC mural

16. The most interesting bike rack. They come in different colours too.

Bike rack in downtown Squamish British Columbia Canada

17. Another development in Squamish, nicely advertised.

Westmana Oceanfront Gateway Development Advertisement Squamish British Columbia Canada

18. And just beyond the sign above is the beginning of a path around a slough.

Downtown Squamish BC slough trailhead

19. It's a nice walking/biking area.

Squamish BC walking trail

20. Good views abound.

Squamish British Columbia Canada

21. These fine folks even welcome trespassers :)

Trespassers Welcome Sign in Squamish BC Canada

22. A picture out of the 19th century.

Old chairs Squamish British Columbia

23. Going further, we see another fine view.

Slough in downtown
Squamish British Columbia Canada

24. The Stawamus Chief dominates the Eastern side of the town.

The Stawamus Chief Mountain as seen from downtown Squamish BC

25. Plenty of other mountains on the East side too.

Downtown Squamish BC slough

26. The path around the slough.

Squamish BC slough path

We have visited Squamish many times en route to various hikes, and this town is a great place to live for someone who enjoys the outdoors and does not mind a rather unpredictable commute to and from Metro Vancouver.

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