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Trip 210 - May 20-21, 2021 (Thursday-Friday)

Towns of Gold Bridge & Bralorne BC Visit

Somewhat Near Lillooet British Columbia

Distance from Vancouver: Approximately 350 km to Gold Bridge and 360 km to Bralorne, if via Highway 1 West, Highway 99 (Sea-to-Sky) North, Seton Lake Road & Main Street (Lillooet) and Highway 40.

Liked: Gold Bridge school building, mountains and canyon views from the road connecting Gold Bridge and Bralorne, old buildings in Bralorne.

Of Note: Narrow and winding road with steep unbarricaded drop-offs between Gold Bridge and Bralorne. No cell phone signal.

Vancouver, Coast & Mountains Backroad Mapbook (5th edition) Coordinates: Page 51 (Gold Bridge) B4.

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Gold Bridge (population: 43) and Bralorne (population: 60) are two historical British Columbia towns connected to the Gold Rush years of the 19th and 20th centuries. We visited these towns at the end of our BC Highway 40 trip. Check out our previous trip report for directions on how to get to Gold Bridge. A smooth paved 11 km-long road (albeit narrow and winding, and with unbarricaded drop-offs) links Gold Bridge and Bralorne. There was a fair bit of traffic on that road, with most of it appearing to be coming from an industrial site(s) located on Kingdom Lakes Forest Service Road, which starts at 6.3 km of the Gold Bridge-Bralorne connector. A very neat pullout at 7.0 km allows for a great panoramic mountain view, and, just a hundred meters further, another viewpoint makes it possible to see a large canyon.

There is a gas station and an ambulance station in Gold Bridge, and a gas pump and a fire hall in Bralorne, which also has a working pay phone.

1. We are at the end of BC Highway 40, with a sign indicating that a left turn (across the bridge) would lead to Gold Bridge and Bralorne.

BC Highway 40 End Near Gold Bridge British Columbia Canada

2. The bridge across Hurley River leads to the town of Gold Bridge.

Bridge Across Hurley River Near Gold Bridge BC

3. The view of Hurley River from the bridge. Hurley River flows into Carpenter Lake.

Hurley River British Columbia Canada

4. Just across the bridge, we are entering the town of Gold Bridge.

Entering Gold Bridge Sign

5. Welcome to Gold Bridge. Population: 43.

Welcome to Gold Bridge Sign

6. A few hundred meters later, just before the buildings, an Esso gas station is on the left side. Not sure how it operates - likely, a pre-payment is required inside the hotel or general store.

Esso Gas Station Gold Bridge BC Canada

7. Gold Bridge, BC. There are four or five streets in the town.

Gold Bridge BC

8-9. Gold Bridge hotel and cafe. A general store is across the Gold Bridge - Bralorne connector road.

Gold Bridge Hotel and Cafe

10-11. A very pleasant-looking Gold Bridge community school.

Gold Bridge Community School

12. The fire hall is in Bralorne, and Gold Bridge has several fire shacks, as well as an ambulance station, pictured below.

Gold Bridge Fire Shack and Ambulance Station

13. The same road you are on when entering Gold Bridge takes you to Bralorne 11 km later.

Pioneer Road Between Gold Bridge and Bralorne BC

14. At 7.0 km from Gold Bridge, a large pullout on the right side has an information sign, as well as a panoramic mountain range view.

Viewpoint Parking Area Between Bralorne and Gold Bridge British Columbia

15. The information sign.

16-17. The mountain on the left side.

18-19. The mountain on the right side.

20. If you walk or drive just a hundred meters further, there is another (unofficial) pullout with a great canyon view.

Pioneer Road between Gold Bridge and Bralorne British Columbia Canada

21. Very nice.

Mountains View from Pioneer Road between Bralorne and Gold Bridge BC Canada

Here is our video of the views from this spot.

More ihikebc videos are on our YouTube Channel.

22. Getting closer to Bralorne. Quite a smooth road.

Pioneer Road near Bralorne BC Canada

23. And here we are.

Bralorne BC

24. Welcome to Bralorne. Population: 60.

Welcome to Bralorne Sign

25. Just to the left is Bralorne Pub and On The Fly Country Market. A gas pump (operational?) is on the very left.

Bralorne Pub and On The Fly Country Market

26. Bralorne pub sign. Very creative!

Bralorne Pub Sign

27. Bralorne pub information board.

Bralorne Pub Information Board

28. On a building across the street (Bralorne Road) there is a map of Bralorne and the surrounding area.

Bralorne Map

29. Bralorne Road. Bralorne appears to be about three times bigger than Gold Bridge.

Bralorne British Columbia Canada

30. Historical Bralorne Inn on Bralorne Road.

Historical Bralorne Inn

31. Looking left down Dirks Place.

Dirks Place Bralorne BC Canada

32. Historical Bralorne church.

Historical Bralorne Church

33. Bralorne hall.

Bralorne Hall

34. Inside a small shack in the side of Bralorne hall, there is a community message board, as well as a working Telus payphone (appears to accept credit cards only, via an operator). There is no cell phone signal in Gold Bridge or Bralorne.

35. Gold Bridge has an ambulance station, and Bralorne has a fire hall.

Bralorne Fire Hall British Columbia

Gold Bridge and Bralorne are a living BC history, and are very interesting towns to visit. Just be aware of very limited services of any kind in the area.

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