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Trip 291 -  August 7, 2023 (Monday)

Williams Ridge Trail Hike

Near Chilliwack, BC

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Williams Ridge Trailhead Location: Approximately 135 km East of Vancouver (40 km from Chilliwack) via Highway 1 (take Exit 119 and go South), Vedder Road, and Chilliwack Lake Road.

Liked: Easy trailhead access off Chilliwack Lake Road, Chilliwack Lake view, Williams Peak view, the views of the surrounding mountains, meeting several pikas at the end of the trail, shade in the forest, almost no bugs.

Of Note: Some encroaching vegetation along the trail, the first half of the trail is very steep, uneven ground, rocks and roots, hiking poles and boots are essential.

Vancouver, Coast & Mountains Backroad Mapbook (2019 edition) Trailhead Coordinates: Page 5 (Chilliwack Lake) D5.

103 Hikes in Southwestern British Columbia (2008 edition): hike #72.

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Williams Ridge Trail is located off Chilliwack Lake Road not far from Chilliwack Lake Provincial Park. This trail is easy for the first 370 meters, but then rises steeply until about the 3 km mark, where there is a junction with a connecting trail to Ford Mountain on the left side, while Williams Ridge Trail (now much easier, though still with an occasional brief steep stretch) carries on for another 3.5 km on the right side, with mountain glimpses here and there, to a knoll with panoramic views of Williams Peak, Chilliwack Lake, and a whole bunch of surrounding mountains.

Thus, it is possible for the hikers with iron legs to do a Ford Mountain - Williams Ridge loop hike, especially if they have a second vehicle for a shuttle run. Ford Mountain Trail access road (4x4 only) is located 4 km closer to Chilliwack than Williams Ridge trailhead. That said, Williams Ridge is quite a challenge to hike up, but also down, with our knees protesting the downhill travel like on few other trails we have hiked, and Ford Mountain is unlikely to be much easier. Thus, iron legs are definitely in order for anyone contemplating to do both trails in one go.

Once you are on that fine knoll with pikas running around and all those good views, Williams Ridge Trail ends, and Williams Peak Route begins. Williams Peak is quite challenging, so plan for at least a 12 hour round trip hike from the Chilliwack Lake Road trailhead, if you want to tackle the peak as well.

* All hiking distances are based on a GPS odometer and are approximate.

1-2. Here are Google Maps directions from Vancouver to Chilliwack Lake Provincial Park. Williams Ridge trailhead is located right off Chilliwack Lake Road, about 7 km before Chilliwack Lake Provincial Park. The second map shows the location of Williams Peak.



3. We are Southbound on Vedder Road in Chilliwack, approaching a roundabout, after which Vedder Road becomes Vedder Mountain Road.

4. At the roundabout, take the exit to Chilliwack Lake Road. It's 32.8 km from here to Williams Ridge trailhead.

5. At the 15.8 km mark of Chilliwack Lake Road. It's a nicely paved road with not much to see. Lots of people camping right by the side of the road, some are fishing.

6. At the 32.8 km of Chilliwack Lake Road we are at the trailhead, located just behind the truck in the photo below. Plenty of parking on the shoulder. Or proceed down the trail for 80 meters for a fine small parking/camping area.

7. Here is Williams Ridge trailhead. Coordinates: N 4906.130' W 12132.899'. Elevation: 475 meters.

8. The trail begins.

9. As mentioned above, at 80 meters there is a small camping/parking area. Beats camping by the side of Chilliwack Lake Road.

10. At 190 meters, we are at a T-junction. Turn left.

11. Williams Ridge Trail 20 meters after making that left turn.

12-13. At 250 meters, turn right. There is a sign there at the present.

14. It's a fine sign indeed.

15. Williams Ridge Trail at the 300 meter mark.

16. At 347 meters, easy hiking is over, and a gruelling climb is all yours for the next 2.6 km.

17. At 700 meters of Williams Ridge Trail.

18. At 760 m, a former shack by the trail.

19. Still steep at 1.82 km of Williams Ridge Trail.

20. Another former shack is located at 2.47 km of the hike.

21. At 2.75 km, the steep part is soon to be over.

22. At 2.98 km, Williams Ridge Trail is finally more-or-less easy.

23. Just 20 meters later, we are at a T-junction, with Ford Mountain connector trail is to the left, and Williams Ridge Trail continues to the right. Coordinates: N 4907.097' W 12133.540'. Elevation: 1,330 meters. The average grade from the start of the climb at the 347 meter mark to this T-junction is about 30%.

24. After the T-junction, the trail continues on the ridge. There is a barely perceptible steady elevation gain with a few short steep up and down stretches. At 3.30 km here.

25. Interesting windfall at the 3.40 km mark of Williams Ridge Trail.

26. At 3.97 km now.

27-28. The first decent view arrives at the 4.04 km of Williams Ridge Trail. Plain and zoomed.

29-30. At 4.36 km, there is a fine valley view to the right. Plain and zoomed.

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