Trip 058 - August 17, 2011 (Wednesday)

Downtown Chilliwack BC Visit

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Distance From Vancouver:
About 95 kilometers: 90.5 km from Vancouver (Grandview Hwy entrance to Hwy 1 East) to Exit 119 (Yale Rd / Vedder Rd) in Chilliwack. Then a few more kilometers on Yale Road to Downtown Chilliwack.

Liked: Mountains all around in the distance, wide residential streets, downtown parking rates, countdown clock for pedestrian street crossings.

Of note: As Chilliwack is a rural town, associated farm odours could be present at various times. Chilliwack is a very spread out town, so downtown is by no means representative of the rest of Chilliwack BC.

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18. We turned right upon passing Prospera Centre, and ended up on Ashwell Avenue. On the right side of this avenue there are typical suburban houses. On the left side there are fields, as well as this small cemetery, with tombstones indicating that those who rest here lived over a hundred years ago.

A Small Cemetery Chilliwack BC

19. Then we walked past single family houses, and at the end of Corbould Street discovered a nature path called Hope River Rotary Trail. People were seen walking and jogging in the area.

Hope River Rotary Trail Chilliwack BC Canada

20. We continued our walk on Berkeley Avenue, running parallel to the trail. Eventually, we ended up on Williams street. There is an industrial area on the corner of Williams Street and 5th Avenue.

Williams Street Industrial Area Chilliwack British Columbia Canada

21. After that, we traveled on 5th Avenue to Young Road, and turned North onto Young. On the corner of Young and 1st Avenue there is a very pretty Salish Park.

Salish Park in Downtown Chilliwack BC

22. On the other side of this pond is The Coast Chilliwack Hotel.

The Coast Chilliwack Hotel

23. Chilliwack Library is also in Salish Park. It is open Monday - Thursday 10-9, Friday 10-6, Saturday 10-5, and Sunday 1-5. Chilliwack Library features free Wi-Fi Internet access, though Fraser Valley Regional System libraries have the most restrictive Internet filter of all the libraries we have used, and blocks many legitimate websites. 

Downtown Chilliwack Library

24. Look what we found near the library - a mini-choir performance.

Singing in front of Chilliwack Library

25. Moving on, check out this impressive Chilliwack Law Courts building on the corner of Yale Road and Princess Avenue.

Chilliwack Law Courts

26. And, somewhere nearby, there was this picture-perfect school.

Downtown Chilliwack BC School

27. So, this is Chilliwack BC...or is it?

28. Not to worry, it is simply a film shoot on Chilliwack's Wellington Avenue.

29. Archimedes was all eyes as the crews were dismantling the equipment.

30. Here is the film crew.

Film Shoot Crew Downtown Chilliwack British Columbia Canada

31. So, what makes downtown Chilliwack strikingly different from downtown Vancouver, aside from the lack of the crowds, absence of objectionable free newspapers on every downtown corner, and more abundant (though more distant) mountain views? It is things such as: fantastic parking rates...

Downtown Chilliwack Parking Rates

32...wide streets...

Chilliwack British Columbia Canada well as RVs parked in many front yards.

34. There is but one wish we have for improving downtown Chilliwack, and it is to have a greater number of pleasant-looking single family houses, just like this one.

Chilliwack BC Single Family House

It it weren't for work and some other considerations, we'd love to be living in Chilliwack, with its simpler way of life and great natural attractions nearby to boot.

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