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Trip 292 -  August 11, 2023 (Friday)

Flora Lake Trail Hike

Chilliwack Lake Provincial Park near Chilliwack, BC

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Directions to Flora Lake Trailhead from Vancouver: 90.5 km via Highway 1 East (Grandview Hwy entrance to Hwy 1) to Exit 119 (Yale Rd / Vedder Rd) in Chilliwack. Then, 5.5 km on Vedder Road to Chilliwack Lake Road. Then 40 km on Chilliwack Lake Road to the trailhead parking lot.

Liked: Views of Chilliwack Lake and surrounding mountains, Flora Lake, shade in the forest, several fine forest scenes, very few bugs.

Of Note: Moderately difficult trail (to Flora Lake), uneven ground, rocks and roots, hiking poles are recommended. Flora Lake loop (should you choose to hike it) is substantially more difficult due to five boulder fields hiking poles and boots are essential.

Vancouver, Coast & Mountains Backroad Mapbook (2019 edition) Trailhead Coordinates: Page 5 (Chilliwack Lake) F5.

103 Hikes in Southwestern British Columbia (2008 edition): hike #75.

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Flora Lake Trail is located near Chilliwack Lake Provincial Park at the end of Chilliwack Road, 40 km from Chilliwack, and shares the parking lot and the trailhead with a much more popular Lindeman Lake / Greendrop Lake Trail. Thus, if you are interested in a less crowded camping experience, head to Flora Lake, and, chances are, you'll get one. There are two tent pads there, a bear cache, and even an open air toilet.

In addition to camping by Flora Lake, the main attraction of this trail are excellent views of Chilliwack Lake and the surrounding mountains. As Flora Lake Trail is substantially more challenging (and longer) than Lindeman/Greendrop hike, it is also substantially less crowded.

After the initial climb with views of Chilliwack Lake, the trail drops to Flora Lake. To get back you can either retrace your steps, or, if you are ready for more challenging hiking with five rather uncomplicated (but, nonetheless) boulder fields to cross, complete the loop by taking a connector trail to Lindeman/Greendrop Trail, and then take that trail back to the parking lot.

As Flora Lake is hardly "spectacular," unless you want to camp there or simply a fan of hiking (or want to visit Greendrop and Lindeman lakes for one big hike as opposed to two smaller ones), getting to the best Chilliwack Lake views and heading back will save you a lot of time. It is about 4 km to Chilliwack Lake views, then 3 more km to Flora Lake, then either 7 km back to the parking lot the same way you came, or close to 10 km to the parking lot via the loop trail.

* All hiking distances are based on a GPS odometer and are approximate.

1. Here is a Google Maps location of the parking lot in the Chilliwack Lake Provincial Park for Flora Lake and Lindeman Lake / Greendrop Lake trails.


2-3. We are 100 meters from the parking lot, at the split where going straight is the continuation of Lindeman Lake  / Greendrop Lake Trail, and to the right is the beginning of Flora Lake Trail. For directions on getting up to this point from Chilliwack, check out our Greendrop Lake Trail Hike trip report. The photo below is at the same spot as photo #11 of that trip report.

4. Here is the trailhead.

5. Flora Lake Trail begins.

6. Fairly easy at first. At 280 meters here.

7. At 350 meters, there is a split. Turn left.

8. At 700 meters, Flora Lake Trail is already steeper. It remains moderately steep for a while.

9. Some stones at the 860 meter mark of the trail.

10. Now at 1.45 km from the trailhead. Steady elevation gain.

11. At 2.3 km, there is a trail marker with "2.3 km camp" written on it. It is a rather small level area. Perhaps, a good place to camp for those on a short hike.

12. This is where the first Chilliwack Lake view appears as well. Plain and zoomed.

13. The trail is much the same after the camp. At 2.74 km now.

14-16. At around the 4 km mark, great Chilliwack Lake views start arriving one after another. At first, they are obstructed to some degree, but then it gets better and better. Here is the view at the 4.04 km mark. Plain and zoomed.

17. Flora Lake Trail (on the left side) 4.10 km from the trailhead.

18-20. Chilliwack Lake view at 4.13 km. Plain and zoomed.

21-23. One of the best views arrives at the 4.17 km mark of Flora Lake Trail. Coordinates: N 49⁰06.457 W 121⁰26.276. Elevation: 1,480 meters. Plain, zoomed, and then a zoomed view of the mountains on the far end of Chilliwack Lake.

Here is our video of the views from this location.

More ihikebc videos are on our YouTube Channel.

24. Now at the 4.24 km mark of Flora Lake Trail, seen again on the left side.

25. And this view is at 4.29 km.

26. Very fine colours. Looking left.

27-28. Chilliwack Lake at 4.42 km and 4.43 km of Flora Lake Trail.

28. Flora Lake Trail continues. At 4.48 km here.

29. At 4.57 km, Chilliwack Lake is starting to hide.

30. The trail continues towards Flora Lake. At the 4.82 km mark here.

31. At 5.15 km, the trail is back in the woods and is moderately steep one more time.

32. Out of the woods by 5.40 km.

33. Flora Lake Trail opens up for a brief stretch at the 5.51 km mark.

34. And, at 5.54 km, there is a split. The main trail continues on the left side. To the right is, apparently, a fairly short trail to a viewpoint, but we did not go there.

35. Right after the split a long descent to Flora Lake begins.

Our Flora Lake Trail Hike trip report Continues on Page 2.

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