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Trip 022 - April 29, 2010 (Thursday)

Government Road & Squamish Valley Road

Squamish, British Columbia

Distance From Vancouver: 85-90 km via Highway 1 West and Highway 99 (Sea-to-Sky) North. Then, as you are driving on Highway 99 through Squamish, turn left onto Squamish Valley Road, or onto Government Road about 5 kilometers prior to that.

Liked: Views of Squamish River from Government Road, and meeting an otter. Spectacular glaciers seen from Squamish Valley Road.

Of note: Strong wind by Squamish River. Winding and requiring maintenance Squamish Valley Road.

Vancouver, Coast & Mountains Backroad Mapbook (2010 edition) Coordinates: Page 22 (Squamish) C7-C6-C5-B4-A3.


Having visited West Coast Railway Heritage Park, we proceeded with the original plan to see the eagles in Brackendale area of Squamish. So, we followed the signs, drove down Government Road, reached the eagle viewing area, and saw no eagles. There was an information stand explaining that in the spring the eagles fly into the woods. The best eagle watching months are, apparently, December and January. But we did enjoy the good views of Squamish River, and then played hide-and-seek with a camera-shy otter, who finally agreed to have its photo taken.

After that, with still plenty of time left in the day, we decided to check out Evans Lake. So, we drove further down Government Street, passed the Squamish Airport, and turned onto Squamish Valley Road. We missed the turn to Evans Lake, but ended up handsomely rewarded with an amazing view of two nearby glaciers. Driving further down Squamish Valley Road, we ended up on the Squamish River Forest Service Road, described in our next trip. 

1. Here is a photo of a free map you can get at the Squamish Adventure Centre (by Highway 99), with notes relating to our trip.

Map of Greater Squamish British Columbia Canada

2. A sign is guiding us to the eagle watch area.

Squamish British Columbia Canada

3. A map at the eagle watch area, of which there are a few in Greater Squamish.

Eagle Run Map on Government Road Squamish BC Canada

4. Very picturesque Squamish River...but no eagles in sight. Do seagulls count?

Squamish River by Government Road Squamish British Columbia Canada

5. Here is a large information board. It said the eagles fly into the woods in the Spring.

Eagle Watch Information Stand - Brackendale area of Squamish BC

6. Squamish River again. Looking the other way.

Squamish River in Brackendale

7. In lieu of the eagles, this otter finally acquiesced to have its photo taken.

Otter in Squamish River in Brackendale area of Squamish British Columbia Canada

8. An eatery by the eagle watch place. Looks very natural.

Food establishment on Government Road in Squamish British Columbia Canada by eagle watch

9. We continued driving down Government Road.

Government Road Squamish BC Canada

10. About five minutes later, we have reached Squamish Airport.

Squamish Airport

11. A scene at the Squamish airport (CYSE).

CYSE Airport Squamish BC Canada

12. Pretty much right after the airport, Government Road meets with Squamish Valley Road, which looks fairly ordinary for a while, and has private residences on both sides, followed by empty spaces filled with trees, rocks, and other natural items.

Squamish Valley Road

13. "Hey, man, how do I find where you live?" "Drive down Squamish Valley Road and look for a smiley face!" Seriously, well done!

Smiley Face by Squamish Valley Road British Columbia Canada

14. And then there was time to hit the brakes, get out, and start staring. The camera simply can't capture the contrast the way an eye can, and in person this picture looks even better.

Glaciers seen from Squamish Valley Road

15. Thank you, zoom, for letting us better appreciate the natural beauty around us.

Squamish Valley Road Glacier British Columbia Canada

16. And the second glacier.

Glacier near Glacier Valley Farm

17. These fine examples of Beautiful British Columbia are right next to Glacier Valley Farm, pictured below. To reach the glaciers, it takes about 20 minutes of driving on Squamish Valley Road after it meets Government Road.

Glacier Valley Farm near Squamish British Columbia Canada

In about ten minutes after that, Squamish Valley Road ends, and Squamish River Forest Service Road begins.

BACK: Railway Heritage Park    NEXT: Squamish River FSR

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