Trip 059 - September 6, 2011 (Tuesday)

Stanley Park Visit

Vancouver BC Canada

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Location in Vancouver:
West End of downtown - two blocks West from Denman Street.

Liked: Walking around the seawall, natural views, numerous available forest paths, available horse-drawn tours, observing seaplanes.

Of note: Long stretches of the seawall have no shade. Pay parking in effect throughout Stanley Park.

Related Website: Stanley Park - City of Vancouver Official Site.

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This enormous urban park is Vancouver's green jewel, highly popular with locals and visitors alike. You can walk, jog, bike, rollerblade, tan on a beach, sit and watch the nature, passing boats, or the seaplanes, visit Vancouver Aquarium, have a meal in a restaurant, and do many other things.

21. The end of the path leads onto a small bridge with four small lion statues.

22. Here is one of the small lions.

23. From this bridge you can check out a much larger Lions Gate Bridge.

Lions Gate Bridge

24. A larger bridge = a larger lion.

25. Moving on, we arrive to Prospect Point.

Prospect Point Stanley Park Vancouver BC Canada

26. In addition to having fish'n'chips at Prospect Point, you can take a look at the Lions Gate Bridge from the side....

Lions Gate Bridge Seen from Prospect Point Stanley Park British Columbia Canada

27. ...or at the boats going back and forth...

28...or use your zoom to check out West Vancouver's Ambleside Park across the water.

Ambleside Park seen from Stanley Park

29. After Prospect Point, we went forward and soon reached a turnoff to the Siwash Rock viewing platform.


30. Here is the platform.

31. Here is the rock seen from the platform.

Siwash Rock

32. And here is a heron sitting on the rock seen from the platform.

Heron on Siwash Rock

33. Looking to our right, we see the Seawall.

Stanley Park Seawall Vancouver BC Canada

34. Then, we walked a bit further past the observation platform and took a look at the rock from its side.

Siwash Rock Stanley Park

35. After that, we got down and saw the rock from the seawall.

Stanley Park Seawall and Siwash Rock

36. And then we turned around and started going to the end of the seawall. Here is one of the seawall beaches.

Stanley Park Beach

37. Stone balancing art on display.

38. Finally, we walked past Lost Lagoon and ended up at the Welcome to Vancouver sign on Georgia Street, thus finishing our Stanley Park visit.

Welcome to Vancouver Sign on Georgia Street

After Stanley Park, we walked on the seawall from Denman Street to Canada Place.

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