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Trip 274 -  April 5, 2023 (Wednesday)

Bloedel Conservatory Visit

Queen Elizabeth Park

Vancouver BC

Location: In Queen Elizabeth Park in Vancouver between Cambie Street and Main Street, south of 33rd Avenue.

Liked: A small tropical oasis in the middle of Vancouver. Numerous exotic plants, and several exotic birds. A humane price of admission.

Of Note: The conservatory is very small and popular, thus lots of people around you at all times. Pay parking in effect in Queen Elizabeth Park.

Related Websites: Bloedel Conservatory - City of Vancouver Official Website, Queen Elizabeth Park - ditto.


Bloedel Conservatory is located in Queen Elizabeth Park (the highest part of Vancouver), next to Hillcrest Community Centre, off 33rd Avenue, between Cambie Street and Main Street. The entrance to the Conservatory is right by an observation deck, from which a fine view of downtown Vancouver with North Shore mountains as a background can be had.

Inside the Conservatory, which is quite small and likely to be overcrowded, are numerous exotic plants and several parrots and other birds, as well as some fish in a stream. It's a pleasant small dome, which would be especially nice to visit on a cold rainy day. 

1. Here is a Google Maps location of Bloedel Conservatory.

2. We are in Vancouver on Main Street just South of 2nd Avenue, boarding trolley #3.

Translink Trolley Bus #3 Main Street Vancouver BC Canada

3. Inside the trolley.

Inside articulated Translink bus

4. Just so-so.

Just So So Sneakers

5. The driver.

Translink Bus Driver

6. A passenger.

Translink Passenger

7. Saying good-bye to trolley #3 on Main Street at 33rd Avenue.

Translink Trolley Bus #3 Leaving 33rd Avenue Stop

8. Now heading West on 33rd Avenue for several blocks.

33rd Avenue at Main Street Vancouver British Columbia

9. Queen Elizabeth Park starts on the south side of 33rd Avenue just past Ontario Street. Make a left turn to reach Bloedel Conservatory within 10 minutes.

Queen Elizabeth Park - Corner of 33rd Avenue and Ontario Street Vancouver BC

10. Queen Elizabeth Park after making a turn off 33rd Avenue West of Ontario Street.

Queen Elizabeth Park

11. Approaching the parking area and the observation deck by Bloedel Conservatory. Pay parking in effect, if you are driving.

Queen Elizabeth Park Vancouver BC Canada

12. Here is Queen Elizabeth Park observation deck.

Vancouver BC - Queen Elizabeth Park Observation Deck

13. A fine view from the deck.

Vancouver View from Queen Elizabeth Park Observation Deck

14. Good times.

Taking a group photo with a statue in Queen Elizabeth Park

Here is our video of the views from this location.

15. Bloedel Conservatory is to the left of the observation deck.

Bloedel Conservatory

16. It's a fine-looking building.

Bloedel Conservatory Exterior

17. The price of admission.

Bloedel Conservatory Ticket Prices

18. The booth just inside the entrance collecting the price of admission.

Bloedel Conservatory Admissions Booth

19. The etiquette of the place.

Bloedel Conservatory Rules

20. The visit begins. Takes about five minutes to walk on a one-way path to get back to the starting point. You may linger for hours until the closing time, of course.

Bloedel Conservatory Path

21. A neat bamboo bridge.

Bloedel Conservatory Bamboo Bridge

22. Lots of plants.

Bloedel Conservatory Plants

23. Lots of people too. Must be quite packed on weekends.

Bloedel Conservatory Vancouver BC Canada

24. The roof of the dome.

Bloedel Conservatory Roof

25. The path continues.

Bloedel Conservatory

26. More plants.

Bloedel Conservatory Plants

27. There are umbrellas here and there.

Bloedel Conservatory in Queen Elizabeth Park Vancouver BC

28. Nice colours.

Inside Bloedel Conservatory

29. This blue and gold macaw is named Art.

Macaw in Bloedel Conservatory

30. Washrooms entrance.

Bloedel Conservatory Washrooms Entrance

31. People checking out plants.

Bloedel Conservatory

32. People checking out cockatoo Blanca.

Bloedel Conservatory Vancouver British Columbia

33-34. She is Blanca indeed.

Cockatoo in Bloedel Conservatory

Bloedel Conservatory cockatoo Blanca

Here is our video from the inside of Bloedel Conservatory.

More ihikebc videos are on our YouTube Channel.

35. An exterior view of Bloedel Conservatory from another angle.

Bloedel Conservatory Exterior

Despite being very small and overcrowded, Bloedel Conservatory is quite an interesting and unique place to visit in Vancouver. Recommended.

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