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Trip 276 -  May 23, 2023 (Tuesday)

Science World Visit

Vancouver BC

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Location in Downtown Vancouver BC: Corner of Terminal Avenue and Quebec Street. One block west of Main Street - Science World Skytrain station.

Liked: An impressive building exterior, numerous really cool scientific (and not only) things to do for children and adults alike, "Bubbles" live show, several very fine exhibits, a plasma ball, an infrared camera and display screen, abstract paintings, various challenges. Several different live shows are available throughout the day. It is possible to go in and out the building (get your hand stamped when purchasing a ticket). There is also a fenced outdoor play area for children.

Of Note: The place is very popular and is likely to be packed on weekends and stat holidays (try to come on a weekday), the price of admission is rather dear, "woke" messaging and "BodyWorks" exhibit may not be to the liking of some parents (avoid that exhibit, if you don't want your child to be subjected to fairly adult subject matters).

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Science World is one of the coolest places to visit in Vancouver, BC. Despite a fairly somber price of admission (two adults and two children between 3-12 years of age would be relieved of over $110), the price is worth the awesomeness of this facility. If your child hates school and does not want to learn, bring him or her to Science World, and things just might change. There are two floors filled with a whole lot of scientific (and not only) things to see and to do. Several live shows (different subject matters) are on display throughout the day, and there are children all over the place doing stuff and apparently enjoying it.

On the eyebrow-raising side, there is this BodyWorks exhibit which deals with mature subject matters. And, fair enough, there is a warning sign at the entrance. Yet, parents brought very small children inside, so it will depend on your comfort level. Also, a message regularly flashed on one of the many screens throughout "Science World" (sponsored or promoted by a special interest group) urging to use "inclusive" language. The culture war discussion is beyond the scope of this website, so we'll leave it at that.

Our favourite was plasma ball - that thing is just super cool. A T-Rex skeleton was also quite impressive. It was also interesting to observe people challenging themselves to such fun activities as "hang time", "reaction time", wall climbing, virtual ski downhill racing, and virtual wheelchair racing.

1. Here is a Google Maps location of Vancouver BC Science World.

2. We are in downtown Vancouver BC, on the corner of Terminal Avenue and Quebec Street. Main Street - Science World Skytrain station is one block behind us, and Science World is straight ahead.

Terminal Avenue at Quebec Street - Vancouver BC Canada

3. Having crossed Quebec Street, we see Science World in front of us. On the very right side of the photo below there is a man of iron...

Vancouver Science World

4. ...here he is, along with his buddy.

Iron men composition by Vancouver BC Science World

5. To the right of these gentlemen is a fenced children playground area. And, on the fence, a photo of a 7-year-old (taken many years ago) who, as an adult, is fairly well-known in British Columbia these days. The entrance is straight ahead.

Dr. Bonnie Henry childhood photo poster by Vancouver Science World

6. Come in and check out this replica of a Kosmoceratops.

British Columbia Vancouver Science World Kosmoceratops Figure

7. Make your accountant cry by purchasing admission ticket(s) at the front desk. Don't forget to get your hand stamped, if you plan on going in and out of the building throughout the day.

Vancouver Science World Reception Desk

8. Please, do not abuse the staff. In addition to being kicked out, you would get no refund.

Don't Abuse Vancouver Science World Staff

9. Racists are kindly asked to behave themselves.

Racists not welcome in Vancouver Science World
10. And watch your mouth, lest your non-inclusive language be found offensive.

Vancouver Science World Woke Message

11-12. Here is something you may want to avoid (depending on your perspective on things), which is located just past the reception desk / cashier. As you or you child walk in front of this screen, a camera above it captures the image of a person and slaps some game-related garment on top of the image, as if a person actually put it on. It might make one look like a knight, for example, or you may find yourself wearing a fancy ladies dress. The message to the right of the screen leaves little doubt as to its purpose.

13. Science World has exhibits and "stuff to do" on two levels. Here we are heading towards the fun experience on Level 1.

Science World Vancouver British Columbia Canada

14. Many people gathered to watch a live "Bubbles" show.

People inside Vancouver Science World British Columbia Canada

15. This man was making lots of bubbles. Children were delighted.

Bubbles Show in Vancouver Science World

Here is our video of the Bubbles show:

16-17. Here are some of the ways to challenge yourself at Vancouver Science World. See how long you can hold on to a bar with no leg support.

Vancouver Science World Hang Time Challenge

18. Climb a mini-wall.

Mini-wall climbing at Vancouver Science World

19. Play an equivalent of whack-a-mole to test your reaction time.

Reaction Time Challenge at Vancouver Science World

20. You are also welcome to just sit down and tinker.

Vancouver Science World Tinkering Area

21. The entrance to an area containing arguably the coolest thing in Science World.

Science World - Vancouver BC Canada

22. Here is that area. Those big screens with all the lights are fine enough, but what is this in the left foreground?

Vancouver British Columbia Science World

23. Plasma ball, the awesome. Put your finger on the surface, and the lightning inside will go to you.

Plasma Ball in Vancouver Science World

Here is our video of the plasma ball:

More ihikebc videos are on our YouTube Channel.

24. Yet another neat feature is this infrared camera.

Infrared Camera in Vancouver Science World British Columbia Canada

25. Moving on, this huge thing on the wall is full of pipes blowing air, and you insert a small ball at the bottom and then see it go through the pipes and fly back at you from the top. The point is to see which way the pipes go, and to change the direction (beforehand) by rotating some dials (yellow circles with red arrows).

Vancouver Science World

26-28. Next is this hallway with the ability to throw plastic balls into a mini-waterfall and have the balls come back to you.

Science World Vancouver BC Canada

29-30. A fine outside view too.

View from Vancouver Science World

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