Trip 152 - April 29, 2019 (Monday)

Admiralty Trail Hike

Pacific Spirit Regional Park

Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada.

Location in Vancouver:
Northwest Marine Drive, by Spanish Banks Beach, near UBC.

Liked: A pleasant forest, shade, several fine water and mountain views, a large tree, an easy path.

Of Note: The trail is popular, constant traffic noise and frequent airplane noise, steep drop-offs, off-leash dogs, parking could be an issue during the busy season.

Vancouver, Coast & Mountains BC Backroad Mapbook (2nd edition) Coordinates: Page 1 (Vancouver) A2.

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Related Website: Pacific Spirit Regional Park - Metro Vancouver Official Site.

Admiralty Trail is quite short (about 1.7 km), and can be done at a leisurely pace in half an hour. This trail is part of an enormous Pacific Spirit Regional Park, and has several other trails branching off or intersecting with it, so your hike can be extended accordingly. For example, you can take East and West Canyon trails for a 20-30 minute loop, which will get you back to Admiralty trail - taking this loop would also bring the traffic noise to a minimum. Admiralty Trail runs parallel to Northwest Marine Drive, and parallel to the Spanish Banks beach. The benefit of taking this trail is threefold: 1) shade, which is virtually absent on the beach; 2) fewer people than on the beach; 3) a bit less noise than on the beach. The views of the water and mountains are largely obstructed by trees, though a few spots feature a treeless "window" to look through. Beware of off-leash dogs - one overly friendly pooch jumped on us and scratched our leg.

1. Here is the location of Pacific Spirit Regional Park (in red) in Metro Vancouver - this map is provided by Metro Vancouver at an information stand.

2. Also at the information stand - a map of the Northern part of Pacific Spirit Regional Park - we parked a the P sign seen in the top left of the photo below. You can also park at the Spanish Banks Central Lot, to start your hike of Admiralty Trail from the opposite direction.

3. We are westbound on West 4th Avenue in Vancouver, with Alma Street a few hundred meters behind us, and the turnoff to Northwest Marine Drive ahead.

4. Within a minute, make a right turn onto Northwest Marine Drive. It's 1.1 km from Alma Street to NW Marine Drive turnoff.

5. Take NW Marine Drive for 3.5 kilometers. Watch for cyclists - they are everywhere.

6. Arriving at the parking lot for Pacific Spirit Regional Park - Admiralty Trail (to the left) and Acadia Beach (to the right). Coordinates for the parking lot: N 49'16'760 W 123'14'518. Elevation: 10 meters.

7. The view of the parking lot from the other side. About 20 vehicles can fit in here, and parking could be a challenge on busy days. Also, parking is restricted to 3 hours Monday through Friday. No such limit at the Spanish Banks Central Lot, at the other end of Admiralty Trail.

8. Information stand is located next to a short path to Acadia Beach.

9. Here is the path. At the bottom are three picnic tables and several washrooms. Upon making a sharp right turn, there is the beach access (dogs are allowed off-leash there too).

10. Acadia Beach features a very neat view.

11. Downtown Vancouver via a substantial zoom.

12. And, in the opposite direction from the parking lot, and right across from it, is Admiralty Trail access staircase.

13. At the top of the staircase.

14. Admiralty Trail begins. It will end 1.7 km later by the Spanish Banks Central Lot.

15. Alas, the views are mostly obstructed by the trees. Though, occasionally, you do get to see the water and mountains.

16. Now with some zoom.

17. Approximately 1.3 km from the start of the trail, you get to see this very fine tree.

18. Quite impressive indeed.

19. You then get to walk up and down some stairs, and then down again...

20. Eventually, you end up at the Spanish Banks Central Lot.

21. Here is a good place to park, if the first lot is full, or you plan on parking for more than 3 hours on a weekday.

22. Good views here.

23. Here is the view of the way to Admiralty Trail from Spanish Banks Central Lot.

Admiralty Trail in Pacific Spirit Regional Park is quite short, but has its benefits for folks in need of a shade, or a less crowded outdoors experience.


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