British Columbia Waterfalls

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British Columbia has thousands of waterfalls, some world-famous, and others seen by no one but an occasional hiker, who stumbles upon them while exploring the untouched wilderness of this enormous province. Many waterfalls are easily accessible. There are quite a few right by the side of the road, like the ones seen from Highway 1, as you are driving from Chilliwack to Hope. Yet, many waterfalls can only be observed from an airplane, or after bushwhacking for several days. Arguably, aside from the majestic mountain views, waterfalls are the most impressive natural attraction in British Columbia.

We have seen hundreds of waterfalls during our hikes. Some of them are flowing all year long, some freeze in the winter, yet others disappear after drying up in the Fall, only to reappear when the snow starts melting in the Spring. Most are very simple and small. A few are astoundingly majestic, and (borderline) overwhelming.

Here is a list of the waterfalls of note that we have encountered during our travels. A link by each photograph connects to a trip report, describing the hike leading to the waterfall. Remember that the ground, and, especially, the stones near a waterfall could be as slippery as ice, if you decide to get a closer look. Also, beware of steep drop-offs at many waterfall observation areas.

Here is our British Columbia Waterfalls Video Playlist.

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1. Norvan Falls. Trip 005 - Norvan Falls Hike.

Norvan Falls

2. Cypress Falls. Trip 014 - Cypress Falls Park.

Cypress Falls

3. Eaton Lake Trail Waterfall. Trip 018 - Eaton Lake Trail.

Eaton Lake Trail Waterfall

4. Shannon Falls. Trip 024 - Shannon Falls Visit.

Shannon Falls

5. Bridal Veil Falls. Trip 036 - Bridal Veil Falls Provincial Park.

Bridal Veil Falls

6. Brandywine Falls. Trip 043 - Brandywine Falls Provincial Park.

Brandywine Falls

7a and 7b. Statlu Lake Trail Falls. Trip 048 - Statlu Lake Trail Hike.

Statlu Lake Trail Waterfall 1

Statlu Lake Trail Waterfall 2

8. Rainbow Falls. Trip 049 - Harrison East FSR Road Trip.

Rainbow Falls British Columbia Canada

9. Crooked Falls. Trip 054 - Crooked Falls / Sigurd Creek Trail Hike.

Crooked Falls

10. Peaches & Crème Waterfall. Trip 075 - Squamish River FSR Washout.

Peaches & Crème Waterfall

11. Kinuseo Falls. Trip 080 - Kinuseo Falls Visit.

Kinuseo Falls

12. Sikanni Chief Falls. Trip 081 - Sikanni Chief Falls.

Sikanni Chief Falls

13. Christina Falls. Trip 084 - Christina Falls Trail Hike.

Christina Falls

14. Tepee Falls. Trip 085 - Tepee Falls Trail Hike.

Tepee Falls

15. Babcock Falls. Trip 089 - Babcock Falls Visit.

Babcock Falls

16. Barbour Falls. Trip 092 - Barbour Falls Trail Hike.

Barbour Falls

17. Nesbitt's Knee Falls. Trip 093 - Nesbitt's Knee Falls Trail Hike.

Nesbitt's Knee Falls

18. Bergeron Falls. Trip 094 - Bergeron Falls Trail Hike.

Bergeron Falls

19. Alexander Falls. Trip 095 - Callaghan Lake Provincial Park.

Alexander Falls

20. Monkman Falls. Trip 109 - Monkman Falls Hike.

Monkman Falls

21. Jade Falls. Trip 110 - Stone Coral Trail Hike.

Jade Falls

22. War Falls. Trip 111 - Carp Lake Road (War Falls Visit).

War Falls

23. Hixon Falls. Trip 139 - Hixon Falls and Chutes.

Hixon Falls

24. Twin Falls. Trip 145 - Twin Falls Trail Hike.

Twin Falls

25. Odegaard Falls. Trip 162 - Odegaard Falls Trail Hike.

Odegaard Falls

26. Schoolhouse Falls West. Trip 163 - Schoolhouse Falls West Trail Hike.

Schoolhouse Falls West

27. Schoolhouse Falls East. Trip 164 - Schoolhouse Falls East Trail Hike.

Schoolhouse Falls East

28. Canim Falls. Trip 168 - Canim Falls Trail Hike.

Canim Falls

29. Deception Falls. Trip 169 - Deception Falls Trail Hike.

Deception Falls

30. Hendrix Creek Falls. Trip 170 - Hendrix Creek Falls Visit.

Hendrix Creek Falls

31. Wapta Falls. Trip 180 - Wapta Falls Trail Hike.

Wapta Falls

32. Greer Creek Falls. Trip 185 - Greek Creek Falls Trail Hike.

Greer Creek Falls

33. Cheslatta Falls. Trip 187 - Cheslatta Falls Trail Hike.

Cheslatta Falls

34. Upper Mehatl Falls. Trip 208 - Mehatl Falls Trail Hike.

Upper Mehatl Falls British Columbia Waterfalls