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Trip 005 - August 18, 2009 (Tuesday)

Norvan Falls Hike

Lynn Headwaters Regional Park, North Vancouver

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Distance from Vancouver to the Trailhead:
20-25 minutes. Located in North Vancouver at the end of Lynn Valley Road.

Liked: Fairly easy hike to Norvan Falls, the view of Norvan Falls, almost no flies, free parking, Varley Trail connecting the main parking lot with overflow parking lots, excellent information boards, optional hiker registration forms.

Of note: Lynn Headwaters is a very popular park, and quite a few people were hiking, jogging, walking their dogs, chilling in the creek and having a picnic even on a weekday. The place is bound to be packed on a weekend, and parking is fairly limited. Lynn Valley viewpoint offers such a distant (and hazy during our trip) view, that this spur is hardly worth the hike. The cell phone reception in the park is very limited.

Vancouver, Coast & Mountains Backroad Mapbook (2010 edition) Main Trailhead Coordinates: Page 11 (North Vancouver) E7.

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Lynn Headwaters Regional Park is ran by Metro Vancouver (not by the Province of BC), and is located very close to the residential areas of North Vancouver. Add the easy trails and some nice views to the mix, and it is a perfect recipe for a busy park. The hike to Norvan (NORth VANcouver) Falls takes about 5-6 hours round trip, and would be a good exercise for a novice hiker or for elderly folks, of which a few were encountered during our trip. There are very few steep stretches on the main trails, so hiking poles would not be badly needed, though several people were carrying those. We went to Norvan Falls via the Headwaters Trail to the Falls, and via the Headwaters, Cedars Mills and Lynn Loop Trails on the way back.

0a-0b. Here is a map of the trails in Lyn Headwaters Regional Park, courtesy of Metro Vancouver.

Lynn Headwaters Regional Park Trails Map

Norvan Falls Trail Map

1. We are on Grand Boulevard in North Vancouver, passing by 17th Street, and heading to Lynn Headwaters Regional Park. Grand Boulevard becomes Lynn Valley Road after passing by Highway 1, and Lynn Valley Road leads into the Park.

Grand Blvd at 17th Street North Vancouver BC

2. At the end of Lynn Valley Road, a modest entrance to the park. The gate opens and closes at different times depending on the season.

Lynn Headwaters Regional Park Entrance North Vancouver British Columbia Canada

3. The winding road with a speed limit of 20 km/h goes for 750 meters and passes two overflow parking lots.

Lynn Headwaters Regional Park access road

4. Upon reaching the main parking lot, you would likely find out that all 20 or so stalls are taken, and you need to turn around and head back to one of the overflow lots. The total parking space on all the lots is for about 130-150 vehicles, so it is quite possible that on a weekend or holiday there would be no parking available.

Lynn Headwaters Regional Park main parking lot

5. The good news is that the overflow parking lots are connected with the main parking lot via Varley Trail, a very pleasant and easy hike.

Varley Trail entrance Lynn Headwaters park North Van

6. Varley Trail is named after an artist who painted British Columbia's nature.

BC Hiking - Varley Trail in North Vancouver

7. Lynn Creek flows along Varley Trail.

Lynn Headwaters Regional Park

8. The entrance to the rest of the Lynn Headwaters Park by the main parking lot.

Lynn Headwaters Regional Park North Vancouver BC

9. Here you will find excellent information stands with valuable information. If you are going to hike, take advantage of the hiker registration, which would allow the rangers to know where you went, in case you get lost or injured. There are quite a few trails in the park, so it's good to indicate your route to potential rescuers. Note that the cell phone reception is virtually unavailable in Lynn Headwaters Park.

Wilderness Hike Preparation Guide

10. The beginning of the main trail, which later branches into several others. It is possible to walk a different trail on your return trip, thus walking a loop of several hours long.

Headwaters Trail Lynn Valley Regional Park

11. If you stay on easy or moderately difficult trails, this is pretty much the toughest terrain you are going to encounter. Nothing like the steepness of Howe Sound Crest North, or the ankle-breaking roots and rocks of Howe Sound Crest South.

BC Hiking - Lynn Headwaters Regional Park North Van BC Canada

12. Nice stump.

Big stump - hiking in British Columbia Canada

13. Still on Headwaters trail, where we have encountered...

Headwaters trail - BC Hiking

14. ...this amazing tree, which has what looks like a wooden deer growing out of it on the left side.

Hiking in BC - Interesting tree Lynn Headwaters park North Vancouver BC

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