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Trip 014 - March 17, 2010 (Wednesday)

Cypress Falls Park Visit

West Vancouver BC

Distance From Vancouver (Lions Gate Bridge):
20 minutes via Highway 1 West. Take Exit 4.

Liked: Waterfall views, pleasant forest.

Of note: The terrain is fairly steep. Hiking boots and poles are recommended.

Vancouver, Coast & Mountains Backroad Mapbook (2010 edition) Coordinates: Page 11 (North Vancouver) B7.

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Cypress Falls Park is one of those out of the way parks you probably would not think twice about passing by, especially since there are no road signs on Highway 1 indicating its location, despite Cypress Falls being within 5 minutes from Highway 1's Exit 4. Our gratitude goes (yet again) to Mary & David MaCaree, whose book "109 Walks in British Columbia's Lower Mainland" contains the description of this park.

The book also contains the map of the park, and it comes handy, as there is no park map that we could find in the park itself. The waterfalls look nice (especially the lower one), and the forest is eye-pleasing too. The roar of Cypress Creek drowns any noise from the nearby Highway 1. The trails are not marked, so try to stay close to the creek. Be careful, though, especially if the ground is wet, as the trails are narrow and the terrain is treacherous with numerous steep drop-offs.

1. We are Westbound on TransCanada Highway 1, approaching a sign indicating 1,500 metres to Exit 4.

TransCanada Highway 1 in West Vancouver British Columbia Canada

2. Taking Exit 4.

TransCanada Highway 1 Exit 4 West Vancouver BC

3. Shortly after the exit, a sign offers a left turn to Caulfeild Village, but we need to turn right to Woodgreen Drive.

A direction sign for West Vancouver's Woodgreen Drive, Caulfeild Drive, Headland Drive, Westport

4. In about a minute, another right turn is due onto Woodgreen Place. Note the Cypress Falls direction sign, the first one we have encountered.

Woodgreen Drive at Woodgreen Place West Vancouver British Columbia Canada

5. Pretty much right away you would see tennis courts straight ahead. Do not park in front of them (there is a small parking lot there), but proceed along a partially hidden driveway to the left of the tennis courts to reach a spacious parking lot. West Vancouver fire truck was there during our visit.

Cypress Falls Park parking lot West Vancouver BC Canada

6. The path begins where the stones are located in the photo above. Just walk past the little league baseball field, and you would end up in the forest, as seen below.

Cypress Falls Park West Vancouver BC Canada

7. The lower waterfall can be reached in five minutes. If you do not feel like hiking any further, this is a good destination by itself. At first, a look at a small waterfall, likely caused by the spring runoff.

Cypress Falls Park West Vancouver British Columbia Canada

8. And, looking to the left, we see the main attraction.

Cypress Falls Park Lower Falls

9. The camera was overwhelmed by the light difference, so the waterfall itself could hardly be seen. Zooming in solved the problem. With your eyes you should be able to see the whole picture just fine.

Lower Falls Cypress Falls Park West Vancouver British Columbia Canada

10. You can get fairly close to the waterfall to see the rush of water.

Lower Falls Cypress Falls Park West Vancouver BC

11. Looking from the other side, near the bridge.

Cypress Falls Park Lower Falls

Here is our video of the Lower Cypress Falls:

12. Here is the bridge across Cypress Creek, right above the lower falls.

Bridge across Cypress Creek - Hiking in West Vancouver BC Canada

13. Artwork on the bridge.

Wooden fish on Cypress Creek bridge West Vancouver British Columbia Canada

Here is the video of the lower falls from the bridge:

More ihikebc videos are on our YouTube Channel.

14. Having crossed the bridge, we continued along the trail while keeping the creek to our left. There was this interesting tree on the side of the trail.

West Vancouver Hiking - Cypress Falls Park

15. A picturesque brook was flowing towards Cypress Creek.

Cypress Falls Park West Vancouver BC Canada

16. The path then climbs up, leaving Cypress Creek below.

Cypress Creek West Vancouver BC Canada

17. About 30 minutes after crossing the bridge, we have reached the upper falls.

Cypress Falls Park Upper Falls

18. Light through the trees created a dramatic effect at the bottom of the falls.

Cypress Falls Park West Vancouver British Columbia Canada

19. And, right by the falls, this blast from the past.

Cypress Falls Park Car Wreck

20. It made us wonder for a bit how this thing ended up here.

Car Wreckage Cypress Falls Park West Vancouver British Columbia Canada

21. Turns out Eagle Lake Road is very close by.

Eagle Lake Road West Vancouver BC Canada

22. We turned left immediately after crossing the bridge, thus abandoning Eagle Lake Road, and started walking down a well-maintained gravel road along Cypress Falls Park back to Woodgreen Drive.

Gravel road by Cypress Falls Park West Vancouver BC

23. There are a few entrances to the park on the left side of the road, and it is a good idea to take one of those paths on your way back to Woodgreen Drive. Because, if you stick to the gravel road to the very end, you would end up in front on a locked gate, and jumping it is tricky, due to the steep incline of the road behind the gate.

Locked Gate by Woodgreen Driver West Vancouver BC Canada

24. You would end up close to the top of Woodgreen Drive, while the Cypress Falls parking lot is at the bottom. Walk down and enjoy the view of lovely houses.

House on Woodgreen Driver West Vancouver British Columbia Canada

25. Woodgreen Drive itself.

Woodgreen Drive West Vancouver BC

The walk down Woodgreen Drive takes about 15 minutes, and then you reach the parking lot. Cypress Falls Park is a good place to visit for sure.

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