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Trip 170 - August 3, 2019 (Saturday)

Hendrix Creek Falls Visit

Off Spanish Creek FSR near 100 Mile House BC

Location: South-Central British Columbia, approximately 70 kilometers from 100 Mile House via Highway 97 (for 2 km), Canim-Hendrix Lake Road (for 64 km), Spanish Creek FSR (for 0.6 km), and 701 FSR (for 2.8 km).

Liked: Hendrix Creek Falls, a very short and easy trail.

Of Note: Many mosquitoes. 701 FSR is somewhat rough - may be suitable for high clearance vehicles only (2WD ok).

Cariboo Chilcotin Coast BC Backroad Mapbook (4th edition) Waterfall Location Coordinates:: Page 31 (Clearwater Lake) C7.

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Hendrix Creek Falls is a fine waterfall, and the trail to it is so short (just 300 meters) and easy, that it's hard to call it a "hike". It's definitely overshadowed by its nearby cousins, Canim Falls and Deception Falls, and the last 2.8 km of the access road is somewhat rough, but it's a good place to visit, nonetheless, all those pesky mosquitoes notwithstanding. There is an additional bonus of learning the names of two common trees in BC forests, as information plaques are attached to those trees along the trail.

1. We are on Canim-Hendrix Lake Road, approaching intersection with Canim Lake South Road. Check out our Mahood Lake Campground Visit trip report for directions on getting up to this point from BC Highway 97 near 100 Mile House. This is the same photo as photo #7 of that report. The only difference is that, in order to reach Mahood Lake Campground, Canim Falls, and Deception Falls, you would need to turn right at this intersection onto Canim Lake South Road. Whereas, to get to Hendrix Creek Falls, drive straight and remain on Canim-Hendrix Lake Road for the next 30 kilometers.

Canim-Hendrix Lake Road at Canim Lake South Road intersection

2. Canim-Hendrix Lake Road after the intersection.

Canim-Hendrix Lake Road

3. It's a pleasant drive until the asphalt ends, and then potholes are going to slow you down.

Canim-Hendrix Lake Road near 100 Mile House BC Canada

4. Just over 30 kilometers past Canim Lake South Rd (and 64 kilometers past the turnoff from Highway 97), leave Canim-Hendrix Road by taking the road to the right (Spanish Creek FSR) at the split seen in the photo below.

Canim-Hendrix Lake Road at Spanish Creek FSR turnoff

5. Spanish Creek Forest Service Road.

Spanish Creek FSR near 100 Mile House British Columbia Canada

6. 600 meters after leaving Canim-Hendrix Lake Road, leave Spanish Creek FSR by taking yet another road to the right, this time 701 Road.

Spanish Creek FSR at 701 Road turnoff

7. Drive on 701 Road for the next 2.8 kilometers. This road is fairly rough, so a high-clearance vehicle may be required (2WD ok).

701 Road near 100 Mile House BC Canada

8. Arriving at Hendrix Creek Falls trailhead parking area. For some reason, the sign says "Recreation Site." However, there are no facilities at all, and it's unclear why this is called a recreation site without any of those.

701 Road at Hendrix Creek Falls trailhead parking area

9. And here is the trailhead. Coordinates: N 5157.065' W 12040.491'. Elevation: 997 meters.

Hendrix Creek Falls trailhead near 100 Mile House British Columbia

10. The trail is only 300 meters long. Numerous mosquitoes are eagerly awaiting your arrival.

Hendrix Creek Falls trail

11. The observation platform at the end of the trail.

Hendrix Creek Falls observation platform

12. Right across from the platform is Hendrix Creek Falls.

Hendrix Creek Falls near 100 Mile House BC

13. Now with some zoom.

Hendrix Creek Falls

Here is our video of Hendrix Creek Falls.

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Hendrix Creek Falls is not as impressive as the nearby Deception Falls or, especially, Canim Falls. That said, it's still a very fine waterfall, and the trail to it is short and easy. Recommended.

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