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Trip 256 - June 16, 2022 (Thursday)

Hidden Grove Visit

District of Sechelt (BC Sunshine Coast)

Hidden Grove Location: District of Sechelt on BC Sunshine Coast. By Sechelt Inlet Road.

Liked: Several fine forest scenes, shade in the forest, no bugs, one fine viewpoint, interpretive signs.

Of Note: Some steep sections (can be avoided), rocks and roots, hiking poles and boots are recommended.

Vancouver, Coast & Mountains Backroad Mapbook (5th edition) Hidden Grove Coordinates: Page 9 (Sechelt) F3.

Related Website: Sechelt Groves Society - Hidden Grove.


Hidden Grove is a large park in the District of Sechelt on British Columbia's Sunshine Coast. From Metro Vancouver a ferry from Horseshoe Bay goes to Langdale, and, from there, it's about a half an hour drive to Hidden Grove.

This park features numerous mostly very easy and rather short trails. Some trails are even wheelchair-friendly. The map indicates three viewpoints in the park. One of them turned out to be quite fine, the other so-so, and the third almost completely overgrown. There are a few steep trails, but, with so many trails and intersections, it is entirely possible to have a long hike on almost flat terrain. The map also shows several locations of "huge" trees, but we did not find them particularly huge, though they are large for sure.

1. Here are Google map directions from Langdale Ferry Terminal to Hidden Grove.

2-3. Hidden Grove Park is located in the District of Sechelt, which has a very impressive Welcome Sign on the side of Highway 101 as you are driving from Langdale Ferry Terminal.

4-5. We are on BC Highway 101 in Sechelt and are getting ready to make a right turn onto Wharf Avenue.

6. Now on Wharf Avenue, where it would be another right turn onto East Porpoise Bay Road very shortly. The signs to Porpoise Bay Provincial Park also lead towards Hidden Grove.

7. Making a right turn from Wharf Avenue onto East Purpose Bay Road, 500 meters after turning from Highway 101.

8. East Porpoise Bay Road then becomes Sechelt Inlet Road, but it's the same road.

9. If you need to use the facilities, the last chance before Hidden Grove, which has none, is at Porpoise Bay Provincial Park, on the left side at 4.0 km from Highway 101.

10. Hidden Grove Park is on the right side, 6.9 km from Highway 101.

11. The entrance to the parking lot. There is even an RV/bus parking area. Coordinates: N 4931.566 W 12345.348. Elevation: 155 meters.

12. The first interesting view is right at the entrance to the parking lot.

13. There is a gazebo with some information, as well as a bunch of brochures containing a map of the park. Even if there are no brochures left, very convenient park maps at almost every intersection make it super easy to navigate.

14. Here is one such intersection map. So well done. We have indicated the parking lot with a red square in the bottom left of the map. An orange arrow on every map shows your current location, which is a numbered intersection. Should you need to call 911, follow the instructions at the bottom of each map. "Eye" symbols indicate viewpoints. You can see there is a viewpoint by intersection #26, but it's almost completely overgrown. The one which has fine views is between #8 and #37 on the right side of the map. A so-so third viewpoint is between #38 and #51 (#38 is at the very bottom right of the map, and #51 is off the map here). There are also these snowflake-like symbols for "huge" trees, but don't expect anything jaw-dropping - those are just large tall trees, with nothing particularly spectacular about them.

15. Just decide where you want to head and choose one of several trails starting at the parking lot.

16. An easy path, a pleasant forest.

17. Approaching the overgrown viewpoint by intersection #26. A bit steep here.

18. Not much of a viewpoint, but there is a bench.

19. Moving on. About 750 meters from the trailhead. Though, with so many ways to get to anywhere in the park through so many trails, distances are not very useful here.

20. One of the "huge" trees.

21. And now we are at the intersection #7.

22. A fine-looking forest mini-swamp.

23. Approaching the only decent viewpoint in Hidden Grove, located between intersections #8 and #38. Coordinates: N 4931.708 W 12344.903. Elevation: 210 meters.

24-25. Aside from the tree in the middle, this is rather impressive. Left to right.

26. A panorama of the place.

Here is our video of the views from this location.

More ihikebc videos are on our YouTube Channel.

27. A bit further, there was this peculiar tree.

28. Heading towards the third and final viewpoint, located between intersections #38 and #51.

29. The sun was shining straight at us, so we looked the other way for this photograph. It's more of an open area here.

30. Approaching the final viewpoint.

31. Here it is. Coordinates: N 4931.493 W 12344.936. Elevation: 180 meters.

32. With a bit of a zoom.

33. We then headed back to the parking lot and found this stump not far from the end of the hike.

34-35. There are also several fine interpretive signs in this area, including this sign explaining what a nurse log is.

Hidden Grove Park in the District of Sechelt is a pleasant place with a decent view. Recommended.

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