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Trip 237 - April 27, 2022 (Wednesday) and May 2, 2022 (Monday)

BC Ferries Trip

Horseshoe Bay to Langdale (BC Sunshine Coast) and back

On Queen of Oak Bay and Queen of Surrey

Distance from Vancouver to Horseshoe Bay Ferry Terminal: Approximately 17 km via Lions Gate Bridge, Marine Drive, Taylor Way and Highway 1 West.

Liked: Fine views of water and islands.

Of Note: Could be very windy on the sun deck in the front of the ship, the cost of the ride is expensive, sailing waits are possible (unless you have a reservation, which costs extra).

Vancouver, Coast & Mountains Backroad Mapbook (5th edition) Horseshoe Bay Ferry Terminal Coordinates: Page 11 (North Vancouver) A6.

Vancouver, Coast & Mountains Backroad Mapbook (5th edition) Langdale Ferry Terminal Coordinates: Page 10 (Langdale) D5.

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Today, we took Queen of Oak Bay BC Ferry from Horseshoe Bay to Langdale Ferry Terminal on BC Sunshine Coast by Gibsons. It's a very picturesque 40 minute ride, as the ferry goes by Bowen Island (on the left) and Gambier Island (on the right) before reaching Langdale. Rain clouds above both of those islands made for an even more impressive picture.

Being a weekday morning, there were few cars and passengers on the ship. The entire Deck 4 was empty of vehicles. At 40 minutes long, this sailing feels quite short, as it takes about half the time compared to the route from Horseshoe Bay to Nanaimo.

The return trip was on May 2nd on Queen of Surrey. The payment for the Langdale Ferry ride uses the same setup as for the Bowen Island - you pay only at the Horseshoe Bay Terminal, and the return trip is free.

1. We are at the western end of TransCanada Highway 1, approaching a split where we need to stay right to get to Horseshoe Bay Ferry Terminal.

TransCanada Highway 1 near Horseshoe Bay BC

2. Then comes another split, where staying to the right is again in order for vehicles boarding a ferry. Foot passengers drop off is via the left lane.

Approaching Horseshoe Bay Ferry Terminal

3-4. Here are the toll booths. The ticket price is very dear, especially for oversized vehicles or those with trailers.

Horseshoe Bay Ferry Terminal Toll Booth

5. Here is the Langdale ferry line-up.

Horseshoe Bay Ferry Terminal Vehicle Line-up for Langdale Ferry

6. We were directed to form a new lane, so ours is the first vehicle here, but we needed to let the vehicles to our right board first.

Waiting to board Langdale Ferry at Horseshoe Bay Ferry Terminal

7. Boarding time.

Boarding Langdale-bound ferry at Horseshoe Bay Ferry Terminal

Here is our video of boarding Queen of Oak Bay.

8. Queen of Oak Bay is an older ferry, built in 1981, but the views from the top deck are all the same great.

BC Ferry Queen of Oak Bay

9. The advantage of riding in off-peak hours. Much of the ferry is all yours.

Sundeck Covered Seating Area of Queen of Oak Bay

10. Bowen Island on the left, Keats Island straight ahead, and Sunshine Coast / Langdale on the right.

Bowen Island, Keats Island, Sunshine Coast

11. Looking more to the left, here is Queen of Surrey in front of Bowen Island and much smaller Hutt Island.

Bowen Island and Hut Island

12-13. Looking right we see Gambier Island. Plain and zoomed views. We hiked Mount Killam (on the right) the next day.

Gambier Island, British Columbia, Canada

Mount Killam on Gambier Island, BC

14. Inside Queen of Oak Bay, there are many comfortable chairs.

Inside Queen of Oak Bay BC Ferry

15. Like, a lot.

Queen of Oak Bay Interior Seating Area

16-17. A sandwich, anyone?

Queen of Oak Bay Cafe

BC Ferries Sandwich Prices

18. A carless Deck 4.

Queen of Oak Bay Deck 4

19. A view of approaching Langdale from Deck 4.

Approaching Langdale on BC Ferry Queen of Oak Bay

20-21. A larger mountain in the background and a smaller mountain to the left, plus the rain cloud, created an impressive ambiance.

Langdale, British Columbia

Here is our video of the views from Queen of Oak Bay.

22. About forty minutes after leaving Horseshoe Bay, we are almost there.

Approaching Langdale Ferry Terminal

23-24. And off we go. Hello, Sunshine Coast!

Sunshine Coast Highway near Gibsons BC Canada

Here is our video of disembarking and starting to drive towards Gibsons.

25-26. On May 2nd, we headed back, and here we are approaching Langdale Ferry Terminal check-in booths. There is no need to pay, as the payment in Horseshoe Bay covers the return trip as well.

Langdale Ferry Terminal Check In Booths

27. Past the booths, there are a lot of lanes for a lot of vehicles. But, being a weekday, there was plenty of empty space.

Langdale Ferry Terminal Line-up Lanes

28. Main Langdale terminal building.

Langdale Ferry Terminal

29-30. Queen of Surrey was 40 minutes late. Here it is approaching Langdale Ferry Terminal.

BC Ferry Queen of Surrey

31. Vehicles disembarking.

Vehicle disembarking at Langdale Ferry Terminal on British Columbia Sunshine Coast

Then, we boarded Queen of Surrey, and here is our video of that process.

32. Good-bye, Sunshine Coast!

Sunshine Coast BC

Leaving Langdale Ferry Terminal.

33. Islands in twilight.

British Columbia, Canada

Finally, here is our video of disembarking from Queen of Surrey.

More ihikebc videos are on our YouTube Channel.

It was yet another fine ferry ride.

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