Trip 109 - June 30, 2016 (Thursday)

Monkman Falls Hike

Via Monkman Pass Memorial Trail in Monkman Provincial Park by Tumbler Ridge BC

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Trailhead Location:
Northeastern British Columbia, approximately 64 kilometers Southeast of Tumbler Ridge.

Liked: Monkman Falls, several fine mountain views, suspension bridge, lots of shade.

Of note: Remote wilderness area, the trail is overgrown in many places, some trail erosion by the river, numerous fallen trees, mosquitoes and bugs, hiking poles and boots are recommended.

Northern BC Backroad Mapbook (3rd edition) Trailhead Coordinates: Page 44 (Tumbler Ridge) B7.

Related Website: Monkman Provincial Park - BC Parks.

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24. One of the most overgrown parts of the trail arrives shortly.

Monkman Pass Memorial Trail British Columbia Canada

25. Things start to get interesting between km 18 and 19, as the turnoff seen in the photo below allows you to visit several waterfalls by completing a loop, though a sign says that the recommended direction is straight, since turning right would lead to a steep part of the trail.

Monkman Pass Memorial Trail

26. Here is that sign.

27. Thus, we went straight and went over this picturesque creek crossing.

Creek Crossing Monkman Pass Trail

28. Soon after the creek crossing, there is an option of exploring several waterfalls and getting to Cascades campsite by turning right, or continuing on to Monkman Lake by going straight.

Monkman Provincial Park British Columbia Canada

29. Being short of time, we abandoned the goal of reaching Monkman Lake, turned right, and good views started appearing in abundance.

Tumbler Ridge Hiking near Monkman Falls

30. Zooming in.

31. It takes 10-15 minutes from the turnoff to get to Monkman Falls, though this signpost is confusing, as we have reached the viewpoint by going more to the right than the arrow indicates. Perhaps, there is another viewpoint there, or a way to get to the bottom of the Falls? We did not have time to find out.

32. Going more to the right than the arrow indicated.

33. Here it is - three waterfalls in one place - very impressive. Made this entire trip worth the exhaustion and the busted bicycle wheel. As you can see, the trees are starting to get in the way, but it's probably possible to get to the bottom of the cliff for an unobstructed view. Coordinates: N 5438.195' W 12109.462'. Elevation: 1,084 meters.

Monkman Falls British Columbia Canada

34. The left waterfall.

Monkman Falls - left waterfall

35. The middle waterfall.

Monkman Falls - middle waterfall

36. The right waterfall.

Monkman Falls - right waterfall

Here is our video of Monkman Falls:

More videos are on our YouTube Channel.

37. Mountains in the background to the right.

38. Looking good.

39. Not bad either.

40. And this is a mountain view from that ridge at around the 9-10 km mark, once the sun came out on the way back.

View from Monkman Pass Memorial Trail British Columbia Canada

41. Also on the way back we met this mama grouse...

Adult Female Grouse

42...and four of her chicks, with this one being the most curious.

Grouse chick

It took about 6 hours and 40 minutes each way, and around 40 minutes at the waterfall, for a total trip time of nearly 14 hours. Monkman Falls hike deserves a place in the top 3 of the most exhausting ever (along with the leader - Christina Falls Hike, and Mount Outram Hike). There are many great views out there which we did not get to see because there was no time. To take full advantage of this area, you would definitely need to have an overnight trip.

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