Trip 123 - May 22, 2017 (Monday)

Murray Canyon Overlook Trail Hike

Near Tumbler Ridge BC

Trailhead Location:
Northeastern British Columbia. Near Hwy 52 about 84 km South of Dawson Creek, and 34 km North of Tumbler Ridge.

Liked: Easy access from Highway 52, pleasant walk through the forest, canyon view, Murray River view.

Of note: Low-clearance vehicles might have difficulties getting to the parking area. Hiking poles and boots are recommended.

Northern BC Backroad Mapbook (3rd edition) Trailhead Coordinates: Page 58 (Groundbirch) D7-E7. The latest edition of Backroad Mapbook for this and other regions, as well as GPS maps, are available at

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We have opened the 2017 hiking season with two easy and one moderately challenging hikes near Tumbler Ridge. This trip report describes Murray Canyon Overlook hike, and the next two cover Quality Falls and Quality Canyon hikes. Tepee Falls hike is also nearby, so it's possible to do all these four hikes in one day, if you are so inclined.

1. Murray Canyon Overlook trail leads to a good view of Murray Canyon, which contains Murray River. To get to the trailhead, get off Highway 52 at coordinates N 55'17'700 W 120'53'873. Here we are Southbound on BC Highway 52, with a sign indicating 300 meters to the trailhead turnoff.

2. As promised by the sign, 300 meters later there is a turnoff.

3. View of the dirt road right after the turnoff. The road is quite smooth until the next turn.

4. Turn right at the fork 900 meters later. If you have a low-clearance vehicle, it would be a good idea to park here. The trailhead is only 300 meters away, and the final stretch features several deep ruts which might prove problematic.

5. The final stretch.

6. 1.2 kilometres after the Highway 52 turnoff, we are at the trailhead. Plenty of parking here, and there is a large camping area a few hundred meters down the road. Coordinates: N 55'17'360 W 120'54'739. Elevation: 955 meters.

7. The trailhead is located on the left side.

8. This trail is quite easy. At first, you walk through a forest.

9. Twenty minutes later, the trail emerges from the forest, and the canyon is straight ahead.

10. Here it is.

11. The path then descends somewhat steeply, makes a sharp left turn, and you start walking along the canyon.

12. Watch your step, as it's indeed quite steep below the path.

13. Murray River is flowing at the bottom of the canyon.

14. There are several benches along the path.

15. You can also see wind turbines far ahead. Substantial zoom used.

16. One more bench. It was quiet, with good views and lots of green.

17. Murray River.

18. Looking right.

19. The third bench is located at the end of the trail. The above two photos were taken from near this bench. Coordinates: N 55'16'925 W 120'55'139. Elevation: 1,004 meters.

20. We now have a Garmin GPSMAP 64s (available at, and here are the hiking stats for this trail. Trip odometer = total distance traveled during this hike (round trip), Odometer = total distance ever traveled with this GPS turned on.

Murray Canyon Overlook trail is an easy hike which leads to several good views.

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