Trip 070 - August 27, 2014 (Wednesday)

Ling Lake Trail

Off Chilliwack Foley Forest Service Road

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Distance From Vancouver (Grandview Hwy Entrance to Hwy 1 East): About 133 km: 93.5 km from Grandview Hwy entrance to Hwy 1 East to Exit 123 (Prest Road) - turn right (South), then 5 km on Prest Rd and turn left on Bailey Rd, then 700 meters later at a split stay right on Elk View Road. Continue on Elk View Road until it ends ten kilometers later, and Chilliwack Bench Forest Service Road begins. Then, 18.7 kilometers later, Chilliwack Foley FSR appears ahead. Drive on Chilliwack Foley for about 5 km until, just past Foley lake, you would reach a split seen on photo #1. If you have an ATV, it could be possible to ride it all the way to the rock fall on photo #28. A small 4x4 might make it all the way to the boulder on photo #20.

Liked: Several great mountain views, waterfall, fairly decent road surface most of the way, no bugs.

Of note: Remote wilderness area. No cell phone signal. Much of the road has no tree cover - sun protection recommended. Hiking boots and poles are recommended. Waterfall creek crossing could be a problem during spring runoff. Unable to find continuation of the trail to Ling Lake.

Vancouver, Coast & Mountains Backroad Mapbook (2010 edition) Coordinates to the likely beginning of the trail: Page 5 (Chilliwack Lake) D4.

Related Website: Chilliwack District FSR Conditions.

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19. After the second bridge, the road becomes more narrow and rocky.

Chilliwack Foley FSR BC Canada

20. This boulder would most likely stop any 4x4 vehicle which made it this far, as the road here is very narrow with a steep drop-off on the other side. ATVs might make it past the boulder.

Photo of Chilliwack Foley Forest Service Road British Columbia Canada

21. Looking back - the boulder and the mountain.

Chilliwack Foley FSR BC Canada

22. And this is where this boulder came from.

View From Chilliwack Foley FSR BC Canada

23. After a while, the tree cover returns and the road becomes overgrown. Still, ATV tracks are visible on the ground all the way to the rockfall.

Chilliwack Foley Forest Service Road BC Canada

24. Near the rockfall, the mountain views are simply grand.

Mountain View Chilliwack Foley FSR British Columbia Canada

25. A bit to the left.

Mountain View Chilliwack Foley FSR BC Canada

26. Also, right before the rockfall, you get to see Ling Lake from above.

Ling Lake BC Canada

27. And then Chilliwack Foley gets badly overgrown...

Overgrown Chilliwack Foley FSR BC Canada

28. ...all because there is a rockfall here blocking the road. Coordinates N 49'10'570 W 121'31'503.

Rock fall Chilliwack Foley Forest Service Road BC Canada

Here is our video of the rock fall and of the views from this area.

A Complete List of Our Videos

29. We reached the rockfall 3 hours and 15 minutes after starting our biking hike, and then turned around in search of the Ling Lake trail turnoff. The view on the way back.

Chilliwack Foley FSR BC Canada

30. Here is the turnoff. There are no signs, tape, or anything else indicating what it is, and we were not able to find Ling Lake. The reason this appears to be Ling Lake trail is: 1) The coordinates match the Backroads Mapbook map for Ling Lake turnoff, 2) there are no other suitable turnoffs in this area, and 3) the turnoff leads to a path which was definitely cleared from excess bush growth, as numerous cut-off branches were littering the ground. The coordinates for the turnoff are N 49'09'875 W 121'31'834, and you will find it on the left side (as seen on the photo below) some time after passing the second bridge seen on photo #18.

Chilliwack Foley FSR BC Canada Turn off to Ling Lake Trail

31. Immediately after turning left, here is what you see.

Ling Lake Trail BC Canada

32. It's possible to bike on this path, as it has been cleared. Check out the cut-off branches on the ground.

Ling Lake Trail British Columbia Canada

33. In fifteen minutes you reach Ling Creek, and the path disappears. We crossed the creek and explored the area for a bit to no avail. Here we are looking left after coming out of the woods.

34. Looking right.

35. Crossed the creek, went further, looked around, but, alas...

36. ...Ling Lake trail has vanished.

Overall, even though we did not make it to Ling Lake, this was a very good trip due to the mountain views and the waterfall.

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