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Trip 288 -  August 1, 2023 (Tuesday)

Needle Peak Trail Hike

Off BC Highway 5 (Coquihalla) near Hope, BC

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Needle Peak Trailhead Location: Approximately 44 km North of Hope BC via Highway 5 North (Coquihalla). Just over 3 km North of the snowshed.

Liked: Mountain views, shade in the forest, very few bugs.

Of Note: High altitude trail, the trail is popular, traffic noise from Highway 5 for much of the trail, little shade past the forest, uneven ground, rocks and roots, several steep sections hiking poles and boots are highly recommended. Getting to the top of Needle Peak requires scrambling and is for experienced hikers only.

Vancouver, Coast & Mountains Backroad Mapbook (2019 edition) Trailhead Coordinates: Page 16 (Coquihalla Summit) D2.

A hike across the highway: Yak Peak Trail.

Another good hike nearby: Zoa Peak Trail.

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Needle Peak Trail is found off BC Highway 5 (Coquihalla) North of Hope, and is pretty much right across a very prominent Yak Peak. Needle Peak is a bit easier to hike, despite having long steep stretches, and has very good views to match those of Yak Peak hike. Better yet, Needle Peak Trail leads to Flat Iron Trail, covered in the next trip report, which has some fine views of its own.

As for the peak itself, it is possible to hike just under the half of the 1 km distance to the end of the trail (route, actually, at this point) from where the junction of Needle Peak and Flat Iron trails is located 3.33 km from the trailhead, before it gets so steep that some non-technical climbing is required to proceed further. Keeping the Teetering Rock debacle in mind, we stopped right there and proceeded to hike Flat Iron Trail.

* All hiking distances are based on a GPS odometer and are approximate.

1. Here is a Google Maps location of Needle Peak.


2. We are Northbound on BC Highway 5 (Coquihalla), North of Hope.

BC Highway 5 Coquihalla

3. Approaching the snowshed.

BC Highway 5 Coquihalla Northbound near the snowshed

4. Here is the snowshed, about 41 km North of Hope. Check your odometer. You will need to take an unmarked exit 3.3 km from the beginning of the snowshed.

Coquihalla snowshed

5. Here is that unmarked exit 3.3 km from the beginning of the snowshed.

BC Highway 5 Coquihalla

6-8. Take the exit and go to the first (right) turn about 100 meters later. Take that turn, and then immediately turn right again, thus facing South.

Needle Peak Trail Parking

9. Due to the TransMountain Pipeline construction, parallel parking is in effect. So, park on the right side and start walking forward.

Parking for Needle Peak Trail near Hope British Columbia Canada

10. In about 100 meters, cross this bridge and make an immediate left turn after the bridge. There are signs to guide you to the trail.

11. Walk back parallel to the bridge for a few meters.

12-13. Then, make a right turn, and the trailhead is right there. Coordinates: N 4935.708' W 12107.517'. Elevation: 1,210 meters. Our subsequent trail distances are counted starting from this trailhead.

Needle Peak Trailhead

Needle Peak Trail Information Sign

14. Here is an aerial view of this whole thing from Yak Peak (2019 photo). Red arrow - unmarked highway exit. Thin yellow lines/arrows - the way to the parking area. Red line - parking area. Red circle - trailhead. Big yellow arrows - the tunnel under Hwy 5 - use it to get to/from Zopkios Brake Check / Rest Area (washrooms), or to get to Needle Peak trailhead if driving on Hwy 5 South (take Zopkios Brake Check exit).

Needle Peak Trail Parking view from above

15. Go through the construction zone. At 40 meters here.

16. Entering the forest 80 meters from the trailhead.

Hike in Hope BC Area - Needle Peak Trail

17. The first half of Needle Peak Trail is the steepest. At 270 meters.

Needle Peak Trail in Hope BC Area

18. It gets steeper yet. At 725 meters from the trailhead.

Needle Peak Trail

19. Now at 1.02 km.

Needle Peak Hike in British Columbia Canada

20. At 1.03 km of Needle Peak Trail, there is the first good view looking back. Coordinates: N 4935.415' W 12108.017'. Elevation: 1,460 meters.

View from Needle Peak Trail

21. Zooming in - that's Vicuna Peak with its shark fin-like appearance, and Guanaco Peak is partially hidden on the right side.

Vicuna Peak British Columbia

22. Needle Peak Trail at 1.24 km from the start. It's not as steep now all the way to the peak itself, which needs to be climbed at some point.

Hiking in Hope BC Area - Needle Peak Trail

23-24. Looking back at 1.31 km we see Yak Peak, which we hiked in 2019. Plain and zoomed.

Yak Peak British Columbia

25. Moving on. At 1.43 km of Needle Peak Trail.

Needle Peak Hike

26. Now at 2.38 km from the start.

Trail in British Columbia - Needle  Peak Trail

27. Looking back at the 2.44 km mark of the trail.

View from Needle Peak Trail

Our Needle Peak Trail Hike trip report Continues on Page 2.

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