Trip 046 - June 23, 2011 (Thursday)

Skagit River Trail Hike

Skagit Valley Provincial Park

Distance From Vancouver:
183.5 km. First, drive 140 km on Highway 1 East to Exit 168, then take Silver Skagit Road for 43.5 km.

Liked: Fairly easy trail, river views, blooming rhodonderons, meeting a deer.

Of note: Remote wilderness area with no cell phone signal. Tough hill and descent shortly after camp paths split. Hiking poles and boots are recommended.

Vancouver, Coast & Mountains Backroad Mapbook (2010 edition) Coordinates for the Trailhead: Page 6 (Skagit Valley) C5.

103 Hikes in Southwestern British Columbia (2008 edition): hike #77.

Related Website: Skagit Valley Provincial Park - BC Parks Official Site.

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Skagit River trail lacks monumental mountain views, but has such a great natural variety through which you travel, that you would hardly miss the magnificent peaks seen from Skyline II trail, for example. The elevation change is minimal, meaning that this trail is likely snow-free for most of the year. The only real challenge comes after the main path splits, with the left one leading to Harlequin Flats Camp located very close to the split, while the right path continues the hike all the way to Highway 3 (making it possible to do this as a one-way trip) via Delacy Camp 7.5 kilometers further, which was our final destination today.

The rhodonderons were in bloom during our hike. And meeting a curious deer made this an even more memorable adventure.

1. To get to Skagit River Trailhead, you need to take Silver Skagit Road, which we describe in Trip #44. Shortly after crossing this bridge right after the 26 Mile Day Use Area, you would arrive to Skagit River hike trailhead at 43.5 km of Silver Skagit Road.

Silver Skagit Road British Columbia Canada

2. A few hundred meters later is the parking area and the trailhead on the left side of the road.

Silver Skagit Road at Skagit River Trailhead Province of BC Canada

3. We would make it to Delacy Camp today - 10.5 km from the start of the hike. Sumallo Grove is at Highway 3 in Manning Provincial Park.

Distances from Skagit River Trailhead - Hiking in Hope BC Area

4. Skagit River Trail is easy, for the most part.

Hope Hiking - Skagit River Trail BC Canada

5. And look who we met - a curious deer. It was partially hidden by the trees at first, but then made a few steps forward to see who was aiming a camera in its direction. The distance was about 30 meters. Then, the deer ran away. It was jumping like a kangaroo - quite hilarious.

Deer on Skagit River Trail British Columbia Canada

Here is our video of this deer:

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6. An interesting stump statue by the trail.

Skagit River Trail British Columbia Canada

7. And then there was this grove of rhodonderons, which apparently bloom only in mid-June, as per "103 Hikes in Southwestern British Columbia" by Jack Bryceland and Mary and David Macaree.

Rhodonderons on Skagit River Trail - Hiking in British Columbia Canada

8. Nice flowers.

Rhodonderon Flower British Columbia Canada

9. About an hour after the start of the hike, you would reach a split, where the left path very shortly would lead to Harlequin Flats camp. And the right path continues all the way to Sumallo Grove via Delacy Camp. This is where hiking boots and poles would come handy, as you are facing the biggest challenge of the trip - a steep stony hill, followed by an equally steep downhill. This photo does not do justice to how steep it actually is out there.

Skagit River Trail - BC Hiking in Hope Area

10. At least you get to enjoy a good view while huffing and puffing along the trail.

View from Skagit River Trail

11. Having conquered the hill, you start walking next to Skagit River for the first time.

Picture of Skagit River Trail - hiking in British Columbia Canada

12. The views are quite decent too.

Skagit River British Columbia Canada - Hope Area Hiking

13. The trail continues along the river for a while.

Skagit River Hiking Trail BC Canada

14. Almost looks like a jungle, eh?

Hope Hiking - View from Silver Skagit Trail - British Columbia Canada

15. Another good view of the river.

Skagit River Seen from Hiking Trail

16. Three hours into the hike comes a fairly dangerous stretch, where you need to stay away from the left edge to avoid falling down the stony hill.

Skagit River Trail Province of British Columbia Canada

17. It does not last long, though, and soon you are walking through a rather nicely-looking forest.

Hiking in Hope BC Area - Skagit River Trail

18. Three and a half hours into the hike comes a water crossing, where having a hiking pole for support would come very handy.

19. While hiking Skagit River trail, you would also be going across three fast-flowing creeks on sturdy bridges. Here is the last bridge before Delacy Camp.

Skagit River Trail near Hope BC Canada

20. Delacy Camp itself. Nothing but flat ground. There is one table with benches, two bear-proof containers, and a toilet in the middle of the forest (no cabin). This was our final destination before we went back.

Delacy Camp Skagit River Trail BC Canada

Skagit River trail is a good all-season hike, which does not feature any spectacular views, but does not bore you either.

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