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Trip 290 -  August 2, 2023 (Wednesday)

Thacker Mountain Trail Hike

Hope, BC

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Thacker Mountain Trailhead Location: In Hope BC, at the end of Thacker Mountain Road.

Liked: Fine views of Hope, Fraser River and mountains from all three viewpoints, shade in the forest, no bugs, fairly easy and relatively short loop trail.

Of Note: Steep unbarricaded drop-offs at all three viewpoints, remote urban noise all trail long, windy at the main viewpoint, no trail signs despite many intersecting trails, large nails sticking out from trees at face level at the 3rd viewpoint.

Vancouver, Coast & Mountains Backroad Mapbook (2019 edition) Trailhead Coordinates: Page 15 (Hope) F6.

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Thacker Mountain Trail is located in the town of Hope and starts at the end of Thacker Mountain Road, with detached houses standing right next to the trailhead. There is not a single sign pointing you in the direction of the trail, and not a single trail sign by the trailhead or along the trail, despite numerous intersecting paths. That said, it is a loop trail leading to three fine viewpoints, so just keep making right turns, and that's all you need to get this hike done.

The first viewpoint arrives just 400 meters from the trailhead, so this could be the end of a very short hike, if all you want is a good view of Hope from above with an impressive Dog Mountain in the background. It takes another 900 meters to reach the second viewpoint next to a communication tower, and then 1.8 more kilometers to reach the third (main) viewpoint with the best views (though not by much). This last viewpoint features four large nails sticking out of the trees about 6 feet (1.8 m) from the ground, so watch out! Also, all three viewpoints have steep unbarricaded drop-offs, so watch your step.

After the third viewpoint, 1.4 km of hiking brings you back to the trailhead, for a total distance of under 5 km of (mostly) easy to moderately difficult hiking with a few short steep stretches.

Considering the maximum elevation of 240 meters, Thacker Mountain Trail makes an excellent 3 season hiking destination.

* All hiking distances are based on a GPS odometer and are approximate.

1. Here is a Google Maps location of Thacker Mountain trailhead.


2. We are Eastbound on Highway 1, approaching Exit 170 (Hope).

3-4. Taking Exit 170.

5. At the traffic light, make a Left turn onto Flood Hope Road.

6. Having made the left turn, switch to Right lane (if not already there).

7. At the next intersection, turn Right onto Old Hope Princeton Highway.

8-9. Drive on Old Hope Princeton Highway until 6th Avenue.

10. Make a Left turn onto 6th Avenue.

11. Having turned onto 6th Avenue, turn Right onto Kawkawa Lake Road at the next intersection.

12. Proceed on Kawkawa Lake Road. The sign points to Thacker Regional Park. That's NOT where Thacker Mountain Trail is located.

13. Having crossed a small bridge, turn Left onto Union Bar Road.

14. Proceed on Union Bar Road.

15. Drive past Thacker Regional Park on right side. There is a trail there too, but that's not Thacker Mountain Trail.

16. Shortly thereafter, 3.1 km after exiting from Hwy 1, make a Left turn onto Thacker Mountain Road.

17. Don't miss a right turn 400 meter later to stay on Thacker Mountain Road.

18. Continue on Thacker Mountain Road. It is paved all the way to the trailhead.

19. Arrive to the end of Thacker Mountain Rd 4.8 km after taking Exit 170 from Highway 1. Park on either side of the road.

20. Thacker Mountain trailhead is just around the corner on the left side. Coordinates: N 4923.103' W 12125.550'. Elevation: 140 meters. There are no signs leading to this trail, and no signs by the trailhead either.

Here is Our Video of Driving from Highway 1 to Thacker Mountain Trailhead:

21. The trail begins. Lots of shade, no bugs, mostly gentle elevation and many straight stretches.

22. Bears and cougars like this trail too.

23. In 33 meters, there is a split. Keep going straight.

24. A gate prevents motorized access 100 meters from the trailhead.

25. Thacker Mountain Trail 165 meters from the start.

26. The first viewpoint arrives at the 400 meter mark, and can be a final destination if all you want is a quick hike. Coordinates: N 4923.312' W 12125.525'. Elevation: 170 meters.

27. There is a bench here as well.

28-29. The view here is almost as good as from the other two viewpoints. Left to right.

30-31. Here are two zoomed views from this location.

Here is Our Video of the Views From The First Thacker Mountain Viewpoint:

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