Trip 051 - August 2, 2011 (Tuesday)

Bowen Island Ferry Trip

Via BC Ferries from Horseshoe Bay to Snug Cove and back

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Distance From Vancouver to Horseshoe Bay Ferry Terminal:
About 20 kilometers via Lions Gate Bridge. Ferry trip to Bowen Island - 25 minutes one way. Trip frequency - about once an hour from early morning to late evening (with a break of several hours in the afternoon).

Liked: Views of the nature and other ferries, modern-looking interior and exterior (Queen of Capilano ferry), cafe available on board, lots of room on a mid-morning weekday run, comfortable waiting room at the Horseshoe Bay Terminal.

Of note: Rather steep ticket price (over $41 for a vehicle and a driver return fare).

Vancouver, Coast & Mountains Backroad Mapbook (2010 edition) Coordinates for Bowen Island: Page 10 (Gibsons) F6-F7. The latest edition of Backroad Mapbook for this and other regions, as well as GPS maps, are available for purchase at

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We took this ferry trip to get to Bowen Island, where we hiked Gardner Mountain (described in the next trip report). But the ferry ride was remarkable on its own. Great views and an interesting experience await intrepid ferry takers. Here we go:

20. Now we are on the upper deck, where there are benches for you to sit on. Life jackets are inside the benches. BC Ferries flag (left) and the Province of British Columbia flag (right) were flapping in the wind.

British Columbia Flag and BC Ferries Flag on Queen of Capilano

21. A closer look at the BC Ferries flag.

BC Ferries Flag

22. The side of the upper deck. The escape floats are inside those blue tubes.

Queen of Capilano Ferry Upper Deck British Columbia Canada

23. In the meanwhile, we are approaching Bowen Island.

Approaching Bowen Island BC Canada

24. It is getting closer...

Approaching Snug Cove on Bowen Island British Columbia Canada

25. And here it is. Snug Cove Ferry Terminal.

Snug Cove Ferry Terminal

Here is Our Video of Approaching Snug Cove Ferry Terminal:

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26. Twenty five minutes after boarding Queen of Capilano, we are driving off the ferry en route to Gardner Mountain hiking trail (described in the next trip report).

Driving off Queen of Capilano Ferry on Bowen Island BC Canada

27. After the hiking trip, mindful of a Bowen Island bylaw prohibiting sleeping in vehicles on the street, we are driving back to the terminal to wait for a return ferry.

Road Approaching Snug Cove Ferry Terminal

28. The first vehicle in the line-up has to wait here.

Stop Sign for Vehicles Waiting for Queen of Capilano Ferry on
Bowen Island British Columbia Canada

29. We had time to explore the nearby area. Here is a house boat near the terminal.

Photo of House Boat Bowen Island British Columbia Canada

30. There are also several eateries nearby. Taco connoisseurs rejoice!

Taco Eatery near Snug Cove Terminal
Bowen Island British Columbia Canada

31. Snug Cove Ferry Terminal. There was no waiting area that we could see, but there are washrooms nearby.

Snug Cove Ferry Terminal

32. Time to go back.

BC Ferry Queen of Capilano

33. Leaving Bowen Island. Good views ahead.

Leaving Bowen Island on Queen of Capilano

34. How about this one.

View from BC Ferry Queen of Capilano

35. Nice!

View from Queen of Capilano

36. Approaching Horseshoe Bay Ferry Terminal.

Approaching Horseshoe Bay Terminal on Queen of Capilano Ferry

37. Harbour Air seaplane was waiting to take off.

Harbour Air Seaplane by Horseshoe Bay Ferry Terminal

38. Almost there.

Approaching Horseshoe Bay Ferry Terminal in BC Ferry Queen of Capilano

39. And off we go.

To summarize, it is a very scenic ferry ride, on a comfortable ferry. You can minimize the cost by not taking a car, but then you would need to take transit to get to Horseshoe Bay.

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