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Trip 244 - May 17, 2022 (Tuesday)

Galiano Island BC Ferries Trip

Delta BC (Tsawwassen Ferry Terminal) to Galiano Island (Sturdies Bay Terminal)


Galiano Island Location: Southern Gulf Islands of British Columbia. About a 55 minute ferry ride from Tsawassen Ferry Terminal in Delta.

Liked: A fairly quick ride on a modern ferry, colourful docking area at Sturdies Bay.

Of Note: Gulf Island ferries are not as frequent as Vancouver Island ferries, so a reservation might be a good idea even outside of busy times.

Vancouver, Coast & Mountains Backroad Mapbook (5th edition) Tsawwassen (Delta BC) Ferry Terminal Coordinates: Coordinates: Page 1 (Vancouver) C7.

Vancouver Island, Victoria & Gulf Islands Backroad Mapbook (9th edition) Sturdies Bay (Galiano Island BC) Ferry Terminal Coordinates: Coordinates: Page 12 (Saturna Island) A1.

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Today, we sailed on "Salish Eagle" from Tsawwassen Ferry Terminal in Delta to Galiano Island (Sturdies Bay Terminal). We showed up with no reservation and 15 minutes to spare, when the screen above the Gulf Islands ticket booth was showing "Reservations Only". Nothing ventured - nothing gained, so we asked a staff member if we can still board without a reservation. A "today is your lucky day" later, we boarded the ferry and went to Galiano Island. It's a 55 minute ride, and sailing from Tsawassen to Galiano Island is not nearly as picturesque as sailing from Horseshoe Bay to other destinations. There was literally nothing of interest nature-wise to photograph, so "Salish Eagle" features prominently in this trip report. That said, Galiano Island provided all the natural beauty one could have possibly hoped for, but that will be covered in the following trip reports.

1. Here is a Google Map of Tsawwassen Ferry Terminal (in the middle) and Galiano Island (closer to bottom left). As you can see, the ferry route actually gets into the U.S. waters for a bit, and you receive a message on your cell phone welcoming you to U.S. roaming. Galiano Island's Sturdies Bay Ferry Terminal is located pretty much across Mayne Island.

2. We are on BC Highway 99 in Delta, en route to Tsawwassen Ferry Terminal, taking Exit to Highway 17.

Highway 99 Delta BC

3. Tsawwassen Terminal Welcome Sign.

Tsawassen Ferry Terminal Welcome Sign

4. Approaching Tsawwassen Terminal ticket booths.

Approaching Tsawassen Ferry Terminal Ticket Booths

5. Booth #5 on the very left is for Gulf Islands. The display looks blank, but it did say Gulf Islands Reservations Only.

Tsawassen Ferry Terminal Ticket Booth 5

6. Passing by Tsawwassen Ferry Terminal Control Tower en route to the ferry.

Tsawassen Ferry Terminal Control Tower

7-8. Time to board Salish Eagle.

Boarding BC Ferry Salish Eagle

9. Looking back at where we just came from

BC Ferry Salish Eagle Vehicle Deck

10. And here is Salish Eagle a few days later, as seen from the top of Mount Galiano (with much zoom).

Salish Eagle

Here is our video of arriving to Tsawwassen Ferry Terminal and boarding Salish Eagle.

11. Good-bye, Tsawwassen Ferry Terminal.

Departing Tsawassen Ferry Terminal on BC Ferry "Salish Eagle"

12. Indeed, not much to see here, so let's see the ship, then.

Salish Eagle

13. Inside, Salish Eagle looks the same as all other large BC Ferries. But what we have not seen yet is such a steep staircase to get you from the vehicle deck to passenger decks. There is an elevator available, if need be.

Staircase Inside Salish Eagle BC Ferry

14. Looking down.

BC Ferry Salish Eagle Staircase

15. The bridge of Salish Eagle.

Salish Eagle Bridge

16-17. Both sides of the top deck of Salish Eagle, which was built in 2016.

Salish Eagle Sundeck

Passenger Deck Salish Eagle BC Ferry

18-19. Meanwhile, The Spirit of British Columbia was heading the other way.

The Spirit of British Columbia

BC Ferry The Spirit of British Columbia

20. A lady observing The Spirit of British Columbia from the back of Salish Eagle.

On Board BC Ferry Salish Eagle

21-22. The vehicle deck as seen from the top passenger deck (sun deck).

Salish Eagle Vehicle Deck Top View

23-24. Approaching Galiano Island (Sturdies Bay Terminal).

Galiano Island BC

Sturdies Bay Terminal Galiano Island British Columbia

25. Docking at Sturdies Bay Ferry Terminal. Very colourful.

Galiano Island - Sturdies Bay Ferry Terminal

26. A large group of young cyclists was waiting to board.

Sturdies Bay Ferry Terminal - Galiano Island BC

Here is our video of Salish Eagle approaching Galiano Island - Sturdies Bay Terminal.

27. Disembarking from Salish Eagle.

Disembarking from BC Ferry Salish Eagle

28. A short drive off the terminal.

Sturdies Bay Ferry Terminal Pier

Here is our video of disembarking from Salish Eagle onto Sturdies Bay Terminal.

More ihikebc videos are on our YouTube Channel.

29. Galiano Island welcomes us.

Galiano Island Welcome Sign

While this ferry ride was not very memorable, Galiano Island sure was.

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