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Trip 001 - June 15, 2009 (Monday)

Lighthouse Park Visit

West Vancouver BC

Distance from Vancouver: Approximately 16 km from Lions Gate Bridge via Highway 1 West or Marine Drive.

Liked: The views from Juniper Point, several benches inside the park, driving down Marine Drive (West Vancouver).

Of note: No flat parking spots (a very sloped parking area); one needs to know exactly where to go to see good views.

Vancouver, Coast & Mountains Backroad Mapbook (2010 edition) Coordinates: Page 11 (North Vancouver) A7.

Related Website: District of West Vancouver - Lighthouse Park.


Lighthouse Park is located in West Vancouver, and you can get there from Vancouver by driving for 15-20 minutes West on Marine Drive after crossing the Lions Gate bridge. Marine Drive is very scenic, with numerous driveways heading up very steep hills, where the good people of West Vancouver live in their lovely mansions. Marine Drive requires careful driving due to frequent blind turns, but it is a pleasant driving experience nonetheless. Lighthouse Park is on the left side of Marine Drive, if you are heading West. The entrance to the park is easy to miss, as it does not stand out all that much.

1. After a very steep and inclined parking area, the trail begins quite smoothly.

Lighthouse Park - hiking in West Vancouver Area

2. An information sign appears shortly.

Lighthouse Park Information Board- West Vancouver BC Canada

3. Lighthouse Park features several very nice-looking benches.

A bench in Lighthouse Park - West Vancouver BC Canada

4. As well as this shack.

Lighthouse Park shack - West Vancouver British Columbia Canada

5. The sign looked promising - a Lighthouse viewpoint!

Lighthouse Park West Vancouver British Columbia Canada

6. But the view was mostly obstructed by the trees.

Lighthouse at Lighthouse Park in West Vancouver BC

7. Though, if your camera has a good zoom, you can bring the lighthouse closer.

West Vancouver BC Lighthouse Park lighthouse

8. An idyllic picture - a bench in the middle of the forest, a couple walking together...

Picture of Lighthouse Park - West Vancouver BC

9. Is this a tree remnant resembling a bear, or a wooden bear statue?

Wooden bear in Lighthouse Park West Vancouver BC

10. This lovely view is seen from Juniper Point.

Juniper Point Lighthouse Park West Vancouver BC Canada

11. Another view from Juniper Point.

View from Lighthouse Park in West Vancouver BC Canada

12. Lighthouse Park has many raspberries, including this one (macro photo).

Raspberry macro

Lighthouse Park has some good trails and neat views. Recommended.

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