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Trip 013 - March 8, 2010 (Monday)

Kanaka Creek Regional Park

(Cliff Falls)

Maple Ridge BC

Distance From Vancouver:
About 50 km via Highway 7 and Dewdney Trunk Road.

Liked: No artificial noise, moss on the fences, easy and well-maintained path, Cliff Falls view.

Of note: There are a few steep (though short) sections.

Vancouver, Coast & Mountains Backroad Mapbook (2010 edition) Coordinates: Page 2 (Greater Vancouver) G3.

Related Website: Kanaka Creek Regional Park - Metro Vancouver Official Site.

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Kanaka Creek Regional Park (Cliff Falls) is a hidden gem of Metro Vancouver. It is such a pleasant hike, with nice views of the waterfall, and there was no car noise, construction noise, or city noise heard from the path during our visit. Just the natural noise of the creek flowing nearby, and that's all. Kanaka Creek Regional Park is very long (but narrow), with many inaccessible parts, and with at least three separate parking areas, which provide access to different sides of the park. Today, we have visited Cliff Falls part of the park.

1. Kanaka Creek Regional Park can be reached via Dewdney Trunk Road in Maple Ridge BC. Here we are driving West from Mission and getting ready to turn left onto 256th Street.

Dewdney Trunk Road Maple Ridge British Columbia Canada

2. Within a few minutes, the entrance to the parking lot. The trail actually starts on the other side of 256th Street, to the right of where we are. The parking lot gate is open between 8 AM and 6 PM during the off-season.

256th Street at Kanaka Creek Regional Park Maple Ridge BC Canada

3. The parking lot is fairly large, and the parking is free. Straight ahead is Bell-Irving Hatchery, where fish are raised and then released into the wild. It is a good place to visit with children to see the fish (if present) and to read about the fish-rearing process.

Parking Lot for Kanaka Creek Regional Park at Bell-Irving Hatchery

4. Now we are at the trail entrance across the street from the parking lot. Our current location is marked by a red star on the map. Look at the left side of the map, where we will end up via the Canyon Trail. There are two bridges by Cliff Falls, and the sign of the "view" (a person with binoculars) is located after the second bridge, while the waterfall is after the first bridge (note the black dot there).

Cliff Falls Trail Map Kanaka Creek Regional Park

5. There is a good view of Kanaka Creek at the beginning of the trail.

Kanaka Creek Maple Ridge British Columbia Canada

6. The path is well-maintained and mostly flat.

Kanaka Creek Regional Park

7. Kanaka Creek Park features very attractive moss-covered fencing.

Kanaka Creek Regional Park Maple Ridge British Columbia Canada

8. In about 20 minutes, we have reached the first bridge.

Kanaka Creek Bridge Maple Ridge BC Canada

9. Looking left from the first bridge.

Kanaka Creek Regional Park

10. Now looking right.

Kanaka Creek Park Maple Ridge BC Canada

11. After the first bridge, there is a picnic area. Straight ahead is the second bridge (the path is seen in the lower right corner), and, to the left, is Cliff Falls.

Kanaka Creek Park picnic area Maple Ridge British Columbia

12. Nice...water...fall...

Cliff Falls Kanaka Creek Regional Park

Here is our video of Cliff Falls.

More ihikebc videos are on our YouTube Channel.

13. The photo above is as close as you can get to the waterfall due to the fence. But, things get closer with a zoom.

Cliff Falls

14. On to the second bridge.

Kanaka Creek Regional Park Maple Ridge British Columbia Canada

15. Looking left from the second bridge.

Kanaka Creek Park

16. And, after crossing the second bridge, you can walk left for a short time, to find this rather peculiar-looking tree.

Kanaka Creek Park Maple Ridge BC

Kanaka Creek Regional Park (Cliff Falls) is highly recommended for a pleasant walk and a neat waterfall.

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