Trip 005 - August 18, 2009 (Tuesday)

Norvan Falls Hike

Lynn Headwaters Regional Park, North Vancouver

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Distance from Vancouver: 20-25 minutes. Located in North Vancouver at the end of Lynn Valley Road.

Liked: Fairly easy hike to Norvan Falls, the view of Norvan Falls, almost no flies, free parking, Varley Trail connecting the main parking lot with overflow parking lots, excellent information stands, optional hiker registration forms.

Of note: Lynn Headwaters is a very popular park, and quite a few people were hiking, jogging, walking their dogs, chilling in the creek and having a picnic even on a weekday. The place is bound to be packed on a weekend, and parking is fairly limited. Lynn Valley viewpoint offers such a distant (and hazy during our trip) view, that this spur is hardly worth the hike. The cell phone reception in the park is very limited.

Vancouver, Coast & Mountains Backroad Mapbook (2010 edition) Trailhead Coordinates: Page 11 (North Vancouver) E7. The latest edition of Backroad Mapbook for this and other regions, as well as GPS maps, are available for purchase at

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15. Now we have reached a junction where hikers have three options: 1) turn around and go back to the parking lot via Headwaters trail; 2) turn left and go back to the parking lot via the Cedars Mill and Lynn Loop trails for a loop trip; or 3) continue on Headwaters trail to Norvan Falls, which we did.

Lynn Headwaters Park photo

16. Headwaters trail towards Norvan Falls looks about the same as before the junction.

Headwaters Trail picture

17. After walking for an hour or so, you reach another junction, and Norvan Falls spur is easy to miss. But if you turn to the right just before the bridge, you will reach Norvan Falls in five minutes. But we did not know that, so...

Bridge across Norvan Creek Lynn Headwaters Regional Park North Vancouver British Columbia Canada

18. ...we crossed this swinging bridge and kept going.

Norvan Creek bridge

19. It is a good thing they put such a sturdy bridge here - look at what it crosses.

Norvan Creek BC Canada

20. So, we kept walking for about 20 minutes, and some distant roar made us believe Norvan Falls was getting closer, but then a sign with a map showed us we were actually going away from the Falls, and have reached Hanes Valley junction, where one should choose whether to proceed to Lynn Lake or Grouse Mountain via Hanes Valley, both very long and challenging hikes. We have turned around and went back, finally reaching Norvan Falls. 

Norvan Falls

21. It is quite easy to descend right into Norvan Creek, sit on a big stone, and have a snack while looking at Norvan Falls. Probably not a good idea during the spring runoff or after heavy rains, but this Summer evening the waterfall was subdued. You can see on the rock face how much bigger the water flow can get.

Norvan Falls photo Lynn Headwaters Regional Park

Here is our video of Norvan Falls:

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22. After enjoying Norvan Falls, we went back and reached the loop junction shortly. The haze was mostly gone and the view of the mountains was substantially better.

Headwaters and Cedars Mill trail junction

23. We went back via Cedars Mill and Lynn Loop trail. Lynn Creek flows along these trails.

Lynn Creek British Columbia

24. There are very few signs of the closed mill along the trails - a few collections of rusted pieces of pots and pans, and that's about it.

Lynn Headwaters Regional Park

25. The trail closer to the park entry is very well maintained.

Photo of Lynn Creek in Lynn Headwaters Regional Park BC

26. Anyone wants to go for a ride? :)

Cedars Mill artefact

27. About five and a half hours after the start of the trip, we are at the end of Lynn Loop trail near the Lynn Headwaters Park entrance.

Lynn Headwaters Park Lynn Loop trail

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