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Trip 304

Trip Down Memory Lane

Random 2005-2008 photographs from Vancouver BC


The new hiking season is just around the corner. In the meanwhile, we checked our archives and found some interesting photographs which we took in Vancouver, BC in 2005-2008. Early 2006 was the last year we used a film camera (a 3x zoom Canon), and later in 2006 was when we got a digital Sony DSC-H5 and started taking photos in earnest.

It doesn't seem that long ago, but someone born in 2005 is going to be 19 years old this year. Time flies. Looking at these photographs one can't help but notice how much cleaner, less crowded, and laid back Vancouver used to be. Many more people moved in, and, if one is missing those days but doesn't want to leave British Columbia, the alternative is moving to Victoria. We visited last year and, yes, it does feel like Vancouver 17-19 years ago.

The first four photographs were taken with a film camera and, subsequently, digitized. The rest of the photos are digital originally.

1. November of 2005. We are on Dunbar Street at 17th Avenue, looking North. The bus shelter features an ad for Sam Sullivan (NPA), who was running for the mayor of Vancouver and won. Bus #25 is approaching the bus stop.

Dunbar Street at 17th Avenue Vancouver BC

2. November of 2005. Dunbar Street at King Edward Blvd (25th Ave). Looking North. Trolley #7 at the intersection.

Dunbar Street at King Edward Blvd Vancouver British Columbia

3. November of 2005. On board the trolley. Translink purchased new and improved buses and trolleys in 2006, but the old ones, in our opinion, had a better colour scheme and finer interiors.

Inside Vancouver trolley bus in 2005

4. January of 2006. The last film photo of this trip report of this cool old Ford truck somewhere in Vancouver.

Old Ford truck in Vancouver BC Canada

5-6. July of 2006. The digital age arrives. Here is a photo of a three-kid stroller. These fellas are in their early 20s by now.

Three-kid stroller

6. July of 2006. Old style 99 B-line bus Eastbound on Broadway at Vine Street.

Old 99 B-Line Bus in Vancouver - Broadway at Vine Street

7. July of 2006. Chess players on Robson Square in downtown Vancouver.

Vancouver Robson Square Chess Players

8. October of 2006. Falafel Maison prices - Robson Street.

2006 Falafel Maison prices Vancouver BC

9-10. February of 2007 - a lady in a fancy dress on Robson Street.

11-12.  April of 2007 - old Safeway on Robson Street (at Denman Street). Quite interesting that the old Safeway had the same colour scheme as old Translink buses, and the new two-storey Safeway that replaced this old store has the same dark and rather unappealing exterior as that of new Translink buses. Left to right.

Old Safeway Robson St at Denman St Vancouver BC

13-15. July of 2006. Elvis impersonator at English Bay in downtown Vancouver.

Elvis impersonator

Vancouver BC Elvis impersonator

Elvis impersonator Vancouver BC

16. July of 2007. Celebration of Light fireworks. English Bay in Vancouver, BC.

2007 Vancouver Celebration of Light

17. August of 2006. Racoon begging for food at Prospect Point in Stanley Park. The boy should be close to his mid 20s by now.

Raccoon begging food from a child

18. August of 2006 - Smart car advertisement on a bus shelter in Vancouver.

Smart car advertisement Vancouver BC

19. August of 2007 - an old Vancouver police cruiser. Yet again, a light-coloured scheme was replaced by a dark one on new VPD patrol vehicles. Translink, Safeway, VPD - a rather perplexing trend.

Old Vancouver Police patrol car

20. April of 2007. An Airporter bus arriving to Pan Pacific Hotel at Canada Place in downtown Vancouver. This bus used to deliver people from the airport to hotels and back. Airporter service was discontinued with the arrival of Canada Line skytrain on August 17, 2009.

Airporter bus Vancouver BC

21-22. April of 2007. Shaw TV interviewing people by Canada Place.

Shaw TV street interview Vancouver Canada

23-24. July 1, 2007 - Canada Day at Canada Place. Photos with mounties.

Photo with mounties on Canada Day in Vancouver BC

25-27. May of 2007, followed by July of 2007 and, again, July of 2007 - Vancouver Convention & Exhibition Centre West building under construction.

VCEC West under construction

Vancouver Convention & Exhibition Centre West Wing under construction

28. September of 2007. A man giving away "24" newspaper (remember those days?) in front of the Waterfront Station in downtown Vancouver, BC.

Newspaper giveaway Vancouver BC

29. September of 2007. Parking lot prices - West Georgia Street at Denman Street near Stanley Park.

2007 parking lot prices Vancouver British Columbia Canada

30. February of 2008. Bait car campaign poster somewhere in Vancouver.

Bait car poster Vancouver BC

31. November of 2007. Broadway-City Hall Canada Line station construction. We are on Cambie Street at 10th Avenue, looking North towards Broadway.

Canada Line construction Cambie Street Vancouver BC

32. July of 2007 - English Bay balancing act.

Rope walking Vancouver British Columbia

Lots has changed since those days. Fortunately, the nature is still the same. So, let's go hiking.

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