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Trip 239 - April 28, 2022 (Thursday)

Gambier Island BC Visit

Off BC Sunshine Coast Near Langdale Ferry Terminal

Gambier Island Location: Off BC Sunshine Coast, 10 minutes via passenger-only ferry from Langdale Terminal near Gibsons.

Liked: Ferry ride, quiet island ambience, arts hut by the community centre.

Of Note: Only cash is accepted for the ferry ride, no reservation available (sailing wait is possible), ferry runs on a limited schedule, no garbage facilities or any stores or services exist on Gambier Island.

Vancouver, Coast & Mountains Backroad Mapbook (5th edition) Gambier Island Coordinates: Page 10 (Gibsons) E5.

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Gambier Island is quite a large and sparsely populated island, located a 10-minute passenger-only cash-only ($7 per person one way) small ferry ride away from Langdale Ferry Terminal on BC Sunshine Coast near Gibsons. We visited Gambier Island to hike Mount Killam, so this trip report serves as a start of Mount Killam Trail Hike trip report, as it shows a way to get to Gambier Island from Langdale. Also, there are a few photos of the dock, the nearby community centre, and a few other things. Do note that Gambier Island has no garbage facilities, and no trash cans of any kind. There are pit toilets (but no toilet paper) available by the community centre, which is located about 600 meters from the New Brighton dock, where the Langdale ferry comes several times a day.

The ferry starts running early at 0725 AM, but also finishes quite early too (the last run from Gambier Island is at 0630 PM, but you will need to call at least an hour ahead for the ferry to come at this time). The last scheduled ferry leaving Gambier Island is at 0545 PM. So, if you do not want to rush while hiking on Gambier Island, try to catch the first ferry out of Langdale at 0725 AM.

1. Google Maps view of Gambier Island. New Brighton dock is at the bottom on the left side.

2. Gambier Island seen from a Horseshoe Bay to Langdale ferry. Mount Killam, which we hiked the same day, is on the right side.

3. Here were are driving from Gibsons on Highway 101, with Langdale Ferry Terminal entrance straight ahead after the intersection. Make a left turn here onto Port Mellon Highway. If coming from a ferry (from the opposite direction), make a right turn at this intersection. If you are on foot, Gambier Island Ferry (also goes to Keats Island) is located about 100 meters to the right after you exit from Langdale Ferry - just walk over.

4. Having turned left at the above intersection, we are getting ready to turn right almost immediately. The sign indicates that turning right is for "Foot Passengers" and "Pay Parking".

5. Making that right turn from Port Mellon Highway onto Smith Road.

6. Now on Smith Road, heading to Long Term parking lot. Everything is very close there.

7. Here is Langdale Ferry Terminal Long Term parking lot. You can pay for 16 hours, 24 hours, or longer than that. For a day trip to Gambier Island 16 hours should be enough - the cost was $3.25.

8. Walk towards the terminal.

9. Take this long covered walkway.

10. At the end of the walkway is where foot passengers board / disembark from Horseshoe Bay-bound ferries. So, if you get off that ferry at Langdale, you will end up at that spot, and, if you want to proceed to Gambier or Keats Islands, then just take the uncovered walkway seen below, joined by people who took the covered walkway from the Long Term parking lot, who would make a left turn after the covered walkway to get onto this uncovered walkway.

11. The first sign that we could see pointing to the Gambier Island Ferry.

12. Both walkways are about 100 meters long. The Gambier / Keats Island ferry is docked right after the sign seen above. The ferry is called Stormaway IV and seats about 20 people. Might be a good idea to call ahead 604-740-6589, if you have a large group. Perhaps, they would be able to arrange a separate sailing. This is a passenger-only ferry, and it takes about 10 minutes to get to Gambier Island. Bicycles are not allowed. Payment is $7 per person one way - cash only. The ferry's engine is quite noisy.

13. The front of Stormaway IV. There are two crew members onboard. One is skipping the boat, while the other collects payments once the ferry is under way.

14. The rear of Stormaway IV.

15. It's very cool to have open "windows" where one can take photos or simply breathe fresh air. Here we are looking at Langdale Ferry Terminal.

16. The small islands on the right as you are heading to Gambier Island are called Grace Islands.

Here is our video of sailing onboard Stormaway IV.

17. We have now arrived to Gambier Island, and waiting passengers started to board Stormaway IV for the return trip to Langdale. Coordinates for the dock: N 4926.998' W 12326.450'. Elevation: sea level or so.

Here is our video of Stormaway IV leaving Gambier Island.

18. Gambier Island New Brighton Public Dock. There are plenty of other docks on this island, but the ferry comes only here.

19. At the end / beginning of the dock, a sign tells us where we are.

20. Looking back.

21. We then started heading towards Mount Killam trailhead, which is 4.4 km away from New Brighton Dock. Here is the dock parking area, about 100 meters from the sign seen in photo #19.

22. 240 meters from the dock, turn left from New Brighton Road onto Andy's Bay Road just past these mailboxes. All distances are based on a GPS odometer and are approximate.

23-24. Gambier Island has four peninsulas, and New Brighton dock is located on Southwest Peninsula, closest to Langdale. This map is located by the mailboxes seen in the photo above.

25. Andy's Bay Road immediately after turning left from New Brighton Road.

26. A few meters later, there is Gambier Island General Store, closed since 2010.

27. 600 meters after the dock, Gambier Island Community Centre is on the left side. Two pit toilets are among the trees just past this turnoff. Bring your own paper.

28. Gambier Island Community Centre side view.

29. The on-site amenities include: an art hut...

30. A basketball court...

31. And a children's playground. Also, there is a helicopter landing area by the community centre.

32. A nearby residence.

33. An old boat.

Having visited the community centre, we continued towards the Mount Killam Trail, covered in the next trip report.

34-35. Here is Stormaway IV coming back to Gambier Island for its last scheduled run at 0545 PM (one more run can be done after that - at 0630 PM, but you have to call at least one hour ahead to book it). Here is Gambier Island Ferry Schedule.

Here is our video of Stormaway IV arriving to Gambier Island.

More ihikebc videos are on our YouTube Channel.

Gambier Island has other hikes in addition to Mount Killam, and is sure a fine island to visit.

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