Trip 061 - December of 2011

Vancouver Maritime Museum Visit

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Location in Vancouver:
Vanier Park Near Burrard Bridge.

Liked: St. Roch ship, various displays, reasonable admission price.

Of note: The museum could be tricky to find, pay parking in effect.

Related Website: Vancouver Maritime Museum - Official Site.

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21. The helm of St. Roch.

Helm of St. Roch Vancouver Maritime Museum

22. View of St. Roch from near the helm cabin.

St. Roch Ship Maritime Museum Vancouver BC Canada

23. And now its time to check out the living quarters of the crew. Here's where the rank-and-file spent their long months at sea - Plexiglas barrier in place.

St. Roch Arctic Ship Living Quarters

24. An officer's cabin - Plexiglas barrier in place.

Officer's Quarters on St. Roch Vancouver BC Canada Maritime Museum

25. Dining room.

St. Roch's Dining Room Vancouver Maritime Museum

26. Kitchen (galley) - Plexiglas barrier in place.

Galley (Kitchen) on St. Roch - Vancouver BC Maritime Museum

27. Let's check out the rest of the museum.

Vancouver Maritime Museum

28. This calm man decorated the nose of a ship.

Maritime Museum Vancouver BC Canada

29. There are several ship models on display.

Ship Model Photo Vancouver Maritime Museum

30. In the temporary gallery, there was a photo exhibit celebrating 100th anniversary of Vancouver Police Marine Unit.

Vancouver Police Marine Unit

31. Go down this long hallway and...

Maritime Museum Vancouver Province of British Columbia Canada

32. ...reach Children's Maritime Discovery Centre.

Vancouver Maritime Museum - BC Canada

33. There's plenty to explore.

Vancouver Maritime Museum Children Discovery Centre

34. This large cabinet contains several drawers filled with various items.

35. Kids can imagine being a captain and guiding a ship into a harbour. The recorded radio transmissions are provided to keep things real.

36. A photo on the wall shows two young seafaring girls in the company of the captain, their father.

37. Budding divers can have their own photo taken after sticking their head into this helmet.

38. A looking glass provides an opportunity to closely examine the ships in the harbour.

39. Before or after your visit, you can go to the left (South) side of the Museum building and check out this very neat mural.

Vancouver Maritime Museum Mural

Maritime Museum is definitely a good place to visit for kids and adults alike.

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