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Trip 062 - March 7, 2012 (Wednesday)

Gulf of Georgia Cannery Visit

National Historic Site - Richmond BC

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Distance From Vancouver:
About 10 kilometers.

Liked: Interesting machinery and canning equipment. Fish facts and exhibits. Reasonable price of admission. Free parking.

Of note: There is no air-conditioning, and it was appreciably colder inside than outside.

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Gulf of Georgia Cannery is located in the Steveston neighbourhood in South Richmond. It used to be an active cannery before shutting down in 1979. Five years later, Parks Canada restored the plant and turned it into a historic site. The Cannery is open 10-5 every day. An adult ticket costs $8. It is a good place to visit for children and adults alike to learn about the canning process and machinery, as well as get acquainted with some interesting fish facts.

1. Gulf of Georgia Cannery is located in the Southwest corner of Richmond. You can get there from Vancouver either via Granville Street or Marine Drive. Then, get to #1 Road and drive South, as seen in the photo below.

#1 Road Richmond BC Canada

2. Richmond is mostly very flat and featureless, so you won't see much along the route. Get to the South end of #1 Road, and you are in Steveston.

#1 Road Near Steveston in Richmond British Columbia

3. Turn right onto Chatham Street. The Cannery is only 0.5 km further.

#1 Road Near Chatham Street Richmond BC Canada

4. Now we are Westbound on Chatham Street.

Chatham Street Richmond British Columbia

5. And here is the intersection with Fourth Avenue, where you need to turn left.

Chatham Street near Fourth Avenue Richmond BC Canada

6. Upon turning left, you'll see the final destination.

Fourth Avenue Richmond BC Canada by Gulf of Georgia Cannery

7. The parking lot is free and quite large. Bus parking is available too.

Photo of Gulf of Georgia Cannery National Historic Site of Canada Parking Lot

8. Then, follow the painted fish for a minute. The Cannery entrance is where the Canadian flag is seen straight ahead.

Richmond BC Canada

9. Before going inside, check out a neat group of iron people.

Cannery Workers Statue by Gulf of Georgia Cannery Richmond BC Canada

10. This looks like a cannery worker.

Picture of a Cannery Worker Iron Statue by Gulf of Georgia Cannery Richmond BC

11. Gulf of Georgia Cannery National Historic Site.

Exterior View of Gulf of Georgia Cannery Richmond British Columbia

12. The inside view right after you enter. The cashier and the exhibition entrance are straight ahead.

Admissions View of Gulf of Georgia Cannery Richmond BC Canada

13. The gift shop is to the right.

Gulf of Georgia Cannery Gift Shop

14. And the photo wall is to the left.

Gulf of Georgia Cannery Photo Wall

15. Time to start the tour.

Gulf of Georgia Cannery Exhibition

16. These men represent fishermen in a commercial fishing boat of the 1900s style.

Fishermen in a 1900s-style Boat Exhibit Gulf of Georgia Cannery Richmond BC Canada

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