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Trip 153 - May 9, 2019 (Thursday)

Deas Island Regional Park Visit

Delta, British Columbia, Canada.

Distance from Vancouver: Approximately 15 kilometers.

Liked: Water views, heritage buildings, landing airplanes, river traffic, fine (if short) trails.

Of Note: Constant remote traffic noise. Occasional loud river traffic noise.

Vancouver, Coast & Mountains BC Backroad Mapbook (2nd edition) Coordinates: Page 1 (Vancouver) E5.

Related Website: Deas Island Regional Park - Metro Vancouver Official Site.


Deas Island Regional Park is a small oasis in an otherwise mostly industrial part of North Delta. While the traffic noise is constant, and an occasional tug boat makes your outing even less serene, this is a neat place to visit, if you are in the area and desire a mostly peaceful walk in a park, as well as some fine water views. The attractions also include a large picnic area, observing (from afar) airplanes heading to/from Vancouver International, and the above-mentioned river traffic. As a bonus, there is a small monument commemorating the opening of Massey Tunnel in 1959 by Queen Elizabeth II. Yes, it has been nearly sixty years...

1. Here is a photo of a map provided by Metro Vancouver at an information board. We have highlighted Deas Island Regional Park with a red square.

Metro Vancouver Parks Map

2. And here is a map of the park, also from an information board. The red square indicates the park entrance (we arrived via River Road coming from the top of the map. River Road becomes 62b Street after the park entrance), the yellow square shows where we went today, the yellow arrow shows Massey Tunnel, and the red arrow points to Millennium Trail (outside the park), which is described in our next trip report.

Deas Island Regional Park Map

3. Information about the trails in Deas Island Regional Park.

Deas Island Regional Park Trails Information

4. We are Westbound on River Road, with Deas Island Regional Park turnoff just ahead.

River Road Delta BC Canada

5. Having turned to the right, here is the park entrance.

Deas Island Regional Park Entrance

6. Just a bit further. The Millennium Trail starts beyond the yellow gate seen on the left side.

Deas Island Regional Park Delta British Columbia Canada

7. A large barge with sand was docked near the entrance to the park. The loader was making loud back-up noises. But the sand provided a good photo opportunity.

Deas Island Regional Park

8. Across from the sand barge, the name of the park and a propeller.

Deas Island Regional Park Delta BC Canada

9. A large parking lot is located to the left after the park entrance. This is where you would park your horse trailer. This is also the closest parking area for the Millennium Trail. There are several smaller parking lots further in the park, and much more parking in the picnic area in the middle of the park.

Deas Island Regional Park parking lot

10. Starting our park exploration.

Deas Island Regional Park Delta British Columbia

11. A fine view of Fraser River on the right side.

Fraser River view from Deas Island Regional Park

12. Going further. There is a rowing club on the left side close to the park entrance.

Walking in Deas Island Regional Park

13. Soon, there is a small parking area next to a heritage building called Burrvilla (seen on the left side). There are two more heritage buildings in the park.

Deas Island Regional Park - Metro Vancouver Parks

14. Burrvilla looks good in the sun.

Burrvilla Heritage Building in Deas Island Regional Park

15. Tinnmaker's Walk is the beginning of a somewhat "wild" part of the park. Chances are that you would see a rabbit or two.

Start of Tinnmaker's Walk in Deas Island Regional Park - Delta Trail

16. Quite neat indeed. Though, the traffic noise is omnipresent, and, occasionally, boat noise increases the decibels even more.

Delta Hike - Deas Island Regional Park

17. One more good Fraser River view.

Deas Island Regional Park Fraser River View - Delta Hiking

18. And here is a tag boat towing a barge. It sure was loud.

Tug boat towing a barge on Fraser River

19. Starting the Island Tip Trail.

Island Tip Trail Deas Island Regional Park - Trail in Delta BC Area

20. This was a very pleasant discovery - a monument to the opening of Massey Tunnel nearly 60 years ago.

Massey Tunnel Opening Monument in Deas Island Regional Park

21. Queen Elizabeth II did the honours.

22. Just beyond the monument is the Northern end of Massey Tunnel.

Massey Tunnel seen from Deas Island Regional Park

23. Here is a zoomed view of the tunnel traffic.

Traffic to and from Massey Tunnel Delta BC Canada

Here is Our Video of the Massey Tunnel traffic and the nearby path:

More ihikebc videos are on our YouTube Channel.

24. Continuing on the Island Tip Trail, which makes a loop at the end.

Deas Island Regional Park Island Tip Trail - Hike in Delta BC Area

25. A fine view to the right.

Deas Island Regional Park - Hiking in Delta BC Canada

26. Finally, the end. It's about 2.5 kilometers from the entrance to the park.

Deas Island Regional Park

27. No moorage allowed.

28. Across from Deas Island Regional Park is Captain's Cove Marina. We will reach that area while taking Millennium Trail, described in our following trip report.

Captain's Cove Marina seen from Deas Island Regional Park

Deas Island Regional Park may be a bit noisy, but sure has enough good views and recreational opportunities to be a good place to visit, if you are in the area.

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