Trip 062 - March 7, 2012 (Wednesday)

Gulf of Georgia Cannery Visit

National Historic Site - Richmond BC

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Distance From Vancouver:
About 10 kilometers.

Liked: Interesting machinery and canning equipment. Fish facts and exhibits. Reasonable price of admission. Free parking.

Of note: There is no air-conditioning, and it was appreciably colder inside than outside.

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17. On the wall next to the boat are several information boards explaining various fish facts. All the text and signs in the Cannery are both in English and French.

Gulf of Georgia Cannery Fish Facts Exhibit Richmond BC Canada

18. One of the boards shows a salmon life-cycle graph. Out of 3,500 eggs laid by a single salmon female, only ten fishes survive to begin a return journey after becoming fully grown. Eight of those ten are caught by commercial fishermen, and two make it home to spawn.

Salmon Life-Cycle Graph Gulf of Georgia Cannery

19. There also exhibits dealing with numerous problems faced by commercial fisheries these days. And also these cute small figurines of cannery workers.

Gulf of Georgia Cannery National Historic Site Richmond British Columbia Canada

20. Here you can see the photos of former cannery workers.

Photo of Past Cannery Workers

21. Kids would enjoy playing a captain in this "boat bridge" attraction. The scenery outside is actually a movie which keeps, well, moving :)

Ship Bridge Simulator Gulf of Georgia Cannery Richmond BC Canada

22. And here is the main exhibit of the Cannery - the canning line.

Gulf of Georgia Cannery

23. The line is about 40 meters long and shows the entire canning process.

Canning Line Gulf of Georgia Cannery Richmond BC Canada

24. These metal people represent cannery workers doing their jobs.

Gulf of Georgia Cannery Richmond British Columbia

25. The place must have been really noisy, as special signals were used to describe what fish is being processed.

Cannery Hand Signals

26. Guided tours are available too.

Gulf of Georgia Cannery Guided Tour

27. The last part of the exhibition shows the machinery and the process involved in turning fish into fish oil.

Fish Oil Extraction Process Graph

29. A front loader was used to move the fish.

Gulf of Georgia Cannery Richmond BC Canada

30. The fish oil-making machinery.

Fish Oil Extraction Machinery Gulf Of Georgia Cannery Richmond BC Canada

It was a good trip, and Gulf of Georgia Cannery is recommended for its interesting and educational exhibits, as well as a humane price of admission. Just don't forget to dress warmly, if it's cold outside.

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