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Trip 026 - July 27, 2010 (Tuesday)

Grouse Mountain Recreational Area

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Distance From Vancouver (South End of Lions Gate Bridge) to Grouse Mountain parking lot:
7.4 km. Turn left on Capilano Road in North Vancouver right after crossing the Lions Gate Bridge. Or use Capilano Road exit from Highway 1 and go North. Upon arriving to the Grouse Mountain parking lot, either take a gondola (fee applies) or hike up via Grouse Grind (very tough trail).

Liked: Chair lift ride, views, grizzly bears, an eagle, and joyful zip-liners.

Of note: There is little shade, so watch out for sunburn. Admission is expensive. The place can be crowded, especially on weekends.

Vancouver, Coast & Mountains Backroad Mapbook (2010 edition) Coordinates: Page 11 (North Vancouver) D7.

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27. But we decided to skip the chair ride and hike up the hill instead. Nice scenery.

Grouse Mountain North Vancouver British Columbia Canada

28. Muslims praying.

Muslims Praying on Grouse Mountain

29. Looking back at the "base camp."

Grouse Mountain British Columbia Canada

29. Here comes the wind turbine. The chair in the air is not from the "Scenic Chair" lift. The Scenic Chair lift is about a hundred meters to our left.

Grouse Mountain Wind Turbine North Vancouver British Columbia Canada

30. Here is the observation deck. $28 admission fee includes a downhill gondola ticket, if you don't have one yet.

Grouse Mountain Wind Turbine Observation Deck

31. Art at the base of the wind turbine.

Art at the Bottom of Grouse Mountain Wind Turbine

32. Meanwhile, a group of people by the top end of the Scenic Chair lift were looking at something.

Grouse Mountain North Vancouver British Columbia Canada

33. Turned out, this is where the paragliders launch, as indicated by the "paragliders only beyond this point" sign.

Paragliding Launch Area Grouse Mountain North Vancouver British Columbia Canada

34. A pair was already in the air.

Paragliders above Grouse Mountain

35. Another pair was getting ready to take off.

Paragliders getting ready to launch Grouse Mountain North Vancouver BC Canada

36. Launch!

Grouse Mountain Paragliders Launch

37. And off they go. The cost to paraglide is $235. The instructor included. You land in Cleveland Park and then are driven back to the Grouse Mountain parking lot.

Photo of Grouse Mountain Paragliding

38. No paragliding for us today, but how about a chair lift ride.

Chair Lift Grouse Mountain North Vancouver British Columbia Canada

39. You have to give kudos to the lady who chatted with departing chair lift riders. She managed to stay upbeat despite having to talk about pretty much the same things with hundreds of people each hour: where are you from, did you do the Grind today, nice weather today isn't it, etc. Grouse Mountain has very good employees.

Entrance to Scenic Chair lift Grouse Mountain BC Canada

40. Arriving riders. We will know in a minute why they are so happy.

Grouse Mountain Chair Lift Riders North Vancouver BC

41. We are ready to go, and, in case we faint or stumble, a net is there to catch us.

Grouse Mountain

42. Now we know why those people were grinning. The views are excellent, and it is a peaceful, serene ride. A gentle breeze made it so much better. Just make sure to have sun protection.

Riding on a Chair Lift Grouse Mountain North Vancouver British Columbia Canada

Here is our video of the Scenic Chair ride.

More ihikebc videos are on our YouTube Channel.

43. At the base camp, a large crowd (as seen at the bottom of photo #37) was watching a show, which included this guy making risky moves on top of a high pole.

Grouse Mountain Show

44. We decided to check out the bear enclosure one more time, and, this time, found a bear.

Grouse Mountain Grizzly Bear

45. Do these nails ever get trimmed?

Claws of Captive Grizzly Bear Grouse Mountain North Vancouver British Columbia Canada

46. The bear looked slightly sad. Perhaps, he really wants to ride the Scenic Chair?

Captive Bear Grouse Mountain North Vancouver BC Canada

47. Something tells us that, at the Peak Chalet, the visitors have been struck by skies one time too many.

Grouse Mountain Peak Chalet Gear Prohibition Notice

48. It's time to ride the gondola to the parking lot. Here it comes.

Grouse Mountain Gondola

49. Happy tourists are ready to board.

Tourists Waiting to Board Gondola Grouse Mountain British Columbia Canada

50. It takes about five minutes to get back to the parking lot. The tourists were chatting, while an upbeat gondola attendant was saying something over the PA system.

On Board of Grouse Mountain Gondola

Grouse Mountain Recreational Area is a very good place to visit whether by itself or as part of a hike on one of the trails originating nearby.

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