Trip 154 - May 9, 2019 (Thursday)

Millennium Trail Hike

Delta, British Columbia, Canada.

Distance from Vancouver: Approximately 15 kilometers.

Liked: Farm field views, marina views, golf course views, art pieces near the marina, meeting several rabbits.

Of Note: Constant traffic noise, limited tree shade.

Vancouver, Coast & Mountains BC Backroad Mapbook (2nd edition) Coordinates: Page 1 (Vancouver) E5.

Millennium Trail starts at Deas Island Regional Park. It passes by a large farmer's field, then by a townhouse complex, then skirts by Highway 99 near Massey Tunnel, and splits in two after crossing a small pedestrian bridge: to the right is a picturesque walk along Captain's Cove marina, and to the left is a fine path by some townhouses, followed by a golf course. It's a rather short trail, 3.5 to 5.5 km one way (depending on whether you explore one or both splits), which offers several fine views, several rabbits, and an unexpected high-quality art display.

1. To get to the start of Millennium Trail by Deas Island Regional Park in North Delta, you need to take River Rd (or 62b Street, if arriving from the other side). On this photo of a map provided by Metro Vancouver at an information stand in the park, the red square indicates the park entrance where you can leave your vehicle, the yellow arrow shows Massey Tunnel, the bright red arrow points to the first half of the Millennium Trail, and the dark red arrow points to where the trail splits after a pedestrian bridge.

2. Here is the entrance to Deas Island Regional Park. Millennium Trail starts to the left of the yellow gate.

3. Here is the start of the trail.

4. At first, you walk by some trees. Water views are available on the right side.

5. Then, there is what appears to be a hobby farm on the left side.

6. A llama and a donkey at the farm.

7. Soon, a large farmer's field arrives to the left.

8. A tractor and a worker on the field.

9. The worker up close.

10. Just under 1.5 kilometers from the start of the trail, Riverwatch Residences at 6251 River Road appear on the right side.

11. Past the townhouses, there is a split. To the left is 60th Avenue, which leads to Massey Tunnel bike shuttle one kilometer later. Straight ahead is the continuation of the trail.

12. Looking left at 60th Avenue.

13. But we are going straight.

14. At the end of the paved road, the path turns right and enters into a very pleasant, if small, forest. However, by now you are right next to Highway 99, and the traffic noise is substantial.

15. Alas, the forest quickly ends, and walking on the side of the highway begins.

16. A neat view to the right, though.

17. Zooming in, we see the townhouses we passed by a few minutes earlier, as well as Riverhouse Marina.

18. The trail then proceeds under Highway 99.

19. And, soon, there is a pedestrian bridge ahead.

20. Here it is, at about 2.5 km since the start of the hike.

21. The view from the bridge.

22. After the bridge, the trail splits. Taking the path to the right leads past Captain's Cove marina. This part of the trail ends one kilometer later, and is a more picturesque of the two parts of the trail after the bridge.

23. Looking back, wee see Highway 99 bridge, under which we crossed a few minutes earlier, as seen on photo #18.

24. And, straight ahead, is Captain's Cove marina. If you have a choice, dock as far from the highway as possible - there would be less traffic noise.

25. A fine piece of art is located by a bench on the side of the trail.

26. There are three installations inviting you to identify trees (by looking at their leaves), birds, and fish. Here is the piece with the leaves.

27. One kilometer past the trail split, this part of the trail ends at Admiral Way (by Ferry Road). There is a washroom inside the building with the city of Delta logo.

28. Now we are walking to the left after crossing the bridge seen on photo #20. This part of the trail is about 1.2 km long one way, and leads you past some townhouses at first.

29. Next is a golf course.

30. Nice view through a chain link fence.

31. Then, more residences arrive - it is now Commodore Drive.

32. Finally, the end of the trail at Admiral Blvd by Neilson Elementary school.

Millennium Trail has several fine views, and could be a good recreational option, if you don't mind the traffic noise.

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